Domestic tales; containing The merchant's wife and her sister


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Seite 166 - There is a mood, (I sing not to the vacant and the young) There is a kindly mood of melancholy, That wings the soul, and points her to the skies...
Seite 153 - Into that deep and tranquil firmament The summits of Auseva rise serene ! The watchman on the battlements partakes The stillness of the solemn hour ; he feels The silence of the earth, the endless sound Of flowing water soothes him, and the stars, Which in that brightest moon-light...
Seite 162 - ON THE DEATH OF A CHILD. I cannot weep, yet I can feel The pangs that rend a parent's breast ; But ah ! what sighs or tears can heal Thy griefs, and wake the slumberer's rest ? What art thou, spirit undefined, That passest with man's breath away, That giv'st him feeling, sense, and mind, And leav'st him cold, unconscious clay ? A moment gone, I look'd, and, lo ! Sensation throbb'd through all her frame ; Those beamless eyes were raised in woe ; That bosom's motion went and came. The next, a nameless...
Seite 35 - ... meant not to declare that God was not worshipped by the fathers in this spiritual manner, but only to point out a distinction in the external form, viz., That while they had the Spirit shadowed forth by many figures, we have it in simplicity. But it has always been an acknowledged point, that God, who is a Spirit, must be worshipped in spirit and in truth.
Seite 204 - I would have given worlds, had I possessed them, to have been able to return the affection of such a heart as it would have desired and deserved.
Seite 214 - Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Seite 42 - To attack this polytheistic system, it was not enough to shew that it was absurd* to worship senseless ' idols of wood and stone, the work of men's hands, which have eyes but see not, feet that cannot r .. .. . , :i . .'..-. -. : ; i..
Seite 29 - By the waters of Baby Ion,, we sat down, and wept, when we remembered thee, O ! Sion...

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