Ancient America, in Notes on American Archaeology

Harper & Brothers, 1871 - 299 Seiten

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Seite 8 - A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880. Four Vols. demy Svo, cloth extra, 12s. each. — Also a POPULAR EDITION, in Four Vols. crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. each. A Short History of Our Own Times.
Seite 299 - With a full View of the English-Dutch Struggle against Spain, and of the Origin and Destruction of the Spanish Armada. By JOHN...
Seite 299 - MOTLEY (JL). The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History. By John Lothrop Motley. New Edition, with Biographical Introduction by Moncure D. Conway. 3 vols.
Seite 299 - The Life and Death of John of Barneveld, Advocate of Holland : with a View of the Primary Causes and Movements of "The Thirty Years
Seite 1 - ELIOT. George Eliot's Life, Related in her Letters and Journals. Arranged and Edited by her husband, JW CROSS.
Seite 109 - ... country. It represents the early Nimroud king in high relief, carved on a solid block of limestone, cut into the shape of an arched frame, in the form of the rock tablets of Bavian and the Nahr-el-Kelb. The monarch wears his sacrificial robes, and carries the sacred mace in his left hand. Round his neck are hung the four sacred signs, the crescent, the star or sun, the trident, and the cross.
Seite 177 - Libya, and into Europe as far as Tyrrhenia, and, uniting their whole force, they sought to destroy our countries at a blow; but their defeat stopped the invasion and gave entire independence to all the countries this side of the Pillars of Hercules. Afterward, in one day and one fatal night, there came mighty earthquakes and inundations which engulfed the warlike people.
Seite 299 - Sold only in Sets. LODGE'S ENGLISH COLONIES IN AMERICA. English Colonies in America. A Short History of the English Colonies in America.
Seite 117 - But what is most remarkable, interesting, and striking in these monuments, and which alone would be sufficient to give them the first rank among all known orders of architecture, is the execution of their mosaic relievos — very different from plain mosaic, and consequently requiring more ingenious combination, and greater art and labor. They are inlaid on the surface of the wall, and their duration is owing to the method of fixing the prepared stones into the stone surface, which made their union...
Seite 88 - ... being not thicker than three inches, and sometimes as thin as one-fourth of an inch, it discovers in the masonry a combination of science and art which can only be referred to a higher stage of civilization and refinement than is discoverable in the works of Mexicans or Pueblos of the present day. Indeed, so beautifully diminutive and true are the details of the structure as to cause it, at a little distance, to have all the appearance of a magnificent piece of Mosaic work.

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