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Paradise Regain d.


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who ere while, the happy Garden sung,
By one Man's Disobedience loft, now ling

Recover d Paradise to 'all mankind,
By one

Man's firm Obedience fully try'd. Through all temptation, and the Tempter foil'd s. In all his wiles, defeated and repulsd, And Eden rais'd in the waste Wilderness.

Thou Spirit who ledit this glorious Eremite Into the Defart, his Victorious Field Against the spiritual Foc, and broughi'f him thence By proof the undoubted Son of God, inspire, As thou art wont, my prompted Song else mute, And bear through heighth or depth of Nature's bounds With prosperous wing full summ’d to tell of deeds Above Heroic, though in secret done,

IS And unrecorded left through many an Age, Worthy thaye not remain’d so long unfung.



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