A History of England: From the First Invasion by the Romans, Bände 7-8

E. Cummiskey, 1827

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Seite 367 - I renounce and refuse, as things written with my hand, contrary to the truth which I thought in my heart, and written for fear of death, and to save my life, if it might be...
Seite 290 - VI., which is, and was of ancient time due to the imperial crown of this realm; that is, under God to have the sovereignty and rule over all manner of persons born within these her realms, dominions, and countries, of what estate, either ecclesiastical or temporal, soever they be, so as no other foreign power shall or ought to have any superiority over them.
Seite 290 - Her majesty forbiddeth all manner her subjects to give ear or credit to such perverse and malicious persons , which most sinisterly and maliciously labour to notify to her loving subjects, how by words of the said oath it may be collected, that the kings or queens of this realm, possessors of the crown, may challenge authority and power of ministry of divine service in the church, wherein her said subjects be much abused by such evil-disposed persons.
Seite 58 - ... which only concern the confession of the true Christian faith and the doctrine of the sacraments...
Seite 59 - ... to suffer and wink at it for a time might be borne, so all haste possible were used.
Seite 202 - Now for your person," he said, " being the most dainty and sacred thing we have in this world to care for, a man must tremble when he thinks of it, especially finding your Majesty to have that princely courage to transport yourself to the uttermost confines of your realm to meet your enemies and...
Seite 303 - ... at the ends of the frame ; these were moved by levers in opposite directions, till the body rose to a level with the frame ; questions were then put...
Seite 330 - France, afin qu'il n'en demeurast pas un qui lui peust reprocher après , et que nous y donnassions ordre promptement. Et sortant furieusement, nous laissa dans son cabinet, où nous advisasmes le reste du jour, le soir et une bonne partie de la nuict, ce qui sembla à propos pour l'exécution d'une telle entreprise.
Seite 231 - I that was wont to behold her riding like Alexander, hunting like Diana, walking like Venus, the gentle wind blowing her fair hair about her pure cheeks, like a nymph; sometime sitting in the shade like a Goddess; sometime singing like an angel; sometime playing like Orpheus. Behold the sorrow of this world! Once amiss, hath bereaved me of all.
Seite 202 - ... defend your subjects. I cannot, most dear Queen, consent to that; for upon your well doing consists all the safety of your whole kingdom; and therefore preserve that above all. Yet will I not that, in some sort, so princely and so rare a magnanimity should not appear to your people and the world as it is.

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