The Soul and the Future Life

E. T. Whitfield, 1859 - 307 Seiten

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Seite 276 - All those sublime thoughts which tower above the clouds, and reach as high as heaven itself, take their rise and footing here : in all that great extent wherein the mind wanders in those remote speculations it may seem to be elevated with, it stirs not one jot beyond those ideas which sense or reflection have offered for its contemplation.
Seite 152 - Were it possible that a human creature could grow up to manhood in some solitary place, without any communication with his own species, he could no more think of his own character, of the propriety or demerit of his own sentiments and conduct, of the beauty or deformity of his own mind, than of the beauty or deformity of his own face.
Seite 268 - I have been thrice pushed by an invisible power, once against the corner of my desk in the study, a second time against the door of the matted chamber, a third time against the right side of the frame of my study door, as I was going in.
Seite 276 - Thus the first capacity of human intellect is, that the mind is fitted to receive the impressions made on it, either through the senses by outward objects, or by its own operations when it reflects on them.
Seite 142 - Experience must always consist of a limited number of observations; and, however numerous these may be, they can show nothing with regard to the infinite number of cases in which the experiment has not been made.
Seite 76 - The Soul, of origin divine, GOD'S glorious image, freed from clay, In heaven's eternal sphere shall shine A star of day. "The SUN is but a spark of fire, A transient meteor in the sky ; The SOUL, immortal as its Sire, SHALL NEVER DIE.
Seite 268 - ... he says, when the bodies were fallen, the souls still stood upright, and continued fighting three whole days and nights, nothing inferior to living men, either for the activity of the hands or the fierceness of their minds. The images of the souls therefore were both seen and heard, fighting together, and clashing with their armour.
Seite 165 - It is certain that the strength of the body, its agility, its patience of fatigue, indeed all its qualities, decline from thirty at the latest ; and yet the mind is improving rapidly from thirty to fifty ; suffers little or no decline before sixty ; and therefore is better when the body is enfeebled, at the age of fifty-eight or fifty-nine, than it was in the acme of the corporeal faculties thirty years before.
Seite 281 - ... on which relying, they introduce a strange and new religion, and despise the most excruciating tortures, and die with joy. Now let us see if they will rise again, and if their God can help them, and deliver them out of our hands.
Seite 268 - Honorius (in the year 425) the slaughter on both sides was so great, that none on either side escaped except the generals and a few of their attendants. And, which is very strange...

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