History of St. Andrews

Adam & Charles Black, 1849 - 204 Seiten

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Seite 51 - Cease, tempt me not, I entreat you." Having mounted a scaffold prepared on purpose, he turned towards the people, and declared, that he felt much joy within himself in offering up his life for the name of Christ.
Seite 57 - Ballanden, his servant, holding up the other oxter (armpit) from the abbey to the parish kirk, and, by the said Richard and another servant, lifted up to the pulpit where he behoved to lean at his first entry ; but ere he had done with his sermon, he was so active and vigorous that he was like to ding the pulpit in blads (splinters) and fly out of it.
Seite 107 - Te Deum was sung by the whole assembly ; the bishops, priors, and other dignitaries, being arrayed in their richest canonicals, whilst four hundred clerks, besides novices and lay brothers, and an immense number of spectators, bent down before the high altar in gratitude and adoration. High mass was then celebrated ; and when the service was concluded, the remainder of the day was devoted to mirth and festivity.
Seite 101 - Britain As the Adviser of the Restoration of King Charles II. and of Monarchy : The Christian world, as the Restorer of the Episcopal religion And Good Order in Scotland : Saw, acknowledged, and admired, Whom all good and faithful subjects perceived to be A pattern of Piety, an Angel of Peace, an Oracle of Wisdom, An example of Dignity...
Seite 65 - Perth, some of the reasons given being that the ' place being now only a village, where most part farmers dwell, the whole streets are filled with dunghills, which are exceedingly noisome and ready to infect the air, especially at this season (September) when the herring guts are exposed in them...

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