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HOUSE OF LORDS.-Feb. 25. 1800. Ir. The Bills before the House were TH "HE Marinc Mutiny Bill was brought forwarded in their respective stages.

up from the Commons and read a 13. Seven private Bills were presented first time, as was the Bill for continuing from the Commons. the Suspension of the Habeas Corpus 14. The Bill for preventing for a time Act; but, on the motion that it be read to be limited the making of starch, the a second time now,

Bill for granting 200,000l. towards the Lord Holland faid, the precipitation reduction of the National Debt, and the with which Ministers hurried on this Hull Pilot Bill, were brought up from Bill, and their attempt to carry it through the Commons, and read a first time. its several ftages in one day, was unpar.

17. The several Bills before the House liamentary, informal, and improper. were forwarded in their respective stagss. 'That they had not even the plea of ne 18. The third reading of the Starch ceffity for it; but his motive for making Prohibition Bill was poftponed to Thurfthese observations was, that the prece- day next. dent should not be followed by practice, 19. The Bills before the House were and that the experiment should not be forwarded in their respective tages. converted into a regular cuftom of the 20. The Starch Bill was read a third House, which, he was forry to observe, time. of late happened but too oficn.

Lord Darnley. moved for a Committee The Lord Chancellor replied, that the to inquire into the stock of Corn remaincircumftance arose from inadvertency in ing from laft season, the deficiency of the the House adjourning over to this day, late crop, and the fupplies now on band, instead of yefterday, which was intende which was negatived. ed: for in that case the Bill might have 21. Read a third time and passed the been read then a first time, and proceed: Bill for granting 200,000l, towards reed through its regular ftages without ducing the National Debt, and the Starch infringing on the customs of Parlia. Bill. Lord Holland gave notice, that on the

HOUSE OF COMMONS.- Feb. 34. further reading of the Bill, it was his intention to oppose its principle.

The Lord Mayor presented a petition 27. The Bill for continuing the Suf. from the City of London in common pension of the Habeas Corpus Act was interfere with his Majetty, that he would

Hall assembled, -praying that House to read a third time, and paffed. 28. The Royal Affent was given by deavours to accomplish peace on safe and

be graciously pleased to use his beft enCommiffion to the Habeas Corpus Sul.

honourable terms. pension Bill, to the Scotch Diftillery, and

The Bill to continue the further fur, to two private Bills.

March 3. The Bills before the House pension of the Habeas Corpus Act was were forwarded in their respective stages. read a third time and passed.

4. The Marine Mutiny Bill was read a third time and paffed.

Budget. s The Annuity Loan Bill was receive The Chancellor of the Exchequer move ed from the Commons, as was the Bill cd the Order of the Day for the House for increasing duties on foreign and home to resolve itself into a Committee of the spirits, and on tcas. They were severally whole House, to consider of Ways and read a first time.

Means for raising a Supply. 6. The 20, 500,000 Loan Bill, and the The House having resolved itself acTca Duty Bill, were brought up and pre- cordingly, Mr Bragge in the chair, sented by Mc Bragge, and read a firf The Cbancellor of the Exchequer pro• and fecond time.

ceeded to open the Budget, and spoke to 7. The New Loan and Tea Tax Bills the following effect :- In ftating the were read a third time and passed. principal heads of Service of Supply of

10.The Royal Aflent was given by Com- the year, I shall have little more to do miffion to the Loan Bill of 20,500 cool. than to recapitulate the items which to the Bills for increasing the Duties on Came before the House on the preceding Home and Foreign Spirits and on Teas, year."-Here Mr Pitt stared the various and to the Marinc Mutiny Bill.

items which composé the different heads 3 C20


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Means 1799


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of Service, of which the following are ing produce of the Consolidared Pund in the sums in gross :

not only what will give fatisfaction, but

will excite surprize, it being no less than Supply.

L. $. d. Five millions and an Hait, it being beNavy

13,619,079 13 11 tween Three Millions and Three MilArmy.

