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(Purim.) Hist'ry's leaves, in rustling motion,

Tell their story page on page; Hark to-day, with awed devotion,

To their tale of bygone age.

Long time since, they tell, as strangers,

Tarried we in Persia's land; Rescued, thence from fiercest dangers,

By our God's Almighty hand.

For a Judge in heaven dwelleth,

Whose decree with wisdom fraught; Justice the destroyer felleth,

Who had our destruction sought.

Thou Thy people hast uplifted,

O'er the crushing weight they bore; From the skies the night has drifted,

Light has dawned for evermore.

H.-I. S. M.



Had not the Lord stood by my side,

When men against me rose,
I never, never could abide

The wrath of all my foes;
As furious billows did they roll
And roar to sweep away my soul.

Blest be the Lord, for He conferred

On me His gracious care;
I have escaped them as a bird

That flies the fowler's snare.
The snare is broke, we are set free,
Forever, Lord, I'll hope in Thee.

M. J.



(Purim.) Sing aloud ! sing aloud thanksgiving and

praises ! God humbles the proud, and the lowly He


He calmeth the storms, and allayeth our fears, He hark’neth our prayers and drieth our


Where is Haman, the wicked ? where the thou

sands of foes, Who brought over Judah the saddest of woes?

They are gone forever, with their cruel en

deavor, With their terrible dreams, with their blood

iest schemes.

They are buried forever in death-darkened

night, While Israel liveth in gladness and light. .

Thus sing to our God, the most Holy, the One! Sing to our God who hath valiantly done!

D. D.

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My God, with trembling awe and wonder,

We worship Thine almighty name; Thou ridest on dark clouds of thunder, In splendor's robe of lightning flame.

But blessing great

Attend Thy state; Exalted be God's glorious pow'r In days of joy or sorrow's hour.

In flames of blessing to Thy nation,

Thee did our sires at Sinai know; Thou cam'st again in conflagration, Then Zion's pride was Zion's woe.

'Midst tears and pain

Rose the refrain: Exalted be God's glorious power In days of joy or sorrow's hour.

The storm has spent its savage raving;

Thy counsels wise, O Lord, indeed;
With bloom and blossom earth is waving,
The fruit of Zion's deathless seed.

The word we bore

From shore to shore,
And served our God's all-glorious power
In days of joy or sorrow's hour.

H.-I. S. M.


The son of earth, his splendor's pride,

Fade as a fleeting dream of night;
What is the gain of all he tried ?

He leaves ere life he knows aright.

He leaves ere life he knows aright,

His earthly race of what avail ;
And sleeping in Death's solemn night,

Love's longings to awake him fail.

Love's longings to awake him fail,

'Tis deep that sleep and long the night, So ends the race—told is the tale:

What is the gain of all he tried ?

What is the gain of all he tried ?

The starry camp its tents has furled, Gives place to morning's glorious tide,

Dawning in yonder better world.

H.-I. S. M.


TIIE LAND OF PEACE. Up to the land of peace undying

Mount thou, my soul, the world forsake; There peace and rest will hush all sighing,

When life's frail thread at last shall break.

There after life's dread, toilsome hours,

Sweet peace the weary pilgrim becks; And in new radiance bloom the flowers That drooped beneath earth's blasting Our best beloved whom most we cherish,


Abide here but a little time,
They die, but love can never perish:

We'll meet again in happier clime.

H.-I. S. M.



I seek Thee, God, and long, yea, thirst to find

Thee, Who dwellest veiled in most exalted height; Yet everywhere art Thou, nor time nor space

can bind Thee, Ineffable! Thy throne in pure, effulgent


My heart attests Thy glory most supernal, Earth's firm foundations Thou hast framed

and set; Joined to Thine own in faithful love that is

eternal, Yet those asleep Thy covenant does not for


in heavenly spheres is set Thy glorious dwell

ing. There from Thy throne's etherial height to

reign; The countless hosts above chant praises ever

welling: Yet deathless songs and lauds can ne'er

Thy praise attain.

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