The London Theatre: A Collection of the Most Celebrated Dramatic Pieces, Band 11

Whittingham and Arliss, 1815

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Seite 5 - Receiv'd thee to the arms of Belvidera, The scene of all thy joys was violated By the coarse hands of filthy dungeon villains, And thrown amongst the common lumber.
Seite 22 - Oh! why's that rest concealed from me? must I Be made the hostage of a hellish trust ? For such I know I am; that's all my value? But by the love and loyalty I owe thee, I'll free thee from the bondage of these slaves...
Seite 26 - Sir, are you sure of that? Stands she in perfect health? beats her pulse even ? Neither too hot nor cold?
Seite 40 - I would not care if he was hanged, so I were but once married to him. No, that which pleases me is to think what work I'll make when I get to London; for when I am a wife and a lady both, ecod, I'll flaunt it with the best of 'em.
Seite 28 - Retrosi, guard you. This done, we'll give the general alarm, Apply petards, and force the Ars'nal gates; Then fire the city round in several places, Or with our cannon (if it dare resist) Batter't to ruin.
Seite 28 - Batter't to ruin. But above all I charge you, Shed blood enough; spare neither sex nor age, Name nor condition; if there live a senator After to-morrow, though the dullest rogue That e'er said nothing, we have lost our ends; If possible, let's kill the very name Of senator, and bury it in blood.
Seite 2 - There's not a wretch that lives on common charity But's happier than me : For I have known The luscious sweets of plenty; every night Have slept with soft content about my head, And never wak'd but to a joyful morning ; Yet now must fall like a full ear of corn, Whose blossom 'scap'd, yet's wither'd in the ripening.
Seite 13 - We'll do the business, and ne'er fast and pray for't; Openly act a deed the world shall gaze With wonder at, and envy when 'tis done.
Seite 44 - tis too late ; " thou should'st have fled " When thy guilt first had cause ;" for dire revenge Is up, and raging for my friend. He groans!
Seite 32 - Tis to me you owe her : Childless you had been else, and in the grave Your name extinct ; no more Priuli heard of.

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