The History of America, Band 4


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Seite 272 - They were well weaned from the delicate milk of their mother country, and inured to the difficulties of a strange land.
Seite 263 - All which if you my lords of the clergy do not amend, I mean to depose you. Look ye therefore well to your charges.
Seite 57 - ... of Christianity which they had acquired. These sentiments the new converts transmitted to their posterity, into whose minds they have sunk so deep that the European priests, with all their industry, have not been able to eradicate them. Hence the religious institutions of their ancestors were long remembered and held in honour by many of the Indians both in Mexico and Peru ; and whenever they thought themselves secure from the inspection of their conquerors, they assembled to celebrate their...
Seite 68 - In comparifon with the precious metals, every bounty of nature is fo much defpifed, that this extravagant idea of their value has mingled with the idiom of the language in America, and the Spaniards fettled there denominate a country, rich, not from the fertility of its foil, the abundance of its crops, or the exuberance of its paftures, but on account of the minerals which its mountains contain. In queft of thefe, they abandon the delightful plains of Peru and Mexico, and refort to barren and uncomfortable...
Seite 242 - England; for the maintaining a greater correspondence and kindness between them, and keeping them in a firmer dependence upon it, and rendering them yet more beneficial and advantageous unto it in the further employment and increase of English shipping and seamen, vent of English woollen and other manufactures and commodities...
Seite 117 - They supplied the colony so amply with all the valuable productions and manufactures of the east, as enabled it to open a trade with America, by a course of navigation the longest from land to land on our globe. In the infancy of this trade, it was carried on with Callao, on the coast of Peru ; but experience having discovered the impropriety of fixing upon that as .the port of communication with Manila, the staple of the commerce between the east and west was removed from Callao to Acapulco, on...
Seite 180 - He permitted whatever was necessary for the sustenance or commerce of the new colonies to be exported from England, during the space of seven years, without paying any duty ; and, as a farther incitement to industry, he granted them liberty of trade with other nations, and appropriated the duty to be levied on foreign commodities, for twenty-one years, as a fund for the benefit of the colony. 8 In this singular charter, the contents of which Defects of have been little attended to by the historians...
Seite 17 - ... the viceroys have been prohibited, in the most explicit terms, by repeated laws, from interfering in the judicial proceedings of the courts of Audience, or from delivering an opinion, or giving a voice with respect to any point litigated before them.
Seite 263 - ... one matter toucheth me so near, as I may not overskip, religion, the ground on which all other matters ought to take root, and being corrupted, may mar all the tree. And that there be some fault-finders with the order of the clergy, which so may make a slander to myself and the church, whose over-ruler God hath made me, whose negligence cannot be excused, if any schisms or errors heretical were suffered.
Seite 192 - James-Town ; he brought with him an account of that large portion of the American continent now comprehended in the two provinces of Virginia and Maryland, so full and exact, that after the progress of information and research for a century and a half, his map exhibits no inaccurate view of both countries, and is the original upon which all subsequent delineations and descriptions have been formed.

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