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And God said, let the earth bring forth grass,

the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is

in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. With verdure clad, the fields appear delight

ful to the ravished sense By flowers, and gay enhanced is the charming

sight, Here fragrant herbs their odors shed; here

shoots the healing plant; With copious fruits the expanded boughs are

hung: In leafy arches twine the shady groves; o'er

lofty hills majestic forests wave. Achieved is the glorious work; our song let

be the praise of God. Glory to His name for ever. He sole on high

exalted reigns. Hallelujah.



Ye people, rend your hearts, and not your

garments, for your transgressions; even as Elijah hath sealed the heavens through the

word of God. I therefore say to ye, forsake your idols, re

turn to God; for He is slow to anger, and merciful, and kind, and gracious, and repenteth Him of the evil.

If with all your hearts ye truly seek Me, ye

shall ever truly find Me. Thus said our

God. O that I knew where I might find Him, that

I might even come before His presence !



Behold there shall be a day, when the watch

man upon the mountain top shall cry aloud : Arise ye! Get ye up unto Mount Zion, unto the Lord your God!” For thus said

the Lord : Fear not now, O Israel, neither be thou dis

mayed. Refrain thine voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears; for I, the Lord, am with thee, and will save thee. I have loved thee with everlasting love, and have

redeemed thee. Why cryest thou in thine affliction? Why

mournest thou in nightly watches? I have

redeemed thee. Therefore thus saith the Lord : Sing ye aloud

with gladness! Thy mourning is turned in

to joy! I, even I, have redeemed thee. Be glad and

rejoice! Thy sorrows now are ended, and

great shall be thy peace. Rejoice! be glad and rejoice. Then fear not, Israel, neither be thou dis

mayed, I have redeemed thee!

217. THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE LORD'S GLORY. The heavens are declaring the Lord's end

less glory, Through all the earth His praise is found; The seas re-echo the marvelous story,

O man, repeat that glorious sound. The starry host, He orders and measures,

He fills the morning's golden springs; He wakes the sun from his night curtained

slumber, Oh! man, adore the King of kings.

What power and splendor and wisdom and

order, In nature's mighty plan unrolled! Through space and time to infinity's border,

What wonders vast and manifold ! The earth is His, and the heavens o’er it

bending The Maker in His works behold! He is and will be through ages unending

A God of strength and love untold.

O deem not that earth's crowning bliss

Is found in joy alone,
For sorrow, bitter though it be,

Hath blessings all its own.

As blossoms smitten by the rain

Their sweetest odors yield; As where the plough has deepest struck,

Rich harvests crown the field.

So, too, the hopes, by sorrow crushed,

A nobler faith succeeds,
And life, by trials furrowed, bears

The fruit of loving deeds.

219. UNTO GOD LIFT UP THY GAZE. Solemn sounds, Oman, awake thee;

“Unto God lift up thy gaze ! Ere dark death shall overtake thee,

Sinner, leave thy sinful ways."

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Solemn sounds, this day remind thee:

‘Choose thou life, while here beneath; Cast all sinful lust behind thee;

Virtue is life's crowning wreath."

Solemn sounds, Oman, exhort thee:

To thy ways on earth take heed; None but thine own deeds escort thee

To God's throne, for thee to plead.”


WE PRAISE THEE. We praise Thee, Lord, who mad'st the world

Thy tent; To Thee on wings of song my soul is soar

ing: O Thou, residing in the firmament, To Thee we bow in awe, Thy grace im


Who is like Thee, so excellent in might?
Who is like Thee in glory, truth and splen-

dor? The heavens are Thy throne, Thy garb is

light, Sun, moon and stars to Thee their homage


Yet with a father's love Thou look'st on earth, To mete Thy mercies out to all Thy crea

tures; From Thee all gifts, all joys of life spring

forth, And man hast Thou endowed with heavenly



PRAISE THE LORD, OH JERUSALEM. Praise the Lord, Oh Jerusalem, praise thy

God, Oh Zion! For He hath made fast the bars of thy gates, And hath blessed thy children within thee. The Lord is gracious and full of compas

sion, Slow to anger and of great goodness. The Lord is good to all, and His tender mer

cies are over all His works. All Thy works praise Thee, Oh Lord, and

Thy saints give thanks unto Thee. The valleys stand so thick with corn that

they laugh and sing. Praise the Lord, Oh Jerusalem, praise Thy

God, Oh Zion.

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