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the cause of the affray, and cried, the deck, looking wildly from side to

Does the wretch mean to make his side, and momentarily expecting to escape ? For Godsake, prevent the feel a cold knife entering my vitals. possibility of that !— Yes, yes, re. My forehead began to burn, and my turned Angerstoff; he never shall eyes dazzled ; I became acutely sensileave the vessel-He had as well take tive, and the slightest murmur, or the care, lest I do to him what I did to faintest breath of wind, set my whole • To Morvalden, I suppose you mean,' frame in a state of uncontrollable visaid I.–Well, well, speak it out, re- bration. At first, I sometimes thought plied he ferociously; there is no one of throwing myself into the sea ; but here to listen to your damnable false- 1 soon acquired such an intense feelhoods, and I'll not be fool enough to ing of existence, that the mere idea of give you an opportunity of uttering death was horrible to me. them elsewhere. I'll strangle you the Shortly after midnight I lay down in next time you tell these lies about— my birth, almost exhausted by the

Come, interrupted Marietta, don't harrowing emotions that had careered be uneasy—the boat will soon be far through my mind during the past day. enough away– If he wants to give you I felt a strong desire to sleep, yet dared the slip he must leap overboard.?

not indulge myself ; soul and body I was irritated and disappointed be- seemed at war. Every noise excited yond measure at the failure of the plan my imagination, and sarcely a minute of escape I had formed, but thought it passed, in the course of which I did most prudent to conceal my feelings. not start up, and look around. AnI now perceived the rashness and bad gerstoff paced the deck overhead, and consequences of my bold assertions when the sound of his footsteps accirespecting the murder of Morvalden ; dentally ceased at any time, I grew for Angerstoff evidently thought that deadly sick at heart, expecting that he his personal safety, and even his life, was silently coming to murder me. would be endangered, if I ever found At length I thought I heard some one an opportunity of accusing and giving near my bed-1 sprung from it, and, evidence against him. All my mo- having seized a bar of iron that lay on tions were now watched with double the floor, rushed into the cabin. I vigilance. Marietta and her paramour found Angerstoff there, who started kept upon deck by turns during the back when he saw me, and said, What whole day, and the latter looked over is the matter ? Did you think thatthe surrounding ocean, through a glass, I want you to watch the beacon, that I at intervals, to discover if any boat or may have some rest.–Follow me upvessel was approaching us. He often on deck, and I will give you directions muttered threats as he walked past me, about it.' I hesitated a moment, and and, more than once, seemed waiting then went up the gangway stairs befor an opportunity to push me over- hind him. We walked forward to the board. Marietta and he frequently mast together, and he shewed how I whispered together, and I always im- was to lower the lantern when any (of agined I heard my name mentioned in the lamps happened to go out, and bidthe course of these conversations. ding me beware of sleep, returned to

I now felt completely, miserable, be- the cabin. Most of my fears forsook iog satisfied that Angerstoff was bent me the moment he disappeared. I upon my destruction. I wandered, in felt nearly as happy as if I had been a state of fearful circumspection, from set at liberty, and, for a time, forgot one part of the vessel to the other, not that my situation had any thing painknowing how to secure myself from ful or alarming connected with ii. his designs. Every time he approach- Angerstoff resumed his station in about ed me, my heart palpitated dreadfully; three hours, and I again took refuge in and when night came on, I was agoni- my birth, where I enjoyed a short but zed with terror, and could not remain undisturbed slumber. in one spot, but hurried backwards Next day while I was walking the and forwards between the cabin and deck, and anxiously surveying the ex

