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List of English Publications which a constant supply may be found at Mr. Weiss' bookdepot

No. 97. Strada Forni.

with a map

2 eng. 30 8


on's (Lord) Voyage round the World, 8. d. Domesticated Animals, with engravings 3. d.

4 4
bound in cloth

3 6 uties of

History, or Pictures of Virtue Easy Lessons on Money Matters, for young and Vice

4 4

People, with cuts, bound in cloth 1 0 gley's elements of useful knowledge, Edward's Figures of Euclid, with cuts 3 0 3 vols. with engravings

19 8 Elements of Botany, with many euts, sewed 2 0 -Animal Biography 4vols. with English Grammar, by Dr. Russell

1 6 -Celebrated Voyagers

7 0 Fables and Moral Maxims, in verse and prose, -Travellers

7 0
with cuts,

36 an Empire (Account of the) 2vols. 74 Geometry, a first Book on, containing Plane t's History of the Reformation

5' 6

and Solid Geometry, with an Introof Trades, with numerous wood-cuts 7 6

duction to Trigonometry, with cuts 16 ersations on Chemistry 2vols, with eng. 16 0 Gleig's (Rev. G. R.)

History of England,
Natural Philosopby

12 0
with engravings 3vols.

19 6 Fables, Part I. with wood-cuts 2 0 Hope's (Rev. R. B.) Lives of eminent ChrisSelected by the Rev. J.Plumptre 3 2

tians, with Portraits

4 6 Bp. Contemplations, 3vols.

14 8 Instructions for teaching Arithmetic to little Capt. B. Voyage to Loo Choo

3 8

Children on early education

4 4 Instructer, with numerous cuts, 6vols. 12 0 hus's Wars of the Jews, 2vols. 7 3 Voll.-Tales, Lessons, and Conversations 's Christian Year.

6 8
on familiar subjects

2 0 is' (R.C.W.) Life of Bp. Jewel 6 0 Vol. II.- The House, Materials used the Duke of Marlborough, from the

in Building, Furniture, Food, and Quarterly Review

1 9

2 0 f Lord Nelson, abridged from Southey 2 10 Vol.III.-The Universe. The three KingArell's Journey to Aleppo

2 0

doms of Nature, The human Form &c 2 0 irs of La Roche-jaquelin, from Con

Vol. IV.The calendar, the Year, Months stable's Miscellany


Weeks, Days; the Seasons ; Appeari's Paradise Lost

4 4

ances of Nature; Winter, Spring, al History of Quadrupeds, Birds, and

Summer, Autumn

2 0 Insects, with numerous wood-cuts 3 9 Vol. V.--Descriptive Geography; the vaiends in a new Dress, or select Fables

rious Divisions of the world; their from Æsop, in verse

4 0

People and Productions, with maps 2 0 Evidences of Christianity

4 8 Vol. VI.-General History. First Vôl. son's History of America, 2vols. por

Ancient History:

2 0 trait and maps

14 0 Life and Death of Lord Rochester P's History of the Church in Scot- Life, Voyages and Discoveries of Columbus 3 0 lund, 2vols. 12 0 Life and Voyages of Captain Cook

3 0 8 (Mr. C. C.) Retlections, abridged 4 6 Life and Travels of Mungo Park

2 10 se's (Bp.) Introduction 6 4 Light in Darkness, bound in cloth

3 6 er's (Mrs) Fabulous Histories 2 10 Moseley's Mechanics applied to the Arts, ATURAL HISTORY of domestic

with engravings)

6 6 Animals; Insects; Birds; Fishes; Management and education of Children 2 6 Trees; Reptiles ; Wonderful Ani- Minerals and Metals, their Natural History mals; Remarkable Animals: 18mo.

and Uses

2 6 each

2 0 Outlines of Sacred History, (with numerous ISTORY of useful Arts, 18mo; The


3 6 CABINET of useful Arts, 18mo; The

-Geography,(with Maps and Plates ) 10 LIPE of Capt. Cook; The ENTER.

-History of England, (with numerTAINING MEDLEY, 18mo. each 2 0 ous Figures and Costumes )

13 Happy

2 6

-Grecian History,(with Maps and i's Gothic Architecture

5 0

Plates ) Animals ; Birds; Fishes ; Reptiles;

-Roman History, with costumes &c. O 10 hells; with cuts, each

1 6 Palestine and Lebanon, Three weeks in, * Oriental Customs, abridged 10 0

(with numerous engravings)

3:0 $ History of the Christian Church 6 6 Park's (Mungo) Travels

1 10 ations of a Father with his Children, Popular Physiology (with many cuts) itk cuts, 2vols. bound in cloth 5 6

bound in cloth

7 6 2 6 Readings in English Prose Literature, bound in cloth

4 6


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c Hints

Readings in Biography, bound in cloth 4 6 TRAVELS in Africa; North America;
-Poetry, bound in cloth

