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To Thy temple we repairing,

Come with awe and holy fear,
Promises of service bearing

To our God, while dwelling here.
In Thy covenant of grace
Grant us an abiding place.

Let us seek and find the vision,

To behold in Thee our good;
Oh how precious that condition,

Sheltered by Thy Fatherhood.
Keep our hearts and minds, we pray,
Stayed upon Thy truth alway.

H.-I. S. M.



Lord, with earnest contemplation,

We life's pathway now behold; May we meet each obligation,

By Thy spirit wise controlled.

Wilt Thou heart and spirit brighten,

Virtue's value e'er to see,
May Thy word our souls enlighten,
Teaching Faith, Hope, Charity.

Safe then while life's pathway treading,

Guided by Thy radiance pure; Fearless, death itself not dreading,

Since in God we are secure.

H.-I. S. M.


FATHER, SEE THY CHILDREN. Father, see Thy suppliant children

Trembling stand before Thy throne, To confirm the vow of Horeb:

“We will serve the Lord alone.”

Thy command shall be engraven

On the tables of our heart, Till the heart in death be broken

And the cord of life shall part.

When dark tempests lowering gather,

It will be our strength and stay, It will be our guardian angel

Upon life's laborious way.

As a sheltering cloud at noon-tide,

As a flaming fire by night, Through prosperity and sorrow

It will guide our steps aright.

Till we reach the land of promise,

When the toils of earth are past, Till we sleep the sleep eternal

In the realms of peace at last.

F. A.



Happy who in early youth,

While yet pure and innocent, Stores his mind with heavenly truth

Life's unfading ornament.

Happy who in tender years

Leans on God for His support; Who life's bark in virtue steers,

That it reach salvation's port.

Guide, () guide this hopeful band,

Father, in Thy truth and light ! May these children ever stand

Firm in virtue and in right.

Thine, O God, these souls are Thine,

Undefiled they came to Thee; Guide them in Thy love divine

Heirs of immortality.

J. K. G.



Our desires we, Lord, have spoken,

Strengthen our resolves and bless, May our promises unbroken

Tend to peace and righteousness.

Give a parting benediction

Mercy's light illume our ways, That we may with true conviction

Follow duty all our days.

Let our thoughts ne'er stray, unheeding,

Into deeds that lead to shame; Lord we crave Thy gracious leading,

Guide us to life's noblest aim.

H.-I. S. M.



(Rosh-Hashanah.) Behold th' advancing year,

Borne on the wing of ages; My soul would ask what cheer

Or sorrow it presages. I cannot lift the veil,

The future's mystery hiding;

God's goodness, I, confiding Know that can never fail.

What’er the year bestow,

Thanks bring we to Thine altar;
Thou lovest us, we know,

And so faith cannot falter.
Our prayer, Lord, wilt Thou hear;

Protect us by Thy power,

Be e'er our strength and tower, And bless for us the year.

H.-I. S. M.



As rushes 'twixt the willows

The river to the sea,
So time on heaving billows

Speeds to eternity.

The year to close is wearing,

And questions solemnly,
Oh soul, hast thou been caring

For thine eternity ?

A New year's dawn is speeding

With messages to thee,
Oh will thou list, and, heeding,

Live for eternity ?

No earthly ill can matter,

Though dark sometimes it be,
If faithfully we scatter

Seeds for eternity.

This, thought, how reassuring,

Through years and ages flee;
God lives for aye, enduring

To all eternity.

H.-I. S. M.



From Thy throne, Thy love according,

Grace, O Lord, to us dispense; In Thy tenderness rewarding

Child-like faith and confidence. Myriad songs are upward bounding, Temples with Thy praise resounding,

Countless hosts Thy name revere; Tearfully past faults confessing, Longing for Thy gracious blessing,

On the dawning of New Year.

Where the highest heavens tracing,

Lord, Thou dwellest gloriously;
Hear our prayer, a world embracing,

Yea, and all humanity.
All the wrongs, their strivings, foiling,

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