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Just like love when it touches the resolute mind,

It blends beauty with valour, with grace melancholy ;
Till the soul to the triumphs of passion resign'd,

Grows insensate to fame and enamour'd with folly.
So the axe to the trunk of the ivy was laid,

And the fowls of the air from its branches were driven,
And its leaves which the altar in beauty array'd,

To pale desolation were ruthlessly given.
Then the wild bee complain'd as she sought her lov'd flowers,

Oh! why are the blossoms so tediously coming ?'
And zephyr inquired for the evergreen bowers,

Where her voice had kept tune to the bees' gentle humming.
-Yet nature proclaims, 'that securely in earth,

Sleeps a root of the ivy its honours renewing ;
And when time's ling'ring hand gives the slumberers birth,

It shall wave in its pride o'er the temple in ruin.'


“I would not live life o'er again
For all its joys, to share its pain ;
Life's springs and pastimes tempt me not,
To wish its cares again my lot.

What tho'youth's devious course hath been
A chequer'd yet a cheerful scene !
Our pleasures to the world are known,
Our silent griefs are all our own!
'Tis sweet to view from sheltering bower,
The high arch'd rainbow span the shower ;
But he who still must 'bide the storm
Cares little for the rainbow's forın.

When memory seems t'obey thy will,
She fails to cull the good from ill;
But true alike to joy and woe,
She culls them both, her power to show.
These from life's troubles could we take,
Their influence heaven and earth would make;
The charm that dwells with death would fly,
For who, with these, would wish to die ?"



ries, &c. for which we gave them, in The schooner is repaired, and the mutineers exchange, knives, buttons, &c. We

sent into the interior ; sail for the Colum- shortly after observed a remarkably bia river. Arrive at New Archangel or Norfolk Sound, for furs ; relurn to the large canoe coming off with two Columbia river. --Sail for Monterey for


very finely dressed: they the purpose of forming a factory to supply proved to be the king's sons, Cosalas the establishment on Columbia river with and Selechel, who made us signs that provisions.--Spaniards refuse to allow there was a three-masted ship above this.-Sail for Bodago.-Russians refuse to allow the gentlemen to remain till our

the point. We gave these people Teturn to Canton.- Arrival at Owyhee.- bread and treacle, of which they apVisiled by the King -Natives crowd, on peared to be very

fond. Shortly after board. A summary method to get rid of we perceived a schooner-boat beating pany land al Owyhee to wait our return. down the river; and about 7 o'clock -Sail for and arrive at Canton.

she anchored in-shore of us.

I went THE natives of the Columbia on board

of her well armed, and found brought us plenty of fine salmon, Mr. Black, chief mate of the Isaac sturgeon, and fruit, such as strawber- Todd, with several of the clerks be

longing to the North-west company, sea in 3 fathoms water. We left the whom I brought to the Columbia. Isaac-Todd at anchor, and made all The schooner was manned with Sand- sail to the westward. On the 26th of wich Islanders. The next morning August had a strong gale, sprung our we weighed and ran up the river, pass- bowsprit and fore-top-mast ; and on ed two Indian villages belonging to the 30th saw Queen Charlotte's island. the Chenook tribe, and come to above Sept. 2, we made the land called, by Village Point, along side of the Isaac the Russians New-Archangel, and by Todd, in 7 fathoms water, good bot- the English, Prince of Wales's Archtom. Captain Smith visited us, and a ipelago ; in the evening we were close large bark canoe came across from in with the bay of islands, to the northFort George, in which was the Gover- ward of the Norfolk Sound of Capt. nor, J. G. McTavish, Esq. with whom Cook. When we got to the head of Captain Robson went on shore. Next the sound, we run inside a group of day Captain Robson returned with a islands, and came to off the Russian party from the fort to take the muti- part in 3 1-2 fathoms water, a fine Aneers on shore, well guarded. After merican ship, Capt. Bacon, laying the necessary precautions, we then there with a valuable cargo of furs on crossed the river in three and a half board, which they had collected on the fathoms water, and anchored under N. W. coast. Captain Robson and Fort George in six fathoms water, very the supercargo waited on the governor excellent holding ground. We were Barinoff. By the 21st we completed visited daily by Comley, king of the our rigging, wooding, and watering, Chenook tribe, with his wives and took on board a quantity of fur, sealfamily; and also by the other tribes skins, and made all clear for sea.about the river, bringing sea-otter and While we lay here a large Russian brig beaver skins, (which we were not al- arrived with a valuable cargo of furs lowed to buy from them) with plenty from the Aluthean or Fox Islands; also of fine salmon and sturgeon. During sloop Constantine from Kodia, with this time the Isaac Todd had been furs and stores. At this time there taking furs for China; Mr. Bethune, were two large ships hauled on shore, one of the North West Company, went undergoing repairs; two large sloops on board as supercargo for China. ready for sea, and two gun-boats ; a