4 6

South America; Northern Asia;
Science, with numerous cuts,

South Eastern Asia ; South West.
bound in cloth

5 0

ern Asia; European Russia ; Spain; Results of Machinery

1 3

Sweden; Switzerland ; (Arctic) or Scenes and Sketches from English History,

an account of the Land Expedition to with many engravings, Vol. I. 3 6

the Continent of N. America, with Sister Mary's Tales in Natural History,

Plates ; each

1 with engravings, bound in cloth 2 6 Turner's Manual of Vocal Music, for Schools, Stanley's Familiar History of Birds, 2 vols. 7 0

bound in cloth The House I live in 2 6 Wild Animals, with engravings

3 6 Neat covers, gilt edges, fine paper and print. Do I love God or not? 20.

The Flower gathered; or, The History of Henry Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ. By John Packman Smith, 4d. Bunyan, 2d.

The Great Question answered, 4d. Peace, the result of Christian Faith, 2d.

The Work of the Holy Spirit. 4d. The excellency of the Christian Dispensation. 2d Immanuel ; or, Scripture views of Jesus Christ, 64 Brief Memoir of Dr. Thomas Bateman, 3d. Pastoral Addresses, 6d. Euphemia. A tract for young ladies, 3d.

Conversations on Sin and Salvation. Translatex Salvation through a Mediator consistent with so- from the German, 8d. ber Reason. 3d.

Evidences of Christianity. By Philip Doddridg Hooker on Justification, Extracts from, 4d.

D. D. 8d. Reasons of Repose, 4d.

The gathered Lily. A brief Memoir of Lydi Scripture Marks of Salvation, 4d,

Gauntlett, 8d. Sin and Danger of Neglecting the Saviour, 4d. Thoughts on the importance of Special Prayer fo Sixteen Short Sermons, 4d.

the general outpouring of the Holy Spirit, & The doctrine of the Trinity. 4d.

Devotional Books. Neat covers, gilt edges, fine paper and print, some in 64mo, and smaller sizes. The Cottage Hymn Book, bound in red, contain- | Daily verses 128mo (in a box fs. 4d.) from Id to : ing 236 Hymns, each 8d.

Dewdrops 128mo from 4d. to 1s. Supplement to ditto, containing 264 Hymns, Diary, being Daily Texts, interleaved 64mo 1.81 bound red; 8d.

Gems of Sacred Poetry, 64mo gilt edges from 1s Select Psalms and Hymns, (containing the same to 38.

as the Cottage Hymn book; this title being Gleanings from the Holy Scriptures, 8d to & 6d deemed preferable when the book is used for Hebrew Lyrics ; Poems on the Old Testament Public Worship) bound in black 8d.

64mo gilt edges from 18. to St. Supplement to ditto, containing 264 hymns, bound Holy Spirit: The Titles, Attributes, etc. 1280 black, 8d.

gilt from 3d. to 9d. The above together, consisting of 500 Psalms and Mason's Crumbs from the Master's Table 6.po

Hymns, bound in embossed roan, (gilt edges from 8d to 28. 18 4d.) 18.

Psalmist, The, 64mo boards, 18. 4d. gilt edge The family Hymn book, intended principally for from 28. to 38. the Young, each is. 6d.

Scripture Chains 64mo from 6ch to 1s. 4d. Hymns for the Young, to commit to memory, Short prayers for a Week, 64mo from 8d

.. (hound, 8d.) stiff covers 4d.

Sibb's Divine Meditations, 64mo 8d.-s, 5d. Dr. Watts' Divine and moral Songs, per dozen Small rain on the tender Herb, very small see 18, 4d.


a fine edi. Three fold Cord, or Precepts, Promises, tion, ornamented with numerous well engra- Prayers, 64mo. 60.-25. ved cuts, stiff marble paper, each 8d.

Venning's Milk and Honey, 64mo 6d.-18.

half bound 18 Young Christian's Pocket Book, 64mo 801N Sunday School Hymns for singing, also suitable THE CHRISTIAN ALMANACK FOR 1844

for families (stiff covers, 4d.) bound in red 6d Price 6d. stitched, 8d. gilt edge ; Ls. Ads Pitto, with Watts' Songs, bound in red, 8d.

bound and interleaved for Memoranda. Children's Bread; or, Daily Texts for the young,

The Sheet Almanack for 1840. Price id. 128mo, from 4 d. to 18.

The Tract Society Penny Almanack, In acon Corbet's Self Employment in Secret, 64mo from Book with a cover, price 2d. 6d. to 18. 4d.

The Pocket Book Almanack, Interleaved ** Daily food for Christians, 64mo from 8d. to 2s. ruled paper, gilt edges, price 2. Adap Daily prayers and promises, 64mo from 6d. to 18 4d for Pocket Books. Daily Texts, with verses of Hymns, 64mo, from

6d. to 1s. 4d.

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