British Theatre: Oroonoko, by Thomas Southern. 1791. Lady Jane Gray, by N. Rowe. 1791. Edward the Black prince, by W. Shirley. 1791


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Seite 61 - These men are so whom you would rise against. If we are slaves, they did not make us slaves, But bought us in an honest way of trade : As we have done before 'em, bought and sold Many a wretch, and never thought it wrong. no They paid our price for us, and we are now Their property, a part of their estate, To manage as they please.
Seite 58 - Our foes, already High in their hopes, devote us all to death : The dronish monks, the scorn and shame of manhood, Rouse and prepare once more to take possession, To nestle in their ancient hives again : Again they furbish up their holy trumpery, Relicks and wooden wonder-working saints Whole loads of lumber and religious rubbish, In high procession mean to bring them back, And place the puppets in their shrines again : While those of keener malice, savage Bonner, And deep-designing Gard'ner, dream...
Seite 62 - O royal sir, remember who you are, A prince, born for the good of other men, Whose god-like office is to draw the sword Against oppression, and set free mankind : And this, I'm sure, you think oppression now. What though you...
Seite 35 - To him whose gracious wisdom guides our ways, " And makes what we think evil turn to good.
Seite 40 - Can you raise the dead ? Pursue and overtake the wings of time, And bring about again the hours, the days, The years that made me happy ? Blan.
Seite 79 - Lieut. Good morning to your lordship ; you rise early. Gar. Nay, by the rood, there are too many sleepers ; Some must stir early, or the state shall suffer. Did you, as yesterday our mandate bade, Inform your pris'ners, Lady Jane and Guilford, They were to die this day ? Lieut. My lord, I did.
Seite 64 - Abo. I know you are persuaded to believe The Governor's arrival will prevent These mischiefs, and bestow your liberty : But who is sure of that? I rather fear More mischiefs from his coming : he is young, Luxurious, passionate, and amorous. Such a complexion, and made bold by power, To countenance all he is prone to do, 200 Will know no bounds, no law against his lusts.
Seite 15 - The genius of our isle is shook with sorrow, " He bows his venerable head with pain, " And labours with the sickness of his lord.
Seite 76 - Gaze unconcern'd upon the ruin round thee; As if thou hadst resolv'd to brave thy fate, And triumph in the midst of desolation. Ha ! see it swells ; the liquid crystal rises, It starts, in spite of thee, — but I will catch it; Nor let the earth be wet with dew so rich.
Seite 42 - Oh, mylmoinda! but it could not last. Her fatal beauty reach'd my father's ears : He sent for her to court, where, cursed court ! No woman comes but for his amorous use. He raging to possess her, she was forc'd To own herself my wife.

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