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Presumptuous thought! This God, all pow'r

transcending, To dwell with man? The Holy with th'

unjust? Who dare conceive such grace, th’Eternal

condescending To grant His immanence to creatures of the


And yet 'tis true where'er His praise as

cendeth, There dwelleth He, and makes His presence

known; Where'er a heart aglow with true devotion

bendeth: There doth Almighty God in love and

mercy throne.

J. H.-I. S. M.



Lord, do Thou guide me on my pilgrim way, Then shall I be at peace, whate'er betide

me; The morn is dark and clouds hang low and


Lord, do Thou guide me.

Let not the mists of sin from Thee divide me, But pierce their gloom with mercy's golden

ray, Then shall I know that Thou in love hast tried


O’er rugged paths be Thou my staff and stay,

Beneath Thy wings from storm and tempest

hide me.

Through life to death, through death to hea

venly day,

Lord, do Thou guide me.

A. L.


SOULS OF THE RIGHTEOUS. Souls of the righteous, in God's hand they lie, Untouched by shadows from the pilgrim

land; No pain or torment ever cometh nigh,

Souls of the righteous, in God's hand.

Such peace is theirs earth cannot understand,

Although to the unwise they seemed to die; They are at rest, a holy blessed band.

Like to the stars, whose radiant galaxy Gleams in the tent of heaven o'er us spann’d,

So shine among His angels, set on high, Souls of the righteous in God's hand.

A. L.



Of all Thy gifts the best, () Lord, bestow

On us, Thy needy people, sore distress'd, Sore, travel-worn, and stained with sin and


Of all Thy gifts the best.

Then shall we find amid life's toilsome quest, The peace of God, from which all blessings

flow; Then shall no evil fears our souls molest.

Faith, faith in Thee, faith that, where'er we

go, Thy presence goes with us and gives us

rest, That is in heaven above, on earth below,

Of all Thy gifts the best.

A. L.



In mercy, Lord, incline Thine ear

To Zion's faithful band;
In love and grace our prayer hear,

Reveal Thy mighty hand.

Reveal once more celestial light

O'er Salem's holy tents,
Dispel the clouds and end the night,

Let truth pervade all lands.

To truth be laid this corner-stone,

Be reared these massive walls;
To Thee, Most High and only One,

Be arched these sacred halls.

Pour down Thy grace in sunny rays,

Let Judah's temple be
The house of praise to teach Thy ways,

Devoted, Lord, to Thee.

P. M.



Praise ye the Lord, our King!
Let all the nations sing

In one accord.
His glorious might and fame,
His great and holy name,
Unto the world proclaim-

Praise ye the Lord !

Eternal, High and Great,
To Thee we consecrate

This sacred shrine.
Our heart, our soul to Thee
We hallow reverently,
A sacred shrine to be,

Sovereign divine!

What tongue is formed so well,
Of all Thy power to tell-

The fathomless.
Yet Thou art ever near,
Kindly to bend Thine ear,
Thy children's prayers to hear,

To hear and bless.

Here the glad truths reveal;
Here let the people kneel

From nigh and far,
Blessing the Lord on high,
Maker of earth and sky,
Him, One in Unity!


J. K. G.



God of the mighty hand,
Fount in the thirsty land,

Holy and pure;
All praise to Thee is due
By Israel's faithful few,
Who all Thy mercies know,

Thy covenant sure.

Thou, like a cloud of light,
Leading by day and night

Thy wandering fold,
Saved from oppression dire,
From wrathful sword and fire,
Thy praise our hearts inspire,

Now, as of old.

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O God of truth and right,
Still lead us by Thy light,

Thy children all.
Soon may all nations know,
All sects and creeds below,
To Thee their praise they owe,

On Thee to call.

D. L.

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