Having finished the rigging of the ship of 400 tons which they had built schooner, we commenced taking in here was trading for furs; and a large bar-iron, rum, powder, ball, &c. for brig and schooner trading on Califorthe Russian settlements to the north- nia. The Americans were very friendward. Mr. James McTavish came ly with us, often spending their evenon board as supercargo ; Mr. Mcings on board. Lennan as clerk. Finding there were It is the custom of governor Barinoff several American ships on the coast, to make his visitors drumk, when they we embarked two long six-pounders dine with him. On these occasions he and a brass four-pounder, with small will commence firing guns, which must arms, &c.; also three Sandwich island- be answered by the ships, and I have ers who were left here by the Tonquin, often been obliged to fire above 50 guns three Canadians, an old man, who had in a day. The Russians have a fine been a long time in the Russian N. W. fort on a high rock, mounting about 60 company's service, and a half-bred guns, and well calculated to defend boy. On the 4th August, eight bark them from the Indians; a good ship canoes belonging to the N. W. compa- would however soon destroy it. They ny, sailed with stores for the posts in have also block-houses and a town of the interior, with 7 men in each canoe, about 60 houses, a church, ship-yard, including 3 of our mutineers; the oth- &c. and about 100 Russians, chiefly er being a blacksmith was kept at the convicts from Siberia. They employ river. On the 16th, both ships weigh- a great number of Kodiac and Onalased with a strong breeze from N. W. ka Indians to hunt the sea-otter and and turned over the bar, in a heavy man their ships; they also hire Amer

ican ships to take Indians and canoes ed and came to in the anchorage in to California, where the sea-otters are 11 fathoms, sandy bottom, about a very plentiful, for the capture of which quarter of a mile from Captain Vanthey allow the ships a certain propor- couvre’s Observatory, and about the tion. They have also several hostages same distance from the fort.

I went from the tribe about the Sound, and on shore and was kindly received by will not allow a canoe to come near the Spaniards, who had all their force the fort, without bringing a handsome (about 50 horsemen) drawn up on the present; they have a look-out house beach to receive me. Mr. M’Dougal on the top of the fort, where a man is informed the governor that he wished constantly kept with a spy-glass in his to remain at Monterey to collect prohand, and if a canoe should heave in visions for the N. W. company's estabsight, a gun-boat is immediately des- lishment on the Columbia river. On patched after her. The town is in- the 16th Dec. we received a final anclosed by a high paling, and look-out swer from Mexico, that they could not houses at the distance of twenty yards allow any gentleman to remain in the from each other. Every Russian has country; we might land the goods we cleared a piece of ground, where they had brought to barter, and the governplant potatoes, &c.; by which means, or was to see to the collecting of prowith plenty of fish and whale blubber, visions for us against our return from they live very comfortably, marrying Canton ; but the cooper was allowed the Koadiac and Analaska. women, to remain (as a great favour) to superwho are very industrious and good intend the curing of the beef.

With wives. The Russians are extremely these terms we were obliged to comply. fond of rum, and will part with any On the 21st we sailed towards Bodago, thing for it; tobacco is also in great a Mission establishment on New Albirequest. This country abounds with on, lat. 38° 0, which we reached. On Food, chiefly of the pine kind. The the 24th we pulled up a large lagoon, hills are covered with snow; and it where we saw a large number of Inrains a great deal; we had not six fine dians collected round a fire. We landdays while we lay there. The whole ed and found ourselves above an Inpopulation of this establishment does dian village, for here they live under not exceed 1000 souls.