11,350,079 II 10 lions and an Half beyond the ordinary Ordnance

1,695,956 17 11 produce.” Here Mr Pilt ftated the dif Miscellancous Services

ferent Items of Ways and Means, of

750,000 0 Intereft due to the Bank 816,650 0

which the following are the sums in Deficiency Ways and

gross: 447,039

Ways and Means. Ditto Land and Malt

Sugar, Tobacco, and Malt, £s. 2,750,000

350,000 To pay off Exchequer


100,000 Bills, raised by 39th

Surplus Consolidated Fund Geo. III. c. 71. 2,306,250

on sth April, 1801, estiDitto on Lives and

mated at

5,500,000 Contributions

Exports and Imports, 1,079,730

1,250,0co Ditto Supply, 1800 1,914,000 0

10l. per Cent. on

Income, £7,000,000 37,728,785 3

Deduct in

8 Remains for unforeseen

tereft on£8,000,000 Services

Ditto on 11,000,000 1,771,215

Ditto on 15,500,000 £• 39,500,600 3 8


-5,300,000 Mr Pitt then proceeded to explain Bank Charter,

3,000,000 the Ways and Means of the year to Loan,

18,500,000 meet the above Şupply, and stated the different heads. Upon the subject of

36,500,000 the Tax upon Income, he observed, that Vote of Credit,

3,000,000 the produce of it for the year 1999 was 6,200,000l.; but (including remittances

£:39,500,000 which are to come from foreign poffef. Having Atated the Ways and Means, fions connected with this country, the and enumerated the articles of which whole migħtfairly be taken at 7,000,00d. they are composed, it remains for me to

"Upon this subject," said he, “I hate to the Committee the terms of the thall hereafter have to submit to the con- Loan, the means for defraying it, by fideration of the House such regulations way of permanent charges; and the as may be deemed adviseable upon that Taxes to be added for that purpose.subject, and I am perfuaded that Gen. With respect to the Loan of 18,500,cool. tlemen will have no difficulty in con- exclusive of 2,000,000 for Ireland, these ceiving it not to be over-stated at the terms are so well known that I need hardfum for which I take it ; indeed it can ly repeat them; but, however, that there hardly happen that in collecting a Tax may be no deficiency upon that subject, for the firft year of its impoft, it can a. I will ftate the terms, which demonftrate mount to the sum at which it is estimate the sufficiency of this country to meet ed; but it has so happened in the course the conteft, and support us in the fruge of this War, contrary to the experience gle in which we are engaged, and which we have had in former Wars, that Taxes terms are as follow : have been productive in the first instance. 110 3 per Cent. Consols. That arises either from the Taxes be a 611

£67 7 6 ing laid on subjects that were well known, 47 Ditio Reduced a 613 29

8 or the collection of them being rendered fimple, such as we may sately rely on

96 8 as to their produce. The Tax upon In- Discount at the rate of 4 per come, however, connot be expected at Cent. for 307 Days on gol.

3 14 6 present to produce its maximum. I am is about persuaded that neither seven nor eight millions will be its maximum ; but I shall

£99 2 8 take credit for no more than what I have This is one of the most favourable already ftated, and which I Mall state a. bargains that ever was made on behalf gain amongst other Items. The growof thc public, and yet those who con,


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cluded it have good reason to be satisfied. Mould exempt them from a permanent At the time when the bargain was made, tax, if such a tax is in itself de firable. neither myself, nor those with whom I With regard to Rum and Brandy, no treated, knew the ftate of the funds; but objection can lay againft the tax upon on the day before the 3 per Cents fluctu- them. I calculate that the produce of ed a little, that is from 60 to 60., 60f the former will be ico,oool, and of the to 614, so that if there be any doubt up. later 120,000!. making an aggregate of on the subject, the doube is, whether a '920,000l.; which, added to the produce {mall Bonus was given by the individual of the duties upon Tea, will give the to the public, or by the public to the in- sum of 350,ocol. exceeding by 30,000). dividual; but in short, the bargain is une the sum necessary. der four three quarters per cent interest on the Loan. I do not mean to enlarge

Recapitulation. upon this subject now-I only ask Gen.

sl. per Cent. on all Tea fold tlemen to compare these terms with the

at 25. 6d. per lb. and up. terms of former Loans, before the do

wards, at the East India doption of the plan upon which Loans

Company's Tales

£130,000 are now conducted, for then they will id.per Gallon on Corn Wash fee the terms of this Loan in their true Tight. I am not arguing the point, it jod. ditto on Brandy

(equal to sd. on the Spirit) ICO, OCO needs no argument; it is a thing de

8d. ditto on Rum

110,000 pending upon a plain fatement of facts and figures ; it is a statement made pur

350 000 posely without comment, in order that each 'Gentleman in the Committee may These contain all the articles of taxation. draw his own comment.

