Phases of Musical England

English Publishing Company, 1881 - 322 Seiten

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Seite 94 - Now here you must take notice, that they had then a custom in that church, which I hear not in any other cathedral, which was, that always before the sermon the whole congregation sang a psalm, together with the quire and the organ : and you must also know, that there was then a most excellent, large, plump, lusty, full-speaking organ, which cost, as I am credibly informed, a thousand pounds.
Seite 93 - And to provide for this it prays " that all cathedral churches may be put down, where the service of God is grievously abused by piping with organs, singing, ringing, and trowling of psalms from one side of the choir to another, with the squeaking of chanting choristers, disguised (as are all the rest) in white surplices ; some in corner caps and filthy copes, imitating the fashion and manner of antichrist the pope, that man of sin and child of perdition, with his other rabble of miscreants and shavelings.
Seite 38 - Cara! Cara! silence all that train: Joy to great Chaos! let Division reign: Chromatic tortures soon shall drive them hence, Break all their nerves, and fritter all their sense: One Trill shall harmonize joy, grief, and rage...
Seite 136 - And it shall be lawful for any Constable belonging to the Metropolitan Police Force to take into Custody, without Warrant, any Person who shall commit any such Offence within View of any such Constable.
Seite 32 - Signor Poggi, I am the mouth of truth, and thus declare, that you are decidedly the worst singer that ever appeared in Rome ! I also declare, that you ought to be hooted off the stage for your impudence, in imposing on my simple and credulous good nature, as you have done.
Seite 174 - Thy rebuke hath broken His heart; He is full of heaviness; He looked for some to have pity on Him, but there was no man; neither found He any to comfort Him.
Seite 94 - But when that vast concording unity of the whole congregational chorus came, as I may say, thundering in, even so as it made the very ground shake under us ; oh ! the unutterable, ravishing, soul's delight ! in the which I was so transported and wrapt up in high contemplations, that there was no room left in my whole man, viz. body, soul, and spirit, for anything below Divine and heavenly raptures...
Seite 126 - And where does he wander to now — that happy, easy-tempered son of the South ? Ah, he has no proud looks, and though he has just played to members of the aristocracy, he is willing to turn as merrily for the lowest of the people. I meet him in the dingy alleys of the great city — I meet him in the regions of garbage and filth, where the atmosphere inhaled seems to be an impartial mixture of smoke and decomposition, and where the diet of the people seems to consist of fried herrings and potato...
Seite 136 - Singer to depart from the Neighbourhood of the House of such Householder, on account of the Illness...
Seite 5 - twill pass for wit; Care not for feeling — pass your proper jest, And stand a critic, hated yet caress'd. And shall we own such judgment? no— as soon Seek roses in December— ice in June; Hope constancy in wind, or corn in chaff; Believe a woman or an epitaph, Or any other thing that's false, before You trust in critics, who themselves are sore Or yield one single thought to be misled By Jeffrey's heart, or Lambe's Boeotian head.

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