panse of ocean around, Angerstoff re- plice to prevent me from speaking, quested me to come down to the cabin. and went upon deck again. I obeyed his summons, and found him While in this state of bondage, I there. He gave me a book, saying it heard distinctly all that passed without. was very entertaining and would serve Some one asked Angerstoff how Morto amuse me during my idle hours ; valden did. Well, quite well,' repliand then went above, shutting the ed the former ; but he's below, and so doors carefully behind him. I was sick that he can't see any person.'struck with his behaviour, but felt no "Strange enough,' said the first speakalarm, for Marietta sat at work nearer, laughing. • Is he ill and in good me, apparently unconscious of what health at the same time? he had as had passed I began to peruse the well be overboard as in that condition.' volume I held in my hand, and found – Overboard !' repeated Angerstofi, it so interesting that I paid little atten- what !-how do you mean ?-ali tion to any thing else, till the dashing false !—but listen to me. Are there of oars struck my ear. I sprung from any news stirring ashore ??_Why,' my chair, with the intention of hasten- said the stranger, the chief talk there ing upon deck, but Marietta stopped just now is about a curious thing that me, saying, “ It is of no use. The happened this morning. A dead man gangway doors are fastened.? Not- was found upon the beach, and they withstanding this information, I made suspect, from the wounds on his body, an attempt to open them, but could that he hasn't got fair play. They are not succeed. I was now convinced, by making a great noise about it, and goythe percussion against the vessel, that ernment means to send out a boat, a boat lay alongside, and I heard a with an officer on board, who is to visit strange voice addressing Angerstoff

. all the shipping round this, that he Fired with the idea of deliverance, I may ascertain if any of them has lost leaped upon a table which stood in the a man lately. "Tis a dark business; middle of the cabin, and tried to push but they'll get to the bottom of it, I off the sky-light, but was suddenly warrant ye.—Why you look as pale as stunned by a violent blow on the back if you knew more about this matter of my head. I staggered back and than you choose to tell.' – No, no, looked round. Marietta stood close no,' returned Angerstoff;

"I never behind me, brandishing an axe, as if hear of a murder, but I think of a in the act of repeating the stroke. Her friend of mine who-but I won't deface was flushed with rage, and, having tain you, for the sea is getting upseized my arm, she cried, “Come down We'll have a blowy night, I'm afraid.' instantly, accursed villain! I know – So you don't want any fish to-day?" you want to betray us, but may we all cried the stranger. « Then I'll be off go to the bottom if you find a chance. Good morning, good morning. I of doing so.' I struggled to free my- suppose you'll have the government self from her grasp, but, being in a boat alongside by and bye.' I now state of dizziness and confusion, I was heard the sound of oars, and supposed, . unable to effect this, and she soon pul- from the conversation having ceased, led me to the ground. At that mo- that the fishermen had departed. Anment, Angerstoff hurriedly entered the gerstoff came down to the cabin soon cabin, exclaiming, “What noise is this ? after, and released me without speakOh, just as I expected! Has that dey- ing a word. il—that spy-been trying to get above ' Marietta then approached him, and, boards ? Why haven't I the heart to taking hold of his arm, said, “Do you despatch him at once? But there's no believe what that man has told you ? time now. The people are waiting— — Yes, by the eternal hell!' cried he Marietta, come and lend a hand.' vehemently ; • I suspect I will find the They now forced me down upon the truth of it soon enough.'— My God! floor, and bound me to an iron ring exclaimed she, “what is to become of that was-fixed in it. This being done, us?--How dreadful ! We are cháin Angerstoff directed his female accom- ed here, and cannot escape.'- Eselpe

what ?' interrupted Angerstoff

' ; girl, was still several miles distant. I waited you have lost your senses. Why in fearful expectation, thinking that should we fear the officers of justice ? every new wave against which we Keep a guard over your tongue.'- were impelled would burst upon our

Oh,' returned Marietta, · I talk with- vessel, and overwhelm us, while our out thinking, or understanding my own pursuers were too far off to afford any words; but come upon deck, and let assistance. The idea of perishing me speak with you there." They when on the point of being saved, was now went up the gangway stairs to- inexpressibly agonizing. gether, and continued in deep conver As the day advanced, the hopes I had sation for some time.

entertained of the boat making up with Angerstoff gradually became more us gradually diminished. The wind agitated as the day advanced. He blew violently, and we drifted along at watched upon deck almost without in- a rapid rate, and the weather grew so termission, and seemed irresolute what bazy that our pursuers soon became to do, sometimes sitting down compo- quite undistinguishable. Marietta and sedly, and at other times hurrying Angerstoff appeared to be stupified backwards and forwards. with clench- with terror. . They stood motionless, ed hands and bloodless cheeks. The holding firmly by the bulwarks of the wind blew pretty fresh from the shore, vessel; and though the waves frequentand there was a heavy swell ; and I ly broke over the deck, and rushed supposed, from the anxious looks with down the gangway, they did not offer which he contemplated the sky, that to shut the companion door, which he hoped the threatening aspect of the would have remained open, had not I weather would prevent the government closed it. The tempest, gloom, and boat from putting out to sea. He kept danger that thickened around us, neithhis glass constantly in his hand, and er elicited from them any expressions of surveyed the ocean through it in all di- mutual regard, nor seemed to produce rections.

