The cashmere shawl


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Seite 244 - PRAISE be to God, the Lord of all creatures, the most merciful, the king of the day of judgment. Thee do we worship, and of thee do we beg assistance. Direct us in the right way, in the way of those to whom thou hast been gracious ; not of those against whom thou art incensed, nor of those who go astray...
Seite 297 - is the key of heaven and hell ; a drop of blood shed in the cause of God, a night spent in arms, is of more avail than two months of fasting and prayer...
Seite 198 - that prayer carries us half way to God, fasting brings us to the door of his palace, and alms procure us admission.
Seite 314 - God is the light of heaven and earth : the similitude of his light is as a niche in a wall, wherein a lamp is placed, and the lamp enclosed in a case of glass; the glass appears as it were a shining star. It is lighted with the oil of a blessed tree, an olive neither of the east, nor of the west...
Seite 64 - And near them shall lie the virgins of paradise, refraining their looks from beholding any besides their spouses, having large black eyes, and resembling the eggs of an ostrich covered with feathers from the dust.
Seite 192 - God. Say, God is one God ; the eternal God; he begetteth not, neither is he begotten : and there is not any one like unto him.
Seite 111 - Say, I fly for refuge unto the Lord of the daybreak, that he may deliver me from the mischief of those things which he hath created; and from the mischief of the night, when it cometh on; and from the mischief of women blowing on knots; and from the mischief of the envious, when he envieth...
Seite 93 - XCVI Whoever interrupts the conversation of others to make a display of his fund of knowledge, makes notorious his own stock of ignorance. Philosophers have said : — A prudent man will not obtrude his answer till he has the question stated to him in form. Notwithstanding the proposition may have its right demonstration, the cavil of the fastidious will construe it wrong.
Seite 68 - Now hath an apostle come unto you of our own nation, an excellent person: it is grievous unto him that ye commit wickedness; he is careful over you, and compassionate and merciful towards the believers. If they turn back, say, God is my support: there is no God but he. On him do I trust; and he is the Lord of the magnificent throne.
Seite 17 - This is the Egyptian imagery in which souls are represented as human-headed birds being fed with the fruit and nourished by the water of the Tree of Life! Also green is the colour of renewal, and of Ptah the revivifier. The soul of the hieroglyphics, depicted as winged, with the human head...

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