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" And his servant came up with his hat and gloves, which he took mechanically, and followed passively into the carriage, whilst the winds lifted their loud voices, and whistled, and roared, as if in wild and gloomy mockery ; the huge trees bent and bowed... "
Ravenscliffe - Seite 267
von Anne Marsh-Caldwell - 1851
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Ravenscliffe, by the author of 'Emilia Wyndham'.

Anne Marsh- Caldwell - 1851 - 646 Seiten
...; the carriage is at the door I believe, and we must not keep anybody waiting this horrid day," Ac. And his servant came up with his hat and gloves, which...Sir John Wharncliffe's carriage, immediately after Ids mother. So the door of Mrs. Langford's carriage was shut, and it drove aAvay. Not one word did...
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The Dublin University Magazine: A Literary and Political Journal

...huge trees bent and bowed their huge branches to the earth, as if in a bitter irony of congratulation, and all nature seemed rushing together in wildest uproar, like that which was raging in bis own breast." This, it must be admitted, is a passage of remarkable power, calculated to stir to...
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