Brian O'Linn: Or, Luck is Everything

Burgess, Stringer & Company, 1848 - 204 Seiten

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Seite 179 - Now lost to all. her friends, her virtue fled, Near her betrayer's door she lays her head...
Seite 200 - good easy man," really did not understand the Dwarf's badinage, and he asked me " what a danseuse was?" "I cannot give you a better definition than honest Archy's. It's a shameless jude with her head stuck full of flowers, a cuttie kilt, and a leg elevated in the air higher than her elbow." "But, Jack," pursued the Dwarf, "when men drop into bad company, they seldom come off scot-free.
Seite 181 - Totally unsuspicious that aught was known or aught intended, and exhausted by a long walk and mental anxiety, the lost girl tapped at the door and was admitted instantly. The host seemed kind and perfectly at his ease. — the Captain played the gallant, — and both, with apparent earnestness, inquired into the causes that had delayed her. " I am wearied to death, and thirsty," she replied.
Seite 191 - Well I'm sorry for it," returned the young Irishman ; " all I shall say is, that his ghost is rattling over the stones, and apparently in a devil of a hurry ; and. of course, the original he represents will soon be taking his last drive. But, talking about driving, that is a devilish well-appointed carriage which has stopped. Some visitor of the colonel's, no doubt.
Seite 189 - von't it be unkimmon cruel, if a man as goes hout on a peaceable hintention, should be locked up for nothing for a month, and then be shewn up at the Old Bailey among cracksmen and conweyancers. Vy, it vill ruin me as a man of bisness, and the Fortune of War may jist as veil be shut up.
Seite 147 - Weathercock upon the steeple point Steady from morn till eve ; and I have seen The bees go forth upon an April morn, Secure the sunshine will not end in showers ; But when was Woman true...
Seite 182 - ... was accepted ; and the lady being conducted by the hostess to the chamber of state, was formally introduced to Captain Wildman. Were it necessary to swell the measure of man's delinquency, the case of Julia Davis might be added to the crowded list — well-born, well-educated, and well-gifted — she fell a victim to a titled ruffian — was flung heartlessly on the world at twenty-two, and in ten years more, had reached the lowest step of profligacy's ladder. Alas facilis descensus...
Seite 184 - Well, it was a black mornin' when we quitted Cloonsallagh ; for the divil a hair's turn of luck have we had, good nor bad, ever since. From one misfortin, feaks ! we only got into another ; for first we got into the Fens, and thin we got into the ague." Brian answered this brief but expressive account of the family travels in Lincolnshire by giving the narrator half-a-crown, — a largesse so far beyond all that could be hoped for, or expected, that the whole group were down upon their marrow-bones...
Seite 98 - That also was decided unanimously. His errand was, of course, to persuade silly young men to enlist, and sillier young women to play the devil. " The morrow came ; and after breakfast I repaired to the Priory, and found my pretty patient on the terrace-walk. She was reading ; at least she had a book in her hand when I approached her. A smile, —and that smile I shall never forget, bade me welcome/ '"I could not, dear — dear doctor, thank you yesterday for your kindness but by a look.
Seite 13 - I'll wear no livery," said the youth, " but that which has been refused me." " And may I be spiflicated !" — I wonder in Heaven's chancery whether the phrase was held to be an oath, and booked accordingly, against the sergeant, — " May I be spiflicated, if that doting omma dawn shall cross your luck, my darling boy ; and before six months you shall be astride a horse at one side of a gateway in Whitehall, if there's a vacancy in

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