the · slightest sympathetic emotion in At length he suddenly dashed the their bosoms. They gazed sternly at instrument away, and exclaimed, "God each other and at me, and every time help us ! they are coming now! Ma- the vessel rolled, clung with convulsive sietta, on hearing this, ran wildly to- eagerness to whatever lay within their wards him, and put her hands in his, reach. but he pushed her to one side, and be About sunset our attention was atgan to pace the deck, apparently in tracted by a dreadful roaring, which deep thought. After a little time, he evidently did not proceed from the started, and cried, 'I have it now ! waves around us; but the atmosphere It's the only plan—I'll manage the being very hazy, we were unable to business—yes, yes, I'll cut the cables, ascertain the cause or it, for a long time. and off we'll go—that's settled !?—He At length we distinguished a range of then seized an axe, and first divided high cliffs against which the sea beat the hawser at the bows, and afterwards with terrible fury. Whenever the surge the one attached to the stern.

broke upon them, large jets of foam The vessel immediately began to started up to a great height, and fashed drift away, and having no sails or angrily over their black and rugged helm to steady her, rolled with such surfaces, while the wind moaned and violence, that I was dashed from side whistled with fearful caprice among to side several times. She often swung the projecting points of rock. A dense over so much, that I thought she would mist covered the upper part of the eliffs, not regain the upright position, and and prevented us from seeing if there Angerstoff all the while unconsciously were any houses upon their summits, strengthened this belief, by exclaiming, though this point appeared of little im• She will capsize ! shift the ballast, or portance, for we drifted towards the we must go to the bottom ! In the shore so fast that immediate death midst of this, I kept my station upon seemed inevitable. deck, intently watching the boat, which We soon felt our vessel bound twice

against the sand, and, in a little time af- wounded while scrambling among the ter, a heavy sea carried her up the beach, rocks, and fatigue and terror had given where she remained imbedded and hard me a wan and agitated look. I entered a-ground. During the ebb of the waves the house, the inmates of which were a there was not more than two feet of wa- woman and a boy, and having seated ter round her bows. I immediately myself near the fire, related to my host perceived this, and watching a favoura- all that had occurred on board the floatble opportunity, swung myself down to ing beacon, and then requested him to the beach, by means of part of the cable accompany me down to the beach, that that projected through the hawse-hole. we might search for Angerstoff and MaI began to run towards the cliffs, the rietta. “ No, no," cried he, “ that is moment my feet touched the ground, impossible. Hear how the storm raand Angerstoff attempted to follow me, ges! Worlds would not induce me to that he might prevent my escape; but, have any communication with murderwhile in the act of descending from the ers. It would be impious to attempt it vessel, the sea flowed in with such vio- on such a night as this. The Almighty lence, that he was obliged to spring on is surely punishing them now! Come board again to save himself from being here, and look out.” overwhelmed by its waters.

I followed him to the door, but the I hurried on and began to climb up moment he opened it, the wind extinthe rocks, which were very steep and guished the lamp. Total darkness slippery; but I soon grew breathless prevailed without, and a chaos of rushfrom fatigue, and found it necessary to ing, bursting, and moaning sounds stop. It was now almost dark, and swelled upon the ear with irregular when I looked around, I neither saw loudness. · The blast swept round the any thing distinctly, nor could form the hut in violent eddyings, and we felt the least idea how far I had still to ascend chilly spray of the sea driving upon our before I reached the top of the cliffs. I faces at intervals. I shuddered, and knew not which way to turn my steps, the old man closed the door, and then and remained irresolute, till the barking resumed his seat near the fire. of a dog faintly struck my ear.

I joy

My entertainer made a bed for me fully followed the sound, and, after an upon the floor, but the noise of the temhour of perilous exertion, discovered a pest, and the anxiety I felt about the fate light at some distance, which I soon of Angerstoff and Marietta, kept me found to proceed from the window ofa awake the greater part of the night. small hut.

