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sertion may at first sight appear, there is not at bottom from behind the island yonder, norward of the Coffin | drowned, I fear, doctor. A body or two already ashore. any real distinction between the two cases. What is Rocks ? Picking for the water-dogs, I suspect, from One woman is up there at the lime-kiln, and you shall carett The answer is obvious ?-We either send di- now, any how, and let them have a sleep she might and strode on before the physician, towards the building it that induces foreigners to supply us with port and the cut of her jib. Sho's right to keep to windward have a look at her, for I think there's a spark left." rectly to Portugal and France an equivalent in British land more than her cargo before morning if she were to South America for bullion, and then send that bullion even where she is ; she's deep in the water, and, now bourhood, and which was not more than a score of produce, or we send such equivalent, in the first

place, half a league closer in. I've some doubts of her, too, which the latter had seen, and which proved to be anto the Continent to pay for the wine. And hence it is as I look again, she's running a point or two too much to yards off the spot he had reached. clear as the sun at noonday, that the Englishman who the westward, to have any one on board who knows

“ Come, my lads," exclaimed the officer, as he entered drinks only French wine, who eats only bread made much about the Chapel-head."

among them; "make room for the doctor. He's in for of Polish wheat, and who wears only Saxon cloth, gives,

The signs of coming tempest were now too apparent the inquest at all events. Make way, and fetch over a by occasioning the exportation of a corresponding to be mistaken. The wind, which had been blowing light."

In an instant the physician was on his knees besido a amount of British cotton, hardware, leather, or other at first lightly from the westward, and then had produce, the same encouragement to the industry of his lulled altogether, had within the last hour chopped sort of litter made of coats, while a man held over his countrymen, that he would were he to consume nothing about to the north-east, and continued every moment head a brand taken up from the fire, and which, as it not immediately produced at home. A quantity of to gain in force, as was evidenced by the small, white flickered and flashed, showed the apparently lifeless form

of a woman. Some of her dripping clothes had been port-wine and a quantity of Birmingham goods are foam with which every wave was tåpped as it rolled respectively of the same value; so that, whether we shoreward, and the deeper swing and strain of the removed ; coats, &c., had been wrapped round her ; she directly consumo the hardware, or having exchanged it boats riding in the little harbour. The day had been had been chafed, and a drop or two of spirits applied to for the wine, consume the latter, in so far as the en- cloudless ; but as the sun approached the west, the her lips, but hitherto with no effect. ployment of British labour is concerned, it is altogether eastern quarter of the heavens had become heavy with physician, after examining her attentively

for a few moindifferent,” +

a lurid haze, which rose like an exhalation out of the ments, “ Nothing can be done till that is accomplished ;** From these explanations, it will be observed that it waters, and stretched itself gradually onwards towards and he rose from his knees. is immaterial what is given in exchange for imported the land, tinging the sea with a dull brown, and leaving “ We cannot leave our duty, sir," they replied ; " and goods whether money or native produce. At the same only one narrow rim of light running along the line there is no one else here but this fisherman. The folks time, it must be understood that if monoy is given, of its distance, in which, as if touched by a pale

gleam below have something else to think of, and the nearest

cabin is half a mile off, at the least.” there must exist some active industry in the country of sunshine, were discernible the far-off sails of some by which the money is realised. As a general question of the fishing boats,

whose, return was so anxiously It is the only chance for her life."

* Well, this man and I can take her there between us. in commerce, it is of no consequence what is the nature looked for by the three mariners on shore. of the industry by which the money is produced. It

At last, something seemed to flit pașt so lightly and

He set at once about devising as convenient a way of may consist in the raising of superabundant crops, or rapidly, that it might have been taken for a sea-bird's removing her as possible. The promise of a reward out other raw produce for exportation, or of manufacturing of the lightest and most fragile build, had shot to the sant; and they were in a short time, once again travel maw and comparatively valueless materials into articles westward of all the other boats

, under a small lug-sail

, ling in company, though with a cumbersome addition to of value and demand, or of carrying goods from one which was lowered in an instant, and was already aground their party: Hard they worked that night, the volunteer country to another. Unless a country possess one or more of these branches of industry, it is without the the harbour. The next moment four persons—her whole the swampy fields, and over the slippery fences in the means of paying for imported articles,

and must retire crev-had jumped out of her into the water, and taking storm: and late it was when their loud knocking at the from the field of general commerce. England is not of her under the thwarts, had run the frail bark high and door roused the peasant and his family from their labour sufficiently large dimensions to export superabundant dry upon the sand. A merry cheer

announced the land rocked slumbers: erops of grain, but it possesses in an extraordinary ing accomplished, and the figures began slowly to asçend and then the ardent compassion of these poor cottagers

It is needless to detail the alarm at first; the surprise, degree the means of manufacturing mineral and other the beach towards the sailors. substances into articles for exchange, and it derives no The youngest of the three fishermen descended to the By those who know the superstitious timidity, and the inconeiderable profit from the carrying of commodities. beach at a signal from one of the party, and took charge boundless hospitality of the lower classes of the Irish, the Its manufactured goods, therefore, pay for imports of of the boat. The amateurs were dressed in loose white succession of these feelings is understood at once; to foreign articles, including bullion of the raw material shirts and trousers, with a small black handkerchief those who do not, a description sufficiently concise for of money, and these again, in a manufactured state, are joyous excitement, and as the gale swept the long hair

hanging round their necks. Their whole

air was that of the present purpose

would scarcely be satisfactory.

