W. Strahan [and others], 1772 - 359 Seiten

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Seite 109 - How happy could I be with either, Were t'other dear Charmer away!
Seite 130 - Through the whole Piece you may observe such a similitude of Manners in high and low Life, that it is difficult to determine whether (in the fashionable Vices) the fine Gentlemen imitate the Gentlemen of the Road, or the Gentlemen of the Road the fine Gentlemen.
Seite 111 - Fellow is hang'd, hang yourself, to make your Family some amends. Polly. Dear, dear Father, do not tear me from him I must speak: I have more to say to him - Oh! twist thy Fetters about me, that he may not haul me from thee!
Seite 87 - Secure what he hath got, have him peach'd the next Sessions, and then at once you are made a rich Widow. POLLY. What, murder the Man I love ! The Blood runs cold at my Heart with the very Thought of it.
Seite 93 - We were just breaking up to go upon duty. Am I to have the honour of taking the air with you, Sir, this evening upon the heath?
Seite 115 - Thus gamesters united in friendship are found, Though they know that their industry all is a cheat; They flock to their prey at the dice-box's sound, And join to promote one another's deceit. But if by mishap They fail of a chap, To keep in their hands, they each other entrap. Like pikes, lank with hunger, who miss of their ends, They bite their companions, and prey on their friends.
Seite 105 - When you censure the age, Be cautious and sage, Lest the courtiers offended, should be ; If you mention vice or bribe, 'Tis so pat to all the tribe, Each cries — That was levelld at me.
Seite 83 - If you must be married, could you introduce nobody into our family but a highwayman? Why, thou foolish jade, thou wilt be as ill used, and as much neglected, as if thou hadst married a lord! PEACH: Let not your anger, my dear, break through the rules of decency...
Seite 78 - Twas he made me a Present of this Ring. Peach. I have set his name down in the Black-List, that's all, my Dear; he spends his Life among Women, and as soon as his Money is gone, one or other of the Ladies will hang him for the Reward, and there's forty Pound lost to us for-ever.
Seite 116 - What do you mean, Matt? — Sure you will not think of meddling with him! — He's a good honest kind of a fellow, and one of us.

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