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" I am glad to see you : it is a long time since we met. If you like we will keep to-geth-er in search of a break-fast" With all my heart, "
The Midland readers and home lesson books - Seite 58
von Henry Major - 1873
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Nouveaux élémens de la converstion: en anglais et en français, en deux ...

G. H. Poppleton - 1812
...envoyez-les moi aussitôt qu'ils seront faits. DIALOGUE XXXVI. DIALOGUE With a Person going to be married. I am glad to see you ; it is a long time since you did me the pleasure of a visit : Lut lam not surprised at it ; for I hear you are gping to be married....
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Major's home lesson books. 6 standards, Band 1

Henry Major - 1873
...76983. Write :— sup-per clev-er eaten scrapes thou-sand tricks w. to-geth-er break-fast master world A wild cat met a fox in a wood. " How do you. do ?"...we will keep to-geth-er in search of a breakfast." Thi Write the capital letters of the alphabet. M. gar- den sic-kle par-rots mon-ey railway sixty between...
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Ilian; Or, The Curse of the Old South Church of Boston: A Psychological Tale ...

James Johnson Kane - 1888 - 368 Seiten
...midst of my explanations when some one touched me on the shoulder, saying, — " My dear chaplain, I am glad to see you. It is a long time since last we met in New Orleans, but you have not changed nmch." " Dr. Rechard," I replied, " I am glad...
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