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When in the grave my woes shall sleep,

No soothing dreams shall bless thy slumber; For thou wilt often wake to weep,

And in despair my sorrows number; My shade will haunt thy aching eyes,

My voice in whispers tell thee clearly, How cold at last that bosom lies Which loved thee long and loved thee dearly.



ADJEU, thou darling of my heart,

Whom never more these eyes shall view; Yet once again, before we part,

Nymph of my soul, again adieu! Yet one kiss more; this kiss, the last

That I will ask or thou shalt give, Though on my lips it dies too fast,

Shall always in my memory live. But thou each tender thought of me

Blot out for ever from thy breast,
Nor heed what pangs I feel for thee,

While with another thou art bless'd.
To him, whom Heaven has made thy mate,

Thus, thus thy beauties I resign;
He boasts, alas! a happier fate,

But not a purer flame than mine.
Yet let him make thy bliss his care,

As I, thou know'st it, would have done;
My love for thy sake he shall share,
My envy, only for his own.




WHERE now are all my flattering dreams of joy?

Monimia, give my soul her wonted rest; Since first thy beauty fix'd my roving eye,

Heart-gnawing cares corrode my pensive breast. Let happy lovers fly where pleasures call,

With festive songs beguile the fleeting hour; Lead beauty through the mazes of the ball,

Or press her, wanton, in love's roseate bower. For me, no more I'll range the' empurpled mead,

Where shepherds pipe, and virgins dance around, Nor wander through the woodbine's fragrantshade,

To hear the music of the grove resound. I'll seek some lonely church or dreary hall,

Where Fancy paints the glimmering taper blue, Where damps hang mouldering on the ivied wall,

And sheeted ghosts drink up the midnight dew: There, leagued with hopeless anguish and despair,

A while in silence o'er my fate repine : Then, with a long farewell to Love and Care,

To kindred dust my weary limbs consign. Wilt thou, Monimia, shed a gracious tear

On the cold grave where all my sorrows rest? Strew vernal flowers, applaud my love sincere, And bid the turf lie easy on my breast ?


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YE groves, with venerable moss array'd,
That o'er yon caverns stretch your pendent shade,
Where sacred silence lulls the rural vale,
And love in whispers tells his tender tale;
Ye lonely rocks, ye streams that ever flow,
Still as my tears, and constant as my woe,
To you behold the wretched Laura flies,
And haunts those seats from whence her sorrows


Where, lost to love, how often has she stray'd,
When the fond lover led his blushing maid,
When his soft lips, too eloquent his art,
Pour'd the warm wish, and breathed out all his

Ah, once loved seats! your pleasing scenes are
Nor can you charm, since he can love no more;
Though smile your lawns with vernal glories

In vain gay nature paints the' enameld ground;
While through your solitary paths I rove,
A prey to grief, to sickness, and to love,
Though gentle zephyrs fan the bending bowers,
Though breathes the incense of your opening

Nor opening flowers, nor gentle zephyrs charm,
Nor beauteous scenes a grief like mine disarm;
Fade every flower, and languish every sense,
Ye have no sweets for fallen innocence.

Torn by remorse, sad victim of despair,
Where shall I turn? or where address my prayer?

Far as the morn its early beam displays,
Or where the star of evening darts its rays;
Far as wide earth is stretch'd, or oceans roll,
Where blows the inds, or heaven invests the pole,
In vain my fluttering soul would wing its way;
Stern care pursues, where'er the wretched stray.

Soft God of sleep, whose ever peaceful reign
Lulls earth and heaven and all the extended main,
Powerful to give the labouring heart to rest,
To wipe the tear, and heal the wounded breast,
Say, by what crime offended, flies from me,
Invoked, thy unpropitious deity ?
Or dooms, on racks of wildest fancy torn,
In dreams my agonizing soul to mourn?
Why am I oft on angry billows toss’d,
Now in some wild and dreary desert lost?
Why yet in life infernal tortures feel,
Bound by fierce demons to some rapid wheel?
Now seem to climb, while hills on hills arise,
In vain: or fall in tempests from the skies,
Tread burning plains, or swim in seas of fire,
Just reach the shore, then see the shore retire?
As oft, dear youth! thy pleasing form appears,
I stretch my arms, and wake dissolved in tears;
Yet waking fancy all that loss supplies,
And still I view thee with a lover's eyes;
Entranced in thought, o'er all thy charms I gaze,
See thy bright eyes diffuse their softest rays,
Hang on thy hand, or, on thy breast reclined,
Play with thy locks that waver with the wind,
Joy in thy joy, or in thy sorrows join,
And on thy lips my spirit mix with thine.
Now o'er dark wilds, or rugged rocks we stray,
Love lights the gloom, and smooths the dreary way;
Now on soft banks our weary limbs repose,
Where every flower of vernal beauty glows;
But light as air each pleasing vision flew,
Swift as the sun dispels the morning dew;
While with the day returns the sense of woe,
We wake more wretched when the cheat we know.

Imagination! mistress of the soul,
What powers unseen the active mind control;
And fill the waking thought or busy sleep!
When not a breeze disturbs the tranquil deep,
Nor lofty pines through all the forest move,
Why stir the motions of resistless love?

Urged by the golden morn the night recedes, And year to year in changeful course succeeds; Nor night nor morn nor years to me restore The peace which Laura's heart possess'd before; Involved in clouds one darksome scene I view ; Bleed the same wounds, and all my pains renew.

O, boast of Laura's long forgotten praise ! Pass'd are the triumphs of my happier days, When placed supreme on beauty's radiant throne, I saw with conscious pride eaeh heart my own; Where'er I turn’d a thousand nymphs admired; Whene'er I smiled a thousand swains expired; I spoke, 'twas music dwelt upon my tongue; I moved, a goddess and an angel sung. My careless steps in joy were taught to rove; Each voice was flattery, and each look was love; But beauty's power, too mighty long to last, Fled on the wings of rapid time, is pass’d.

As some proud vessel to the prosperous gale Her streamer waves, and spreads the silken sail, While silver oars to flutes soft breathing sweep With measured strokes the scarcely heaving deep,

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