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Seite 11 - But when new paths have to be struck out, a spinal cord is not enough; a brain is needed, and that brain an organ of mind, and that mind perfected by a liberal education. And a liberal education — so far as its relation to the understanding goes — means logic.
Seite 40 - Annual Register. Giving the list of officers and students, and stating the regulations, etc., of the University. Published at the close of the academic year.
Seite 34 - Concerning the influence exerted by each of the constituents of the blood on the contraction of the ventricle, Jour.
Seite 32 - February 9, 1832. cities) and before that book was published in America, Mr. Freeman had told students in Baltimore the story of the Republic of Ragusa, "the one spot along that whole coast from the Croatian border to Cape Tainaros itself, which never came under the dominion either of the Venetian or of the Turk,"— that city upon the rocks which " has always sat on a little ledge of civilization .... with a measureless background of barbarism behind her.
Seite 34 - McColl — receives still further improvements at the hands both of Miss Ladd and Mr. Mitchell, and it is surprising to see with what facility their methods yield solutions of problems more intricate and difficult than any that have hitherto been proposed. The volume contains two other papers relating to deductive logic. In one of these Mr. Oilman develops those rules for the combination of relative numbers of which the general principles of probabilities are special cases. In the other, Dr. Marquand...
Seite 11 - ... be in one lectureroom or another, his ultimate purpose is to improve his logical power and his knowledge of methods. To this great end a young man's attention ought to be directed when he first comes to the university; he ought to keep it steadily in view during the whole period of his studies; and finally, he will do well to review his whole work in the light which an education in logic throws upon it.
Seite 33 - My men would have had me given them leave to fall upon them at once. DEFOE, Rob. Crusoe. D'Avenant would fain have had me gone and drink a bottle of wine at his house hard by. SWIFT. He would have had us taken a road which was full of those people we were so much afraid of.
Seite 33 - Now people know you're the friend of drunken and disorderly persons, you'll never have a night's sleep in your bed. Not that it would matter what fell upon you, if it wasn't your poor wife who suffered. Of course all the business will be in the newspapers, and your name with it. I shouldn't wonder...
Seite 5 - On Professor Rowland's motion, the Congress resolved "that an international commission be charged with determining the precise methods of observation for atmospheric electricity, in order to generalize this study on the surface of the globe." Unfortunately, in the past, the observations in atmospheric electricity have often been found to be counterfeits of nature because of the errors inherent in the instruments and methods used. Accordingly the much-desired discovery of nature's laws, by "bringing...

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