The history and proceedings of the House of commons of England, with the speeches, debates, and conferences between the two houses ... from ... 1660[-1714].


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Seite 288 - of the Commons; that all Bills for the Granting any fuch Aids and Supplies ought to begin with the Commons. And, That it is the undoubted and
Seite 22 - to join with him in reftoring" the whole Nation to its primitive Temper and Integrity, to its old Good Manners, to its old Good Humour, and to its old Good Nature: Good Nature, a Virtue Ib peculiar to them,
Seite 214 - The Lords do declare, That it is the undoubted Right of the Lords in Judicature, to receive and determine in time of Parliament, Appeals from inferior Courts, though a Member of either Houfe be concerned, that there may be no failure of Juftice in the Land: And from this
Seite 164 - well made. But you judg'd aright, That at any rate, Delenda eft Carthago, that Government was to be brought down. And therefore the King may well fay to you, It is your War! He took his Meafures from you, and they were juft and right ones: And he expects a
Seite 8 - it had never been, we wifli it may never be remember'd .by your Majefty, to be unto you as an Occafion of Sorrow, as it will never be remembered by us but with that Grief and Trouble of Mind Which it deferves, being the greateft Reproach that ever •was incurr'd by any of the
Seite 458 - The two great Pillars of the Government, are Parliaments and Juries; it is this gives us the Title of freeborn Englishmen: For my Notion of free Englishmen is this, that they are ruled by Laws of their own making, and tried by Men of the fame condition with themfelves. The two
Seite 50 - of being a Presbyterian, now I am come home. I know you will not take it unkindly, if I tell you I am as zealous for the Church of England, as any of you can be, and am enough acquainted with the Enemies of it on all fides: That I am as much in love with the Book of
Seite 5 - However, after this long Silence, We have thought it ' our Duty to declare how much We defire to contribute ' thereunto: And That, as we can never give over the
Seite 6 - many Years, and fo many and * great Revolutions, many Grants and Purchafes of Eftates * have been made to and by many Officers, Soldiers, and * others, who are now
Seite 72 - a reading in your Houfe; and then, in God's Name, do what you think fit for me, and yourfelves, • and the' whole Kingdom. I need not tell you how much I love Parliaments: Never King was

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