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Remarks by BARRETT WENDELL in presenting from Mrs. C. V.

Jamison some papers relating to a characteristic episode

in the life of Longfellow

Paper by M. A. DEWOLFE HOWE on the bust of George

Bancroft, and the curious history of its discovery

Letters of Harrison Gray to Harrison Gray Otis, 1787, relative

to regaining his confiscated estate, communicated by

By-Laws revised and adopted, new code

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House Committee appointed .
Announcement of the publication of the late Judge Mellen

Chamberlain's History of Chelsea ; and of a new edition
of the Short Account of the Society, with the revised By-

Laws and a complete list of officers and members

Invitation from the Société Historique Franco-Américaine to

attend a meeting in connection with the Quebec tercenten-

ary, and the appointment of Barrett Wendell to represent

the Society

Remarks by William R. THAYER on The Centenary of Lincoln

and Darwin

Third and concluding Paper by F. B. SANBORN on The Early

History of Kansas, 1854-1861

Second Paper by James DENORMANDIE on Modernism

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