But I must beg leave to state, that with It next remains that I should submit respect to one article in the Ways and to the Committee the New Taxes for Mians, the sum of three millions for the the purposes of paying the interest of the Bank Charter. It is not my inten!ion debt thus created. The first which I now to enter into any discussion of that Mall propose will be a small increase of measure, especially as is fiands for dite duty upon the higher priced Teas; a cuffion hereafter, but I feel entitled to sum of's per cent. upon those Fine Teas, take credit for it upon the ground which not to attach to any under 25.0d. per lb. has been discused already. It is necelI am encouraged to hope that this tax fary to add this sum to make up the agwill be unexcepiionable, from a consider. gregate of 39,500,oco!.Ways and Means. ation of the sales of the India Company, Sir, I really think thele simple facts theme notwithstanding the increase of duties felves, the facility with which the neceflaft imposed. The produce of this tax I Sary supplies are raised, unaccompanied eftimate will amount to 130,000l. The with any comment, prove, beyond the next article I shall propose as an object power of language, the growing profof taxation will be an additional duty on fperity of the country; and afford us an both Foreign and British Spirits-one additional reason for carrying on the penny a gallon on the wash of the latter, War until we can arrive at a locure and which will be equal to sd. per gallon on honourable Peace. the former, wiih a new increase upon After a short debate, or rather converRum and Brandy in the same propor. fation, in which Mr Tierney, Mr Jollifle, tions. With respect to the articles themand Mr Bu don took a part, Mr Pirc selves, no Gentleman will diffent from moved the several Resolutions, whica the propriety of taxing them as high as being agreed to, the Report of the Comthey would bear. But with regard to mittee was ordered to be received tothe thing, as taken in another point of view, I will not now enter into the dir 25. The Report of the Committee of cussion of stopping the difilleries, and Ways and Means was brought up by Me how far that may be adequate as to its Bragge. The Resolutions were agreed object of supplying an increase of food to, and Bills ordered accordingly. for the country, or whether the incon The House went into a Committee on veniences which would arise to the pub- a report of the Bank propolal, relative to lic in another point of view may not over the renewal of their charter, and a Bill balance the advantages to be derived was ordered. from it, but surely it cannot be thought 27. The Bill for increasing the Duty that a stoppage of a temporary naiure on Home and Foreign Spiris, and upon




Teas exceeding in value 28. 6d. per lb. Sir Charles Bunbury moved for leare was read a first time.

to bring in a Bill to explain and amend Mar. 3. The Biils for increasing the the 36ch of the King relative to the Poor feveral Duties according to the new Taxes Laws.-Leave giver.. went through their relpective stages, and 10. The Muriny Bill was read a fe. the Loan Bill went through a Commit• cond time, the Bank Charter Bill went

through a Committee, and the Bill for 4. A Message was received from the granting 200,000!, towards the reduce Lords, stating that they had agreed to tion of the National Debt was read a the Marine Mutiny Bill, and to a private third time and passed. Bill.

This being the last day for presenting The Bill for granting 200,000l. to. private petitions, a vast number were wards reducing the National Debt, was brought up, and laid on the table. read a first time.

19. The Bill for extending the time 5. Colonel Stanley presented a petition, for Bodies Corporate to redeem the Land which he moved might be referred to a Tax, was read a forft and ordered to be Committee, from the journeymen cotton- read a fecond time to-morrow. workers, weavers, and spinners, in the The Report on the Mutiny Bill was counties of York, Carlisle, Lancaster, brought up, the amendments agreed to, and Derby, praying for some regulations and the Bill ordered to be read a third respecting their wages.

time to-morrow. He prelented another petition from The House resolved itself into a Comthe matters in the said occupations, of mittee on the Expiring Laws Bill-rethe counties of York and Lancaster; and sumed. it was ordered to lie on the table.

The Report was brought up, and ore Mr Parker Coke, after making some dered to be received to-morrow. observations on the existing laws of mal On the Order of the Day being read, ter and fervant, and ftating that it was for the House to resolve itself into a Comneceffary to make some regulations there- mittee on the Bill for cultivating Potatoes in, moved for leave to bring in a Bill for on Common or Wafte Lands, the better fettlement of disputes between A conversation ensued on the techni. Masters and Mistresses of Familice and nal application and meaning of the words their menial or domestic servants, which “ Common" and "Waite" Lands, which being granted, the Bill was immediately ended in omitting the word “Common" brought in, read a firit time, and, to ac- throughout the Bill, and reserving the commodate the Magiftrates, that they word “ Wafte" only. might be afforded the opportunity of 20. The Report on the Expiring Laws .confidering it at the ensuing sessions, the Bill was received and the different ReThird reading was ordered for the 22d solutions agreed to. day of April next.