ground, and we could hear their voices Sept. 27, we made sail out of the beneath us. Several old women and Sound, and stood off towards Colum- children made their appearance; we bia river. We found the Isaac Todd gave them some beads, and by signs had left the river on the 26th Sept. inquired where the Russians were; The Cheenook tribe of Indians were they pointed to the men round the fire, rejoiced to see us, and treated us in a to whom we accordingly went up, and very friendly way; their king Comley found them killing rabbits. Their came on board as usual. I was there- mode of hunting them is to fire the fore despatched in the schooner-boat grass for a considerable distance, and to bring the body of Mr. M'Tavish kill the rabbits as they are endeavourto the fort. Capt. Robson read the ing to escape from the flame. The burial-service. On Nov. 5th we fin- natives appear to be a very harmless ished a cargo of furs for China, and an We inquired for the Russians assortment of goods for the Spanish and they pointed to the northward. main ; and at length cleared the danger- We then left them, and, on passing the ous bar, and stood off to the south- village, some of our party had the cliward towards Monterey. On the 22d riosity to enter into their subterraneous made the coast of California ; saw the abodes, but were obliged to make a hasharbour of Sir Francis Drake, and the ty retreat, pursued by swarms of fleas, pont of St Francisco; passed the Fan- and an intolerable stench from a mass bone rocks; at daylight saw the north- of filth. We reimbarked, made sail to point of Monterey bay; in the even- the northward, were visited by some ing, it falling calm, came to in the bay Russians in bodarkees ; and one of in 50 fathoms sand; at daylight weigh- them piloted us to the settlement,



where we anchored with the stream in the natives from stealing. The king, 30 fathoms water, bottom of soft mud, queens, and principal chiefs remained about 1 mile from the shore. Mr. with us all day, and had their dinner M'Dougal then went on shore to ask sent on board to them not being allowpermission to remain while the schoo- ed to eat ship provision. It is a strange ner arrived from Canton, which was custom, that any thing out of which the refused by Governor Kutscoff

, with- king ate or drank he had sent on out first getting permission from Gov. shore. In the afternoon Captain Robernor Barinoff. At daylight we made son landed in company with his Masail for the Sandwich Islands. Jan- jesty, who gave Mr. Mc Donald peruary 7, in lat. 27 N. we fell in with the mission to stop in his dominions as N. E. trade-wind; on the 16th Jan. long as he pleased, and assured him he made the island of Owyhee ; some should want for nothing. natives visited us, and informed us that The king sent off a supply of hogs Tameamah was at the village of Ty- and tarrow, some very good island

We made all sail for that place, rope ; and the same night, Jan. 18th, and the next day ran between Owyhee weighed and made for Canton. On and Mowee, and stood close in shore. the 6th of March, it being foggy we The natives came off in great numbers, sounded occasionally in from 35 to 20 bringing with them hogs, vegetables, fathoms of water; when it cleared up, rope, and cloth of the country; we al- we were surrounded by Chinese fishlowed a few to enter the vessel, and ing boats, the sea being completely took a chief woman on board, who act- covered with them. On the 9th we ed as pilot. About midnight we reach- ran into Macoa roads, and came to in ed Tyroa, where we anchored in 30 3 1-2 fathoms water. Capt. Robson fathoms water, very foul bottom; sa went on shore in a Chinese boat: in luted Tameamah. Mr. McDougal the evening he returned, and the next went on shore, and returned with the day he took the young woman on King next morning : Tameamah in a shore, the Chinese not allowing her coloured shirt, velveteen breeches, red to proceed to Canton in the schoowaistcoat, large military shoes, and ner. On the 27th of March, we got worsted stoekings, a black silk hand- a pilot, and stood up the river ; we kerchief round his neck, no coat : he were three days in our passage up to is a tall, stout, athletic man, nose rath- Wampoa. er flat, thick lips, the upper one turned up ; an open countenance, with

CHAPTER IV. three of his front teeth gone.

We Captain Robson gives up the command of weighed anchor, and towed close in

the schooner Columbia, Captain Jennings

appointed to succeed him.-Some particu. shore in 14 fathoms sandy bottom; lars respecting Captain Jennings.- Sail the canoes collected from all parts, from Canton.

