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In Thy Father-arm Thou bearest

Us o'er time's wide heaving sea,
E’er in mercy for us carest,

Crownest our eternity.

G.-I. S. M.


Exalt our God in lofty praise resounding,

To Him be might and power sublime;
He lives, He rules, the worlds thro' spaces

bounding, Exalted He o'er place and time. Exalt our God, who every fate decideth

Of men, of every land and race; And if our home in peace abideth,

'Tis through His beaming light of grace. Exalt our God, creation's King supernal,

His majesty all worlds declare; All things that are, are subject to th’ Eternal, And join in thanks and praise and prayer.

H.-I. S. M.



Sing to the Lord in holy fear,
Extol the Lord from far and near;

In every age and time,
From North to South, from East to West,
His name is praised, His name is blessed
In every land and clime.


Who dare with God, our Lord, compare?
A helper in distress and care,

From age to age the same.
He lends the pious strength and trust,
While wicked arms are crushed to dust,
Th’ Eternal is His name.


M. J.



(Hanukkah.) We will praise, O Lord, Thy grace,

Rock and fortress of all pow'r, Thou in storm our hiding place, Our defense and shelt'ring tow'r.

O’er the foe's assailing,

Thou our strength unfailing! God, the Lord, breaks their sword,

O'er their hordes prevailing.

God was ever at our side,

Though our numbers were but small; And we checked the Syrian's tide, Saw their ranks before us fall.

Heroes young or hoary,

Famed in song and story, Shed their blood for their God,

Dying for His glory.

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Kindling new the sacred light,

Priests approved in suffering; Glorified the God of might,

Brought to Him our offering.

Father of creation,

Rock of our salvation; Let Thy love from above Ever crown Thy nation.

L. S.-I. S. M.



My refuge ever lives on high,
He counts my tears, regards each sigh;
He rescued me from deep despair,
My night transformed to dawning fair.

My refuge ever lives on high.

My refuge ever lives on high,
He bids the flags of freedom fly;
The weak He covers with His strength,
And breaks the tyrants' power at length.

My refuge ever lives on high.

My refuge ever lives on high,
Though ages rise, and wax, and die;
What comfort this in clouded times,
I'll sing e'en then in clarion chimes.

My refuge ever lives on high.

H.-I. S. M.



Oppressions shall not always reign;

There comes a brighter day, When freedom, burst from every chain,

Shall have triumphant sway.

Then right shall over might prevail,

And truth's full armed array The hosts of tyrant wrong assail,

And hold eternal sway.

What voice shall bid the progress stay

Of truth's victorious car ?
What arm arrest the growing day,

Or quench the solar star?

What arm shall dare, tho'stout and strong,

Restore the ancient wrong? Oppression's guilty might prolong

And freedom's morning bar?

The hour of triumph comes apace,

The fated, promised hour,
When earth upon a ransom'd race

Her bounteous gifts shall shower.

H. W.



Lord, Thy banner's true defence

Gleams in victory's radiant light; Though the darkness be intense,

Undismayed it braves the night.

When afore the foeman sought,

'Gainst Thy standards to prevail ; Little flock of Jacob, nought

Made thy dauntless courage quail.

Heroes, up! On to the fight,

For that flag means victories new; Not in numbers lies your might,

'Tis God's spirit wars for you.

Thrilled with zeal, by courage fired,

Bravely fought the little band; By devotion deep inspired,

Held the flag with conquering hand.

And that standard still our own,

Light of joy by night and day; 'Neath its folds defeat unknown,

Triumph crowns our glorious way.

H.-I. S. M.



O Lord, Thy children here to-day
With grateful hearts before Thee pray;
With joy we bend before Thy throne,
To whom our inmost thoughts are known.

With wondrous might, from tyrant's hand
Thou didst relieve the gallant band,
The valiant few, who cleansed Thy shrine,
And caused once more its lights to shine!

We dedicate our lives to Thee, () may our hearts Thy temples be. ( light within us, from above, The precious flames of truth and love.

P. M.

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