The Mutiny Bill was read a third 'The Loan Bill and the New Taxes time and passed. Bill were read a third time, and ordered Mr W. Dundas, after noticing the to the Lords.

pressing wants of Scotland, where nine6. The Bill for granting 200,000l. for tenths of the people, he observed, lived the reduction of the National Dibi paf- chiefly on oaten bread, moved, that the sed through a Committee of the whole Housé Mould resolve itself into a ComHoufe.

mittee of the whole House on WednesLord Hawkesbury brought up the Re. day next, to consider of granting a bounport of the Corn Committee.-Referred ty on Oats and Oatmeal the Committee of the whole House Ordered. appoinit 1 lo consider farther of the pre Mr Dundas also gave notice that on fent scarcity.

Tuesday next he would make a Mo7. The Bink Charter Bill was read a tion for granting certain Allowances to fecond time,

Adjutants, Serjean's Majors, and Ser. Mr Baker moved for leave to bring in jeants of the Militia who had been ernthe following Bills, viz. A Bill for a- bodied. mending and explaining the 361?s of the Mr Bastard thought rome allowance King, for regulating Mills ; a Bill for should also be made to Subftitutes of the granting a Bounty on the Importation of Militia who were fill liable to serve, Corn; a Bill for regulating the Price and though they were not now in actual Alfize of Bread ; and a Bill to prohibit pay. the making of S:arch.-Lcave given. Mr Dundas said that the present was


not the occafion to take the allowance make fimilar motions cvery succeeding alluded to by the Hon. Gentleman into year.-Ordered. confideration.

Mr Bragge brought up a Bill for renMr Dundas moved for leave to bring dering perpetual to much of an Act in a Bill to Exempt all persons em- which impofes, for a limited time, a ployed in Volunteer Corps, of every Duty upon Glass.-Read a first time, defcription, from the Hair Powder Tax, and ordered to be read a second time on and to indemnity such of them as had Monday. negle&ted to take out

I licence for wear. Mr Bragge likewise brought up a Bill ing hair powder. He also said, that it for indemnitying those serving in the was his intention, that all horses em Volunteer Corps who had neglected to played in Volunteer Corps should be ex take out the Hair Powder Licence, and empred from tax; but when the owner to explain and amend so much of an Act had others, that the tax upon the reft paffed in the 35th year of his present thould be proportioned to the whole num-. Majefty, as regards the said persons payber.

ing the Hair Powder Duty.-Read a first 1.21. The Bill for prohibiting the impor. time, and ordered to be read a fecord tation of Lawns and Cambrics, went time on Monday. through a Commitee, and was ordered The Corn Bounty Bill was reported. to be reported on Monday.

Lord Hawkesbury moved that a clause Order of the Day for the House be added, enacting that the average price to resolve itself into a Committee of Sup- by which the Bounty shall be regulated ply and of Ways and Means, was defer- Mall be determined by the price fated red till Monday.

in the London Gazette two weeks after Mr Hobhouse moved, that there be laid the importation.-Agreed to. before the House an Account of the Ex The Bill was ordered to be read a pences of the Public Offices during the third time on Monday next, and to be year 1798, and an Account of the In- reprinted as amended. crease or Diminution in the salaries, e On the motion of Mr Bragge, a Commoluments, and expences of the Public mittee was appointed to estimate the ex. Offices during the year 1799. He was pence of paying and clothing the Militia induced, he said, to make these motions for the year 1800. from a clause in the Report of the Com. The Bill for the Renewal of the Char. mittee of Finance, which stated that it ter of the Bank of England was read a would be highly expedient to ascertain third time, and ordered to the Lords. these circumtances, and he meant to Adjourned.



FOR MAY 1800.

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Interesting Intelligence from the London Gazettes.
Downing-Street, Jan. 31. 1800. satisfaction that I announce to your

Lordship the surrender of Coni. The

has been received from the Right Honourable Lord Wil. ing, and early on the 3d the Commanliam Bentinck, by the Right Honourable dant defired to capitulate. The garrison, Lord Grenville

, his Majefty's Principal consisting of 2,844 men, exclufive of Secretary of State for the Foreign De 800 wounded, whom the French had partment.

pot time to remove before the inveft.

ment of the place, marched out this Head.Quarters, Borgo St. Dalmazzo, morning prisoners of war. The loss of

the Auftrians does not exceed fifty men MY LORD,It is with the greatest in killed and wounded. The very short


Dec. 4.

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