Report on Secondary and Higher Education in Essex


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Seite 319 - ... is successively brought under its shadow. Thus it is that, independent of direct instruction on the part of Superiors, there is a sort of selfeducation in the academic institutions of Protestant England ; a characteristic tone of thought, a recognized standard of judgment is found in them, which, as developed in the individual who is submitted to it, becomes a twofold source of strength to him, both from the distinct stamp it impresses on his mind, and from the bond of union which it creates...
Seite 317 - Age, a Man skilful in the Greek and Latin tongues, a good Poet, of a sound Religion, neither Papist nor Puritan, of a grave Behaviour, of a sober and honest Conversation, no Tippler nor Haunter of Alehouses, no Puffer of Tobacco; and above all, that he be apt to teach and severe in his Government.
Seite 16 - School' will be held to include any Day or Boarding School which offers to each of its scholars, up to and beyond the age of 16, a general education, physical, mental and moral, given through a complete graded course of instruction of wider scope and more advanced degree than that in Elementary Schools.
Seite 240 - Reference was made to pending arrangements with the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, of London, for local examinations in music throughout Canada.
Seite li - ... 7 and under 8 8 and under 9 9 and under 10 10 and under 11 11 and under 12 12 and under 13 13 and under 14 14 and under 15...
Seite 71 - The obvious fact is that our social life has undergone a thorough and radical change. If our education is to have any meaning for life, it must pass through an equally complete transformation. This transformation is not something to appear suddenly, to be executed in a day by conscious purpose. It is already in progress. Those modifications of our school system which often appear (even to those most actively concerned with them, to say nothing of their spectators) to be...
Seite 317 - Obligation upon myself, humbly upon my Knees, during my Life, to praise and magnify the goodness of God, Who from a poor Vicar of this Parish, hath called me to so high a Dignity in His Church...
Seite 27 - ... the elements of a considerable variety of subjects, such as language, mathematics, history, natural science, sanitation, and economics, not with the primary purpose of obtaining information on those subjects, but in order that they may sample several kinds of knowledge, initiate the mental processes and habits appropriate to each, and have a chance to determine wisely in what direction their own individual mental powers can be best applied.
Seite 7 - ... them desirable, after consultation with the Board of Education, to supply or aid the supply of education other than elementary, and to promote the general co-ordination of all forms of education, and for that purpose shall apply all or so much as they deem necessary of the residue under Section i. of the Local Taxation (Customs and Excise) Act, 1890...
Seite 71 - The introduction of active occupations, of nature study, of elementary science, of art, of history; the relegation of the merely symbolic and formal to a secondary position; the change in the moral school atmosphere, in the relation of pupils and teachers — of discipline; the introduction of more active, expressive, and selfdirecting factors — all these are not mere accidents, they are necessities of the larger social evolution.

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