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irave, or can do, not to be ascribed Privileges of the invisible church, and to fortune, idols, ourselves, or any of the visible. See Church other creature, cat. 105.

Prodigality, a sin, cat. 142. Prayer, what, cat. 178. The duty of The Profession of the gospel is adom.

all men, con. xxi. 3. To be made to ed by good works, con. xvi. 2. And God only, and why, con xxi. 2. cat. ought to be attended with a conver. 179. - That it may be accepted, it is sation in holiness and righteousness, to be made in the name of Christ, by cat. 112, 167. the help of the Spirit, con. xxi. Ž. Property in goods and possessions not cat. 178. What it is to pray in the infringed by the communion of name of Christ, cat. 180. Why saints, con. xxvi. 3. prayer is to be made in his name, Prophecies. The covenant of grace cat. 181. How the Spirit helps to administered by prophecies under pray, cat. 182. How prayer is to be the law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. made, con. xxi. 3. cat. 185. For The prophetical office of Christ, how what and for whom we are to pray, executed, cat. 43. con. xxi. 4. cat. 183, 184. Prayer Propitiation. Christ's one only sacranot to be made for the dead, nor for fice the alone propitiation for all the those of whom it may be known that sins of the elect, con. xxix. 2. they have sinned the sin unto death, Protestants should not marry with Pa ib. Prayer, now under the gospel, pists, con. xxiv. 3. is not made more acceptable by any Providence, is God's most holy, wise, place in which it is performed, nor and powerful preserving, directing, wwards which it is directed, con. disposing, and governing all his xxi. 6. The rule of prayer, cat. creatures, and all their actions; ac186.

cording to his infallible foreknow. The Lord's Prayer, how to be used, ledge and immutable decree; to the

cat. 187. It is explained in the Ca glory of his wisdom, power, justice, techism from Question 188, to the goodness, and mercy, con. v. 1. cat. enu.

18. Events are ordered according Preaching of the word is a part of the to the nature of second causes, con. ordinary religious worship of God,

iii. 1. v. 2. God in his ordinary procon. xxi. 5. And one of the ordi vidence maketh use of means, yet is nuuces in which the covenant of free to work without, above, and grace administered under the against them, at his pleasure, con. v. New Testament, con. vii. 6. cat. 35. 3. low providence is exercised None are to preach the word but about sin, con, v. 4. See Sin. The ministers of the gospel, cat. 158. actual influence of the lIoly Spirit How they are to preach, cat. 159. is required to do good works, con. Ilow the preaching of the word is xvi. 3. God's providence towards

made effectual to salvation, cat. 155. angels, cat. 19. Toward man when Predestination, con. ii. 3, 4. cat. 13. created, cat. 20. God's providence

The doctrine of predestination how is in a most special manner over his to be handled, and what use to be church, con. v. 7. cat. 43, 45, 63. made of it, con. iii. 8.

Publick worship not to be neglected, Preparation required to the liearing of

con. xxi. 6. the worri, cat. 160. What prepara. Punishment. See Sin. tion requisite to the sabbath, cat. Purgatory, the scripture acknow117. What to the Lord's supper, ledgetí no such place, con. xxxii. 1. cat. 171. Prescience. See Foreknowledge.

Q riestly office of Christ, how executed, QUARRELLING at God's decrees and cat. 44.

providences sinful, cat. 113. rivate worship in families daily, a Quarrelling and provoking words sinduty, con. xx. 6. cat. 156.

ful, cat. 136.

