The George Washington Vision

AuthorHouse, 24.01.2005 - 356 Seiten

In his sequel to The George Washington Prophecy – Before 9/11 and Beyond, Daniel Lion heads into the future as David Lion and his two grown sons return to battle the forces of evil that assemble once more at the gates of the United States. In the gripping overlay of the third and final attack on the United States, the books of the Bible are presented with startling realism that constantly raises the question:  Could it be true?  Could this be the destiny for the United States that George Washington foresaw? 


As the descendent of a Revolutionary War soldier who passed down the vision in order to help the president during the United States’ third century avoid the attack on America, Lion feels compelled to tell this gripping, amazing story to protect future generations! 

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Über den Autor (2005)

Daniel Lion’s books have won world wide acclaim from readers.  His advice has reached the top leaders of the world as he hopes to have an impact that will help stop the world hurtling towards chaos and disaster.  As the true descendent of a man who fought under General George Washington, he is bring forward the hope that this nation can overcome any adversity as it was founded, under God.

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