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been these many ages maintained, but also the people's security of their lands, livings, rights, offices, liberties, and digpities preserved. And therefore, for the preservation of the said true religion, laws, and liberties of this kingdom, it is statute by the 8th Act, Parl. 1. repeated in the 99th. Act, Parl. 7. ratified in the 23d Act, Parl. 11. and 114th Act, Parl, 12. of King James VI. and 4th Act, Parl. 1. of King Charles I. “ That all Kings and Princes at their coronation, and reception of their princely authority, shall make their faithful promise by their solemn oath, in the presence of the eternal God, that, enduring the whole time of their lives, they shall serve the same eternal God, to the uttermost of their power, according as he hath required in his most holy word, contained in the Old and New Testament; and according to the same word, shall maintain the true religion of Christ Jesus, the preaching of his holy word, the due and right miņistration of the sacraments now received and preached within this reale, (according to the Confession of Faith immediately preceding,) and shall abolish and gainstand all false religion, contrary to the same; and shall rule the people committed to their charge, according to the will and command of God revealed in his foresaid word, and recording to the laudable laws and constitutions received in this realm, nowise repugnant to the said will of the eternal God; and shall procure, to the aftermost of their power, to the kirk of God, and whole Christian people, true abd perfect peace in all time coming : and that they shall be careful to root out of their empire all hereticks and enemies to the true worship of God, who shall be convicted by the true kirk of God of the foresaid erimes.": Which was also obgerved by his Majesty, at his coronation in Edinburgh 1633, as may be seen in the order of the coronation.

In obedience to the commandment of God, conform to the practice of the godly in former times, and according to the laudable example of our worthy and religious progenitors, and of many yet living amongst us, which was warranted also by act of council, commanding a general band to bę made and subscribed by his Majesty's subjects of all ranks; for two causes: one was, For defending the true religion, as it was then reformed, and is expressed in the Confession of Faith above written, and a former large Confession established by sundry acts of lawful General Assemblies and

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it of Parliaments, unto which it hath relation, set down in i publick Catechisms; and which hath been for many years, ät with a blessing from Heaven, preached and professed in this

kirk and kingdom, as God's undoubted truth, grounded oni # ly upon his written word. The other cause was, For mainil taining the King's Majesty, his person and estate ; the true

worship of God and the King's authority being so straitly iä joined, as that they had the same friends and common enem?

mies, and did 'stand and fall together. And finally, being

convinced in our minds, and confessing with our mouths, on that the present and succeeding generations in this land are ta bound to keep the foresaid national oath and subscription inviolable.

We Noblemen, Barons, Gentlemen, Burgesses, Ministers, re and Commons under-subscribing, considering divers times cond before, and especially at this time, the danger of the true reetti formed religion, of the King's honour, and of the public in peace of the kingdom, by the manifold innovations and evils, wii generally contained, and particularly mentioned in our late nisi supplications, complaints, and protestations ; do hereby proHi fess, and before God, his angels, and the world, solemnly dei clare, That with our whole heart we agree, and resolve all rite the days of our life constantly to adhere unto and to defend

the foresaid true religion, and (furbearing the practice of all novations already introduced in the matters of the worship of God, or approbation of the corruptions of the publick go

vernment of the kirk, or civil places and power of kirkmen, mig till they be tried and allowed in free Assemblies and in Parbell liaments) to labour, by all means lawful, to recover the pu

rity and liberty of the Gospel, as it was established and professed before the foresaid novations. And because, after due examination, we plainly perceive, and undoubtedly believe,

that the innovations and evils contained in our supplications, Wi complaints, and protestations, have no warrant of the word

of God, are contrary to the articles of the foresaid Confession, to the intention and meaning of the blessed reformers

of religion in this land, to the above-written Acts of Parliaai ment; and do sensibly tend to the re-establishing of the

Popish religion and tyranny, and to the subversion and ruin * of the true reformed religion, and of our liberties, laws, and od estates; we also declare, That the foresaid Confessions are 2 to be interpreted, and ought to be understood of the fore

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said novations and evils, no less than if every one of them had been expressed in the foresaid Confessions ; and that we are obliged to detest and abhor them, amongst other particular heads of Papistry abjured therein. And therefore, from the knowledge and conscience of our duty to God, to our King and country, without any worldly respect or inducement, so far as human infirmity will suffer, wishing a further measure of the grace of God for this effect, we promise and swear, by the GREAT NAME OF THE LORD OUR GOD, to continue in the profession and obedience of the foresaid religion; and that we shall defend the same, and resist all these contrary errors and corruptions, according to our vocation, and to the uttermost of that power that God hath put in our hands, all the days of our life.

And in like manner, with the same heart, we declare before God and men, That we have no intention nor desire to attempt any thing that may turn to the dishonour of God, or to the diminution of the King's greatness and authority ; but, on the contrary, we promise and swear, That we shall, to the uttermost of our power, with our means and lives, stand to the defence of our dread Sovereign the King's Majesty, his person and authority, in the defence and preservation of the foresaid true religion, liberties, and laws of the king. dom; as also to the mutual defence and assistance every one of us of another, in the same cause of maintaining the true veligion, and his Majesty's authority, with our best counsel, our bodies, means, and whole power, against all sorts of persons whatsoever; so that whatsoever shall be done to the least of us for that cause, shall be taken as done to us all in general, and to every one of us in particular. And that we shall neither directly nor indirectly suffer ourselves to be divided or withdrawn, by whatsoever suggestion, combination, allurement, or terror, from this blessed and loyal conjunction ; nor shall cast in any let or impediment that may stay or hinder any such resolution as by common consent shall be found to conduce for so good ends ; but, on the contrary, shall by all lawful means labour to further and promote the same : and if any such dangerous and divisive motion be made to us by word or writ, we, and every one of us, shall either suppress it, or, if need be, shall incontinent make the same known, that it may be timeously obviated. Neither do we fear the foul aspersions of rebellion,

combination, or what else our adversaries, from their craft ; and malice, would put upon us"; seeing what we do is so well

warranted, and ariseth from an unfeigned desire to maintain the true worship of God, the majesty of our King, and the peace of the kingdom, for the common happiness of ourselves and our posterity.

And because we cannot look for a blessing from God upon our proceedings, except with our profession and subi scription, we join such a life and conversation as beseemeth

Christians who have renewed their covenant with God; we therefore faithfully promise for ourselves, our followers, and all others under us, both in publick, and in our particular families, and personal carriage, to endeavour to keep ourselves within the bounds of Christian liberty, and to be good examples to others of all godliness, soberness, and righteousness, and of every duty we owe to God and man.

And, that this our union and conjunction may be observed without violation, we call the LIVING GOD, THE SEARCHER OF OUR HEARTS, to witness, who knoweth this to be our sincere desire and unfeigned resolution, as we shall answer to JESUS CHRIST in the great day, and under the pain of God's everlasting wrath, and of infamy and loss of all honour and respect in this world : most humbly beseeching the LORD to strengthen us by his HOLY SPIRIT for this end, and to bless our desires and proceedings with a happy success; that religion and righteousness may flourish in the land, to the glory of GOD, the honour of our King, and peace and comfort of us all. In witness whereof, we have subscribed with our hands all the premises.

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HE article of this Covenant, which was at the first sub

scription referred to the determination of the General Assembly, being now determined ; and thereby the five ar, ticles of Perth, the government of the kirk by bishops, and the civil places and power of kirkmen, upon the reasons and grounds contained in the Acts of the General Assembly, diclared to be unlawful within this kirk, we subscribe according to the determination aforesaid.


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