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How vast, how holy was the love,

That blest us with these gifts divine, While angels, in the choir above,

Sung praises round His heavenly shrine. Nature in primal beauty glow'd,

Her incense, too, to heaven ascending; On every side rich blessings flow'd,

His mercy with His goodness blending. Still o'er these works of grandeur rose

A radiant beam-a heavenly rayThe holy rest, the calm repose,

That sanctified the Sabbath-day.
In sacred song our voices swelling,

Let hallelujahs peal around,
While seraphs, near His starry dwelling,

Shall echo back the grateful sound.

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C. M. o.

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(L’khah Dodi.)
O holy Sabbath-day draw near,
Thou art the source of bliss and cheer;
The first in God's creative thought,
The final aim of all he wrought.

Welcome, welcome day of rest,

Day of joy the Lord hath blessed.
Rejoice ye now with all your might:
The Sabbath freedom brings and light;
Let songs of praise to God ascend,
And voices sweet in chorus blend.

Welcome, welcome, day of rest,
Day of joy the Lord hath blessed.

Now come thou blessed Sabbath-Bride,
Our joy, our comfort, and our pride;
All cares and sorrows bid thou cease,
And fill our waiting hearts with peace.

Welcome, welcome, day of rest,
Day of joy the Lord hath blessed.

I. S. M.


AT THE HOLY SHRINE. Here, at this temple's holy shrine,

Let Israel join in sacred prayer,
And every thought to Him resign

Who sheds on us His tender care:
Then hearts sincere in grateful praise
Shall sanctify the hymns we raise.
Oh! let not pride nor envy dwell

Where righteousness alone should reign, That sweet religion's holy spell

May lead us back to grace again;
And all be most supremely blest
Who bow before His high behest.
Pure is the soul which God hath made,

Let sin's deep stain defile it not,
That, when our mortal debt is paid,

And earthly cares in death forgot, To realms of endless bliss it flies, Eternal rest beyond the skies.

C. M. C.

Thine holy day's returning,

Our hearts exult to see,
And with devotion burning,

Ascend, O God, to Thee.

To-day with greatest pleasure

Our thoughts from earth withdraw: To search for heav'nly treasure,

We learn Thy holy law.

We join to sing Thy praises,

Lord of the Sabbath Day; Each voice in gladness raises

Its loudest, sweetest lay.

H. S. J.



When the Sabbath, peace-instilling,

Hearts to joy seraphic wings, And our chalices are filling

From God's soul-refreshing springs. Oh, then gladsome anthems rolling,

O’er the temple-arches swell, And devotion, all controlling,

Works again its wondrous spell.

To God's spheres with rapture soaring,

0, my soul, thy being raise, His almighty name adoring,

Whom the universe must praise. Lord, as oft, as here we gather,

May Thy blessing o'er us be; Make us purer, O our Father,

That our deeds shall tell of Thee.

H.-I. S. M.



Welcome, welcome quiet morning,

Welcome is this holy day; Now the Sabbath-day returning,

Shows a week has passed away. Let us think how time is gliding,

Soon the longest life departs, Nothing human is abiding;

Save the love of human hearts.

Take now our prayer we raise Thee,

Give an humble, grateful heart; Never let us cease to praise Thee,

Never from Thy fear depart. Then, when years have gathered o'er us,

And the world is sunk in shade; Heaven's bright realms rise before us,

There our treasure will be laid.

R. B.



Thou blessest our endeavor,

O Lord, our God, most kind; Thy Day reviveth ever,

Who grace with Thee would find.

Toil were a badge of sorrow,

Of ceaseless servitude, Had not a Sabbath-morrow

Our souls with peace endued.

For when the spirit tendeth

Tow’rd realms forever bless 'd, Then holiness descendeth,

And bringeth Sabbath-rest. Lord hear our supplication,

And send to us, we pray, The joy of Thy salvation,

This blessed Sabbath Day.

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Come, O Sabbath-day, and bring
Peace and healing on thy wing;
And to every troubled breast
Speak of the divine behest :

Thou shalt rest.
Earthly longing bid retire,
Quench the passion's baneful fire,
To the wayward, sin-oppress'd
Bring thou the divine behest :

Thou shalt rest.
Wipe from every cheek the tear,
Banish care and silence fear;
All things working for the best,
Teach us the divine behest:

Thou shalt rest.

G. G.

72. PREPARE AND PURIFY MY HEART. Prepare and purify my heart,

Thou who receivest mortal prayer! Its Sabbath-thoughts to set apart

From every worldly hope and fear.

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