Arrive at the Columbia and, in a short time, there were no

river.-Massacre of three persons belong: fewer than eighty of them, with from

ing to the Fort.-Assassins discovered and

shot.-Another voyage to Monterey ; pler3 to 10 men in each, and some hun

ty of provisions procured by the Cooper. dreds of men, women, and children -Description of the Town and Country. swimming about the ship, regardless of At Canton, Captain Robson found the sharks; the decks were soon cov- Mr. Bethune, and sixteen Sandwich ered with them. Captain Robson be- Islanders who had been left by the ing rather alarmed at having so many Isaac Todd. On March 28th, 1815, on board, told the king to send them being quite tired of the North West on shore. He took a handspike in his coast of America, and determined to hand, and said a few words, and in a return to England, he gave charge of moment the men flew out of the ship the schooner to Captain Jennings, ain all directions. The king ordered us greeably to an order from Mr. Bethune. to hoist a white flag, which here signi- Captain Jennings had left England in fies taboo, or prohibition, and then or- the brig Forester, and made an attempt dered two of his hikanees, or confiden- to go round Cape Horn, but did not tial men, to remain on board to keep succeed. At last they bore up for the

Cape of Good Hope ; going through culprit having called for man's irons, the Straits of Tymore ; the chief mate went forward where he procured a long with four of the crew, took the gig and knife, and swore he would stab the left the ship in the night. After a te- first man that attempted to put him in dious and troublesome passage, the irons. The Captain now seized a musForester arrived off the island of Woa- ket lying by the poop, presented it, hoo (one of the Sandwich Islands) the and told him if he did

not keep quiet crew being at that time in a state of he would shoot him. The man openmutiny. They saw several ships in ed his jacket, and baring his breast, the harbour, among which was the told the Captain to shoot and be damnAmerican schooner privateer Tamea- ed; on which the latter fired, and shot mah, Captain Porter. A canoe came him in the shoulder, with a bullet cut off, and Captain Jennings intercepted in four pieces. He instantly dropped, a letter his crew were sending on shore, crying out “ he was murdered." "The to say, that if the vessels in the har- crew were for rigging a whip to hang bour would send their boats out, they the Captain forthwith to the yard arm; would find friends. Captain Jennings but while they were still debating the immediately made sail towards Owy- matter, Captain Jennings sprang from hee. On arriving, he anchored at Ty- the ship into a canoe, and was paddled roa, the residence of the king, who by the natives to the shore, where the came on board with all his family, and king, Tameamah, protected him. The on learning from the Captain his situa- wounded man was also taken on shore, tion, promised him every assistance. but, from the want of proper assistance, He accordingly got the Forester under- mortification ensued; and as he would weigh and ran to Harakakooa-bay, not allow his arm to be amputated, in a where Captain Cook was killed : here few days he died. Several of the the Indians watered the ship, bringing crew left the Forester, vowing to be the water down from the mountains in revenged. In the mean time, Mr. calabashes.

Piggot, the supercargo, took the comA very serious accident took place mand, and got one Adams to navion board the Forester while she lay gate her, and some islanders to work here. A boy ran away, but was the ship. He then sailed from Karabrought back again, having lost all his kakooa-bay for the coast of California, clothes. One afternoon, when the ship leaving Captain Jennings and five of was on the point of sailing, and Capt. the crew on shore. Some time after, Jennings had occasion to go on shore, his Majesty's ship Cherub, Captain the boy went up to him, and told him Tucker, touched at Owyhee, under he wanted his clothes, and would not American colours, and the Forester's go to sea without them. The Captain people having ventured on board, were promised that he would try to get detained while their late Captain kept them; and if not, some slops should be out of the way. The Jacob Todd arprovided : the boy, however, would not rived shortly after, and his voyage to be satisfied, and was extremely imper- Canton in her led to the arrangement tinent, which at last enraged Captain I have just mentioned. Jennings so much, that he gave him a wards of three years with him in the box on the ear. Upon this the mu- Columbia, and found him to be every tineer took hold of the Captain, who way a proper person to command a was a small man, and threw him down. ship in those seas. The clerk, Mr. Ebbets, immediately Previous to sailing from Wampoa, knocked the lad down, and the boat- on the 28th of April, we took all the swain espousing his quarrel, ran aft and Sandwich Islanders on board ; several struck Mr. Ebbets so violontly as to of whom died shortly after. On the stretch him on the deck. Captain Jen- 2d of May we weighed from Macoa nings then got clear, and called for roads, and sailed for the Columbia irons to put on to the boatswain, who river, and on July 1st crossed the bar remained quiet for some time. The and anchored. At this time the river irons happened to be too small, and the was full of Indians, and we were visited

I sailed up

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