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DO THY DUTY. Go, my child,—thus saith the Highest,

Warning, cheering, day by day,Go my child, and as thou triest

Life's temptations, bravely say:

Do thy duty, tide what may ! Faint not ! yield not ! 'tis no sadness

Burdens thee on life's true way: Duty done is heart-felt gladness,

Cheering as the summer ray:

Do thy duty, tide what may ! When a cloud obscures the heaven,

Know the sun will bring thee day: When to grief thy soul is given,

Trust that love will ever stay.

Do thy duty, tide what may ! All the trials that surround thee

Are but stones to mark thy way:
Nought will baffle or confound thee,

Canst thou love, and bravely say:
Do thy duty, tide what may !


Life is onward-use it

With a forward aim ;
Toil is heav'nly, choose it,

And its warfare claim.
Look not to another

To perform your will,
Let not your own brother

Keep your warm hand still.

Life is onward-heed it,

In each varied dress;
Your own act can speed it

On to happiness.
His bright pinion o'er you,

Time waves not in vain,
If hope chants before you

Her prophetic strain.

Life is onward-never

Look upon the past,
It would hold you ever

In its fetters fast.
Ne'er forbode new sorrow,

Bear that of to-day;
Thou shalt see the morrow

Chase the clouds away.

Life is onward—treasure

Its eternal part,
Give it without measure

All thy strength of heart.
Life is onward-prize it,

Sunlit or in storm;
Oh do not despise it

In its humblest form!



Pour forth the oil, pour boldy forth:

It will not fail until
Thou failest vessels to provide,

Which it may largely fill.

Make channels for the streams of love,

Where they may broadly run; And love has overflowing streams,

To fill them every one.

But if at any time we cease

Such channels to provide, The very founts of love for us

Will soon be parched and dried.

For we must share, if we would keep

That blessing from above: Ceasing to give, we cease to have,

Such is the law of love.



So here hath been dawning

Another blue day:
Think, wilt thou let it slip

Useless away?
Out of eternity

This new day is born;
Into eternity

At night will return.
So here hath becn dawning

Another blue day:
Think, wilt thou let it slip

Useless away?

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Rouse up to work that waits for us,

O spendthrifts of to-day! We'll make our daily record

A grand one while we may.

There's work to do, there's work to do,

To help our fellow man.
In earth's great field of labor,

We'll do the best we can.

Shake off the sloth that fetters us,

Put on the will that wins : The battle, for the earnest,

In their own heart begins.

No nobler hero in the fight,

Since battlefields began, Than he who serves the right,

And does the best he can.

So work while day is passing;

And at life's setting sun,
When all our sheaves are gathered,

Shall truest peace be won.



Who is thy neighbor?

He whom thou hast pow'r to aid or bless; Whose aching heart, or burning brow

Thy soothing hand may press.

Thy neighbor? 'Tis the fainting poor,

Whose eye with want is dim; Oh, enter thou his humble door,

With aid and peace for him.

Thy neighbor? He who drinks the cup,

When sorrow drowns the brim; With words of high, sustaining hope,

Go thou and comfort him.

Thy neighbor? 'Tis the weary slave,

Fettered in mind and limb;
He hath no hope this side the grave,

Go thou and ransom him.

Thy neighbor? Pass no mourner by;

Perhaps thou canst redeem A breaking heart from misery;

Go share thy lot with him.

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