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He made the glorious sunlight,

And set the moon on high;
He gave each star its pathway

To wander through the sky.
He bids the day to vanish,

And says, “Let evening be!”
And changeth light to darkness-

The Lord of Hosts is He.

O God, be pleased to guard us

Throughout the silent night,
And raise again our spirits

To wake to morning light.
And spread around our pillow

The curtain of Thy peace;
For Thou dost keep us always,

With love that ne'er shall cease.

I. S. M.


FATHER, TO THEE WE LOOK. Father, to Thee we look in all our sorrow, Thou art the fountain whence our healing

flows: Dark tho’ the night, joy cometh with the mor

row, Safely they rest, who on Thy love repose.

When fond hopes fail, and skies are dark be

fore us,

When the vain cares that vex our life in

crease, Comes with its calm the thought that Thou art

o'er us,

And we grow quiet, folded in Thy peace.

Naught shall affright us, on Thy goodness

leaning, Low in the heart faith singeth still her song; Chastened by pains, we learn life's deeper

meaning, And in our weakness, Thou dost make us


Patient, О heart, though heavy be thy sorrows,

Be not cast down, disquieted in vain ! Yet shalt thou praise Him, when these dark

ened furrows, Where now He plougheth, wave with golden


F. L. H.



Through all the changing scenes of life,

In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still

My heart and tongue employ.

O magnify the Lord with me,

With me exalt His name; When in distress to Him I call’d,

He to my rescue came.

The hosts of God encamp around

The dwellings of the just; Deliverance He affords to all

Who on His succor trust.

O make but trial of His love,

Experience will decide
How bless'd are they, and only they,

Who in His truth confide.

Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then

Have nothing else to fear;
Make you His service your delight,

Your wants shall be His care.

C. G. M.



There lives a God! Each finite creature

Proclaims His great and wond 'rous reign; Throughout all changing forms of nature,

His ruling hand is clear and plain;
The universal echoes call,
The Lord of hosts created all !

There lives a God! Though storms are hieing

Athwart the pilgrim's path of life-
The storms are sent for purifying,

And Nature smiles beyond the strife.
I, therefore, on my way proceed
With constant faith in God's kind lead.

There lives a God! When life is waning,

His love is near my soul to save; My joys are all of His ordaining,

My chastening griefs He wisely gave. In death there blooms new life for me, God lives !-O God, I live in Thee!

J. K. G.



(Adon Olom.) Sovereign Lord, whose sceptre reigned

Ere yet time its course began; Since creation was ordained,

It is guided by His plan.

When all things fade and decline,

He abides in majesty;
As He was in power divine,

Is and will He ever be.

No beginning and no end

His is rule and victory;
My redeemer, rock and friend,

My salvation's guaranty.

When my lips the Lord extol,

I feel safe in every sphere, Safe in body and in soul :

God with me- I have no fear.

J. K. G.



The breath of ev'ry living thing,

O Lord, shall bless Thy name;
The spirit of all flesh on earth

Thy glory shall proclaim.

For Thou art God for ever more,

Beside Thee we have none;
No King, no Saviour who redeems,

Save Thou, Almighty One!

Thou settest free, and sendest aid

In times of grief or woe,
With mercies great and manifold;

No King but Thee we know.

F. W.



In God the holy, wise and just,

From childhood's tender years, Have I reposed with perfect trust,

My changing hopes and fears.

From every page that time has turned,

Since that bright season fled, Some holy lessons have I learned,

Some wholesome moral read.

Oh, should my term of life exceed,

Frail man's allotted days,
Until the last my prayer would plead

For strength, my God to praise.

P. M.



Holy, holy, holy God,
Lord, eternal Zebaoth!
Sphere's encircling melody
Glorify His throne on high.
Vaster yet than time and space
Are His kindness and His grace.

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