Translation as Systemic Interaction: A New Perspective and a New Methodology

Frank & Timme GmbH, 2011 - 366 pages
Studying the nature of translation theory and offering the reasons for success or failure of translation - this book is for anyone with an academic or professional interest in translation. It presents a new approach - combining a complex model of reality and a biocybernetic computeraided methodology for the study of translation processes. The study is discussing translation as systemic interaction and connecting for the first time Translation Studies with biocybernetics, fuzzy logic, information theory, intercultural communication, action theory, psychology and various technical disciplines (including Russian, German and English examples). It is a breakthrough in the understanding of irregularities in translation processes in theory and practice as well as in the training of translators and interpreters. Dr. Heidemarie Salevsky is professor of Translation Studies at Okan University, Istanbul, and worked as an interpreter, translator and lector. She was Head of the Translation Studies Department at Humboldt University in Berlin and professor of Translation Studies and Technical Communication in Magdeburg. She was a visiting professor at the Universities of New York/Binghamton, Heidelberg, Innsbruck and Vienna.Dr. Ina M ller works as a research assistant at the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz. She worked as a graduate technical translator and lecturer.

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1 Introduction
2 Why a new perspective?
3 Why a holistic approach?
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Heidemarie Salevsky halt seit 1981 Vorlesungen zur Translationswissenschaft (bis 1996 als Dozentin an der Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, seit 1997 als Professorin an der Hochschule Magdeburg). Vor der Promotion B (1983) war sie uber 10 Jahre als Dolmetscherin und Ubersetzerin tatig. Seit 1989 leitet die Autorin das Foschungsseminar zur Translationswissenschaft. Gastprofessuren fuhrten sie an die Universitaten New York, Heidelberg, Innsbruck und Wien.

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