Soon after dawn my host accompanied After I had knocked repeatedly, the me down to the beach. We found the door was opened by an old man, with wreck of the floating beacon, but were a lamp in bis hand. He started back on unable to discover any traces of the seeing me, for my dress was wet and dis- guilty pair whom I had left on board ordered, my face and hands had been of it.

(Literary Gazette.)



Of all the days in memory's list,

Those motley banish'd days; Some overhung with sorrow's mist,

Some gilt with hopeful rays ; There is a day 'bove all the rest

That has a lovely sound, There is a day I love the best

When Patty first was found.
When first I look'd upon her eye,

And all her charms I met,
There's many a day gone heedless by,

But that I'll ne'er forget ;

I met my love beneath the tree,

I help'd her o'er the stile,
The very shade is dear to me

That blest me with her smile.
Strange to the world my artless fair,

But artless as she be,
She found the witching art when there

To win my heart from me ;
And all the days the year can bring,

As sweet as they may prove,
There'll ne'er come one like that I sing,

Which found the maid I love.

Voyages and Travels.


Concluded. Stories of Crocodiles. the water, dragging the dead body to OUR UR latter extracts from this publi- an island opposite the port. I arrived

cation have been as desultory as at the moment when a great number of the curious nature of the author's inqui- the inhabitants of Angostura had witries seemed to require, without servile- nessed this melancholy spectacle. ly following him through all his topo “ As the crocodile, on account of the graphical details, and philosophical structure of its larynx, of the hyoid generalizations. In the same spirit, bone, and of the folds of its tongue, can we shall now conclude our notice of seize, though not swallow, its prey unthese volumes with a brief sequel re- der water; a man seldom disappears lating to the crocodiles of the Oroo- without the animal being perceived noko.

some hours after near the spot devour“When the waters (says Mr. H.) ing its prey on a neighbouring beach. are high, the river inundates the keys; The number of individuals who perish and it sometimes happens, that even in annually, the victims of their own imthe town imprudent men become the prudence and of the ferocity of these prey of crocodiles. I shall transcribe reptiles, is much greater than it is befrom my journal a fact. that took place lieved to be in Europe. It is particuduring Mr. Bonpland's illness. A larly so in villages, where the neighGuaykeri Indian, from the island de la bouring grounds are often inundated. Marguretta, went to anchor his canoe The same crocodiles remain long in the in a cove, where there were not three same places. They become from year feet of water. A very fierce crocodile, to year more daring, especially, as the that habitually haunted that spot, seized Indians assert, if they have once tasted him by the leg, and withdrew from the of human flesh. These animals are so shore, remaining on the surface of the wary, that they are killed with difficulty. water. The cries of the Indian drew A ball does not pierce their skin, and together a crowd of spectators. This the shot is only mortal when directed unfortunate man was first seen seeking at the throat, or beneath the shoulder. for a knite in the pocket of his panta The Indians, who know little of the loons. Not being able to find it, he use of fire-arms, attack the crocodile seized the head of the crocodile, and with lances, after it is caught with large thrust his fingers into its eyes. No man pointed iron hooks, baited with pieces in the hot regions of America is igno- of meat, and fastened by a chain to the rant, that this carnivorous reptile, cov- trunk of a tree. They do not approach ered with a buckler of hard and dry the animal till it has struggled a long scales, is extremely sensible in the only aime to disengage itself from the iron parts of his body which are soft and un- fixed in the upper jaw. There is little protected, such as the eyes, the hollow probability that a country in which a underneath the shoulders, the nostrils, labyrinth of rivers without number and beneath the lower jaw, where there brings every day new bands of crocoare two glands of musk. The Guay- diles from the eastern bank of the Ankeri Indian had recourse to the same des, by the Meta and the Apure, tomeans which saved the negro of Mungo wards the coast of Spanish Guyana, Park, and the girl of Uritucu, whom I should ever be delivered from these have mentioned above; but he was less reptiles. All that will be gained by fortunate than they had been, for the civilization will be to render them more crocodile did not open its jaws, and lose timid, and more easily put to flight. hold of its prey. The animal, yielding “ Affecting instances are 'related of to the pain, plunged to the bottom of African slaves, who have exposed their the river; and, after having drowned lives to save those of their masters, the Indian, came up to the syrface of who had fallen into the jaws of the cro


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