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The heavenly King, who e'er shall be,

In might eternal reigns;
When sorrow darts encompass me,

He every hope sustains.
The burning rays of noon-tide sun,

Shall smite me not by day;
And while the evil path I shun,

God will protect my way.
On every side He is my shade,

And still preserves my soul;
His greatness ever is displayed

Thro' years that onward roll.
From this time, and for evermore,

His mercy mildly beams;
Lord ! lead me to that heavenly shore,

Where peace eternal gleams.

C. M. c.



Father, Thou hast taught the way

We should walk before Thy eyes; Grant us Thy support, we pray,

To contend for virtue's prize. Knowledge, will and deed, O Lord, With Thy precepts may accord. God of glory and of love,

We devote our hearts to Thee; Mayst Thou our work approve

And our guide for ever be. Grant that wisdom, virtue peace Spread and blossom and increase.

J. K. G.



Father, our prayer we offer;

Not ease we ask of Thee,
But strength that we may ever

Live on courageously.

Not always in green pastures,

We ask our way to be,
But steep and rugged pathways

To tread rejoicingly.

Not always by still waters,

We would in quiet stay,
But smite the living fountains

From rocks along our way.

Give strength in hours of weakness,

In wandering be our Guide, In trial, failure, danger,

O be Thou at our side.

M. J.



Our Shepherd is the Lord,

And we the flock He leadeth; His earth, with beauty stored,

Yields all that mankind needeth. Is there a thirsting heart,

His staff to waters leads it, To soothe its aching smart,

With joy and light He feeds it.

Through night of doom and dread

We walk, and never tremble;
By our good Shepherd led,

We know we shall not stumble.
His light is bliss and health,

In it we find salvation;
His comfort is our wealth,

Be high or low our station.

M. J.



(School Hymn.)

Splendor of the morning sunlight,

Shine into my heart to-day, Flood each cranny of my being,

With new strength and spirit gay.

Let me use the golden hours,

As they glide so swiftly by; Freight them with a precious freight of

Truth and love and knowledge high.

And when evening comes, and twinkling

Stars my conduct seem to ask, May I look aloft and tell them :

I have finished well my task.

F. A.



New wonders of Thy mighty hand,

Lord, we to-day admire, Writ on the firmament above

In glittering orbs of fire.

The sun is ruler of the day,

The silver moon of night,
The starry hosts adorn the sky

In order'd ranks of light.

Still in an everchanging round

The daylight comes and goes; But Thou are evermore the same,

No change Thy mercy knows.
Why waver then our troubled hearts?

Thine is a Father's care;
And they, eternal life who seek,

Eternal life shall share.

C. G. M.



O Thou, in all Thy might so far,

In all Thy love so near,
Beyond the range of sun and star,

And yet beside us here:
What heart can comprehend Thy name,

Or, searching, find Thee out?
Who art within, a quick ’ning Flame,

A Presence round about.

Oh, sweeter than all else besides,

The tender mystery,
That like a veil of shadow hides

The light we may not see !

And dearer than all things we know

The child-like faith shall be,
That makes the darkest way we go

An open path to Thee.

F. L. H



(Psalm 145.)

I will extol Thee, O my King!

Thy holiness proclaim; And earth with every voice shall sing

The glories of Thy name.

Thy tender mercies brightly shine;

, is Thy power;
Thy love, a beaming ray divine,

That lights each passing hour.

The memory of Thy goodness still

Shall grateful hearts pervade; Thy majesty and glory will

Forever be displayed.

The eyes of all shall wait on Thee,

For perfect are Thy ways; And pious hearts united be,

O Maker! in Thy praise.



When twilight gathers 'round us,

When sunlight fades away, And golden clouds of glory

Proclaim the close of day, Then sing we our thanksgiving,

To Him who rules above; Who fills the world with beauty,

And governs all with love,

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