Englannin kieli-oppi: ynnä lukemisto ja sanakirja, Band 2,Ausgabe 1

Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden seuran kirjapainossa, 1867

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Seite 66 - His children ! — But here my heart began to bleed, and I was forced to go on with another part of the portrait.
Seite 125 - ... can behave with tranquillity and indifference, is truly great: whether peasant or courtier, he deserves admiration, and should be held up for our imitation and respect. [While the slightest inconveniences of the great are magnified into calamities; while tragedy mouths out their sufferings in all the strains of eloquence], the miseries of the poor are, however, entirely disregarded ; though some undergo more real hardships in one day, than the great in their whole lives.
Seite 66 - As I darkened the little light he had, he lifted up a hopeless eye towards the door, then cast it down, — shook his head, and went on with his work of affliction.
Seite 26 - He was," replied the merchants. " Had he not lost a front tooth ?" said the dervise. " He had," rejoined the merchants. " And was he not loaded with honey on one "side, and wheat on the other ?"
Seite 66 - The bird in his cage pursued me into my room. I sat down close to my table, and leaning my head upon my hand, I began to figure to myself the miseries of confinement. I was in a right frame for it, and so I gave full scope to my imagination. I was going to begin with the millions of my fellowcreatures born to no inheritance but slavery; but finding, however affecting the picture was, that I could not bring it near me, and that the multitude of sad groups in it did but distract me, I took a single...
Seite 110 - Brathwick, had killed him and most of his men, and were now amusing themselves with hunting about the island. The King, having caused himself to be guided to the woods which these strangers most frequented, there blew his horn repeatedly. Now, the chief of the strangers who had taken the castle was James Douglas...
Seite 27 - I have been much amused with your surprise, and own that there has been some ground for your suspicions ; but I have lived long, and alone ; and I can find ample scope for observation even in a desert. I knew that I had crossed the track of a camel that had strayed from its owner, because I saw no mark of any human footstep on the same route...
Seite 110 - I have no means of knowing what is best to be done, I will be guided by the luck which shall attend this spider. If the insect shall make another effort to fix its thread, and shall be successful, I will venture a seventh time to try my fortune in Scotland ; but if the spider shall fail I will go to the wars in Palestine, and never return to my native country more.
Seite 133 - As the door on its hinges, so he on his bed Turns his sides, and his shoulders, and his heavy head. " A little more sleep and a little more slumber...
Seite 61 - He gave back to the calif the keys of trust, and the seals of secrecy ; and sought no other pleasure for the remains of life than the converse of the wise, and the gratitude of the good.

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