The Senator; or, Clarendon's parliamentary chronicle, Band 25


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Seite 1237 - The Chancellor of the Exchequer moved the order of the day for the house...
Seite 1054 - Ireland, that the said kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland shall, upon the first day of January, which shall be in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and one, and for ever after, be united into one kingdom, by the name of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland...
Seite 1200 - Ireland shall so continue to be a member of the House of Commons, he shall not be entitled to the privilege of peerage, nor be capable of being elected to serve as a peer on the part of Ireland, or of voting at any such election, and that he shall be liable to be sued, indicted, proceeded against, and tried as a commoner for any offence with which he may be charged.
Seite 856 - The Houfe adjourned. Monday, 6th March. Mr. Lews brought in the bill for building a bridge acrofs Mr. Lewis. Menai Strait, from Carnarvonshire to the Ifle of Anglefea, which was read a firft time, and ordered to be read a fecond time. On the motion being put, " That this bill be read a " fecond time upon that day fortnight,
Seite 780 - Hawkefbury, the order of the day was read, for the Houfe to refolve itfelf into a Committee of the whole Houfe, to coiifider farther of the prefent Scarcity.
Seite 1083 - Twenty-seven counties have petitioned against the measure. The petition from the county of Down is signed by upwards of 17,000 respectable independent men, and all the others are in a similar proportion. Dublin petitioned under the Great Seal of the city, and each of the Corporations in it followed the example. Drogheda petitioned against the Union, and almost every other town in the kingdom in like manner testified its disapprobation.
Seite 857 - The order of the day being read for the third reading of the Bill for the renewal of the Charter of the Bank of England, ji/r.
Seite 920 - The order of the day being read for the Houfe to refolve itfelf into a Committee of the whole Houfe, to confider the Marine Mutiny Bill, the Houfe rcfolved itfelf accordingly.
Seite 1237 - That there be laid before the houfe an account of the imports and exports of Great Britain during the four tail years, fpecifying thofe articles, together with the amount of the lame, exported to and imported from Ireland in that perio3.
Seite 1214 - That there be laid before the Houfe an account of the quantity of foreign wool imported into Great Britain in the nine years preceding the 5th of January 1800, diftinguifhing each year.

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