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made, con. xxii. 5, 6. To be made required for the performance of to God alone, con. xxv. 6. cat. 108. them, ib. This no plea for negli. What vows are unlawful, con. xxii. gence, ib. Supererogation impossi7. Violating of lawful vows, and ble, con. xvi. 4. We cannot by our fulfilling of unlawful, is sinful, cat. best works merit pardon of sin or 113.

eternal life at the hand of God, and Jsury unlawful, cat. 142.

why, con. xvi. 5. Yet the good works W

of believers are accepted by God in WAR may be waged by Christians un Christ, and rewarded, con. xvi. 6.

der the New Testament, con. xxiii. The works of unregenerate men can2.

not please God, and why, con. xvi. 7. The Wicked. Their condition in this But to neglect to do what God comlife, cat. 83.; immediately after

mands is more sinful, ib. All persons death, con. xxxi. 1. cat. 86.; in and shall, in the day of judgment, receive

after judgment, con. xxxiii. 2. cat.89. according to what they have done in Will. The counsel of God's will is the body, whether good or evil, con. most wise and holy, con. iii. 1. cat.

xxxiii. i. 12. It is unsearchable, con. ii. 7. cat. Worship. To God is due from his crea13. It is free and immutable, con. V. tures, whatever worship he is pleas1. cat. 14.; and most righteous, con.

ed to require, con. ii. 2. The light ii. 1. How the will of God is to be of nature sheweth that God is to be done and submitted to, cat. 192. worshipped, con. xxi. 1. But the acThe will of God, revealed in the ceptable way of worshipping God is scriptures, is the only rule of faith, instituted by himself in the scrip. worship, and practice. See Scripture. tures, ib. He may not be worshipped Christ revealeth to his church, by according to the imaginations and his Spirit and word, the whole will devices of men, con. xxi. 1. cat. 109. of God in all things concerning their

False worship is to be opposed, cat. edification and salvation, cat. 43. 108. As also any worship not instiFree-Will. The will of man is neither tuted by God himself, cat. 109. But

forced, nor by any absolute necessi there are some circumstances con. ty of nature determined, to do good. cerning the worship of God, which or evil, con. ü. 1. ix. 1. Man in his are to be ordered by the light of nastate of innocency had freedom and ture and Christian prudence, accordpower to will and do good, con. iv. ing to the general rules of the word, 2. ix. 2. cat. 17. By his fall he lost con. i, 6. Religious worship is to be all ability of will to any spiritual

given to God the Father, Son, and good accompanying salvation, con. Holy Ghost, and to him alone; and vị. 2, 4. ix. 3. cat. 25, 192. The will that only in the mediation of Christ, is renewed in conversion, con. ix. 4.

con. xxi. 2. cat. 179, 181. The parts x. 1. cat. 67. It is made perfectly and of religious worship, con. xxi. 3, 5. immutably free to do good alone in Religious worship not tied to any

the state of glory only, con. ix. 5. place, but God is to be worshipped Word. See Scripture, Reading, every where in spirit and truth, as in Preaching, Hearing:

private families daily, and in secret, Worldly-mindedness sinful, cat. 105, each one by himself; so more so142.

lemnly in the publick assemblies, Works. What are good works, and which are not to be neglected, con.

what not, con. xvi. 1. Good works xxi. 6.
are the fruits and evidences of a true Wrath. See Curse.
and lively faith, .con. xvi. 2. The
uses and ends of good works, ib.

Ability to do good works is wholly ZEAL for God, a duty, cat. 104.
from the Spirit of Christ, con. xvi. 3. Corrupt, blind, and indiscreet zeal sin-
The actual influence of the Spirit is ful, cat. 105.

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The note'in page 124 yas quoted from the escond editio. of the Assaig

Synod's Testimony. In the third edition revised by the Synod in-1813, Uhave thus expressed themselves on this article.

“We maintain with the Westminster Assembly, that God alone is la * of the conscience; and hath left it free from the doctrines and comment soments of men; and declare that no man has a right to compel those, why s are under his civil authority, to worship God contrary to the dictates of the * own consciences. This freedom from compulsion, whether it be called “ vilege, liberty, or right, cannot be denied to men under any pretence wiz

soever, unless we adopt the principle that men should serve God, not a “cording to their own consciences, but according to the will or consciences “those who are over them in power or authority. Yet this right cannot “ pleaded in behalf of principles or practices destructive to civil society. &

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