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Collection of German Authors and Series for the Young. 15

Collection of German Authors.

B.Auerbach: On the Heights, 3 v. Brigitta, 1 v. Spinoza, 2 v. G. Ebers: An Egyptian Princess, 2 v. Uarda, 2 v. Homo Sum, 2 v. The Sisters, 2 v.

Fouqué: Undine, Sintram,

[blocks in formation]

I V.

Wilhelmine von Hillern:
The Vulture Maiden [die Geier-Wally],
I v. The Hour will come, 2 v.
S. Kohn: Gabriel, I v.
G. E. Lessing: Nathan the

Wise and Emilia Galotti, 1 V.

Fanny Lewald: Stella, 2 v. E. Marlitt: The Princess ofthe Moor [das Haideprinzesschen], 2 v.

Maria Nathusius: Joachim von Kamern and Diary of a poor young Lady, I v.

Fritz Reuter: In the Year '13,
I V. An old Story of my Farming
Days [Ut mine Stromtid], 3 V.

Jean Paul Friedr. Richter:
Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces, 2 v.
J. V. Scheffel: Ekkehard.
A Tale of the tenth Century, 2 v.
G. Taylor: Klytia, 2 v.
H. Zschokke: The Princess
of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, etc., I v.

Series for the Young.

Lady Barker: Stories About,

Louisa Charlesworth: Ministering Children, 1 v.

Mrs. Craik (Miss Mulock):

Our Year, 1 v. Three Tales for Boys,
Three Tales for Girls, I V.
Miss G. M. Craik: Cousin
Trix, I V.

Maria Edgeworth: Moral
Tales, 1 v. Popular Tales, 2 v.

Bridget & Julia Kavanagh: The Pearl Fountain, I v.

Charles and Mary Lamb: Tales from Shakspeare, I v.

Emma Marshall: Rex and Regina, I v.

Captain Marryat: Masterman Ready, 1 v.

Florence Montgomery: The Town-Crier; to which is added: The Children with the Indian-Rubber Ball,

I V.

Ruth and her Friends. A Story for Girls, I v.

Mrs. Henry Wood: William Allair, I v.

Miss Yonge: Kenneth; or,
the Rear-Guard of the Grand Army,
IV. The Little Duke. Ben Sylvester's
Word, Iv. The Stokesley Secret, IV.
Countess Kate, 1 v. A Book of Golden

Deeds, 2 v. Friarswood Post-Office,
I v. Henrietta's Wish, 1 v. Kings of
England, I v. The Lances of Lynwood;
the Pigeon Pie, 1 v. P's and Q's, 1 v.
Aunt Charlotte's Stories of English
History, 1 v. Bye-Words, 1 v. Lads
and Lasses of Langley; Sowing and
Sewing, I v.

The price of each volume is 1 Mark 60 Pfennig.

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