The body, as it may be called, was deposited on the a fund for the payment of still further imports. Thus from their brows, and heightened the

colour on their only bed, warm from the occupation of the family, the the wealth of our country has increased.

lection or the expectation of pleasure was predominant fuel, and all the additional bedding of the house (scanty THE MAN ON THE MAST. in the expression of their countenances. They had in- enough, to be sure) collected and heated to envelope the

vigorated their bodies with manly exercise-gol througi limbs of the stranger. The poor woman hersell, with We extract the following interesting narrative abridged) from difficulty and danger

with success, and were now within that peopliar alertness and shrewdness of management the Dublin University Magazine, a periodical of rising celebrity.] reach of a hospitable house,

where good cheer

and sinil- commonly met with amongst the peasantry of that som THE little fishing village of is placed on a flat ing faces awaited them, and where the exertions of the luded and primitive district, set

herself to strip the neck of land,

which unites a small rocky promontory day would serve only to give a topic for conversation, and the bed, and to chafe and dry it ere she re-involved it in with the sandy district of Fingal, and forms the point many a hardy youth who surmounted the same peril, the purpose. Life not being extinct, these efforts, under of junction of two sweeping bays that take a long with the same relish for enjoyment. curve inwards at both sides, leaving it standing far We will follow the party which had just landed to duced at last their effect, and it was with real pleasure

the judicious superintendence of the physician, prointo the sea, so as to present

from the distant heights the neighbouring hall, where they had been anxiously he saw the lids unclose from the eyes of an interesting the appearance of being built upon, or rather in the looked

for by sundry portly-looking personages, with looking female, apparently under the middle age, and in water. On this rocky promontory, a small ruined rubicund faces, and snow-white waistcoats spread over chapel stands, bleak and unsheltered, to buffet as it the torrid zone of their stomachs. Dinner had been de- appearance somewhat above the common class. [By the

use of proper remedies, this unfortunate being continued may the force of the waves, which are occasionally tained till the youths should arrive, and dinner was the swept, in long white lines of spray, completely over object which always engrossed these worthy gentlemen's gradually to recover strength and consciousness.) the roofless walls into

the streets of the hamlet be- thoughts about this hour, to the exclusion of everything blage of persons had been collected on the shore, hind it. On the northern shore of the promontory, a small and rude pier has been constructed, and forms

[ While engaged in the festivities of the dining-hall, one consisting (besides the coast-guard) principally of the a narrow and imperfect shelter for the few wherries,

of the party, a young physician, was called suddenly country people, although two or three of the nearet by the assistance of which the village contrives to away, and, following him, we arriyo at a very different gentry, to whose ears tidings of the wreck had already


reached, were of the number. The morning was clear exist, and pay the landlord for the use of the patch of barren land on which it stands.

The night was fearfully tempestuous, and pitchy dark; and bright; the sun, was fast ascending towards the

the rain swept down in torrents, and our poor Escula horizon, but the weight of the north-easter was still One autumn afternoon, in the year, three figures pius drew a hard breath between his teeth, and shuddered rushing in, might and main, marking the surface of the were observed standing in front of one of these habita- to his toes, as, wrapped in a muffler and dreadnought water with white

foam, and throwing the breakers upon tions, against which two of them leaned, whilst the coat, he found himself in the open air, hurrying forward, the shore with tremendous fury. third stood a little in advance, and, with his hand over led by a strange man, and totally unable to see anything

Farther still, and just beyond the curl of the shoaling his eyes, seemed to be intently gazing in the direction but the false glare of light which remained at the back water, it was evident a vessel had sunk in the night, for of the seaward horizon. To a person less skilled in of his eyes after their long gaze at the dining-room fire. there were two masts, by this time perfectly discernible, the prognostics of change of wind or weather, than the It was not until he had ascertained that all his muffings standing

up almost perpendicularly, immerged about as hardy race of deep-sea fishermen on the coast of were adjusted, and his coat-collar brought as near his far as the tops, as they are technically termed; that is, Ireland, it would have been difficult to account for the hat, as was consistent with leaving any of his face out, the broad framework which affords footing at the jungevident marks of anxiety which could be discerned

that he thought of asking the particulars relative to the tion of the mast and top-mast. Of these, the foretops, on the countenances of all three, imparting a thought of the first moment. The answer to his query was gruff of the sea, but the maintops were

above it, and on these nature of the call upon him beyond the “ Where is it?" being lower than the other, were rather below the level ful cast to those of the two elder and more retired of

enough. the party, and exhibiting itself in the most lively man- “ Only some bodies cast ashore ; we don't know from tolerable distinctness by a spectator on the beach, standner in the attitude and expression of the third, as he what ship, and one of them, the officer says, has a bit of ing out against the moving stay, although so little raised alternately swept the distant sea-line with his eye, life in it yet. A decent looking woman, too, and young above the water as to be partially immersed by every and threw it up for an instant, nearly closed, to the enough to be worth saving."

wave as it swept past. sky.

The doctor hurried on, stumbling and splashing at As soon as ever this had been ascertained by those on • They'll be late, some of them, I'm afraid, after every step. Their way lay at first through the avenue land, there had been a cry for a boat. The three sailors all,” said the youngest of the party, turning to his of the demesne ; but, on passing the gate, the guide, who already mentioned were the first to volunteer their sercompanions, after a long and intent gaze to the east

was a fisherman of the neighbourhood, and in his capacity vices, and it was with a view to completing their crew ward. “ As for that cockle-shell

, the Kittywake, with of smuggler--a profession very commonly found united that two of them had gone to Lynch's cabin, while the the young gentlemen in her, it's well she's so near in high-ways, struck into the

fields; and, as the disciple of pier of close to which

their yawl lay high and drys shore, or she'd have but a bad look-out of it. Three Galen began to regain his sight, he could just distinguish The greater part of the gazers from the top of the clik of us have hove in sight, and are making for home; that his course was directed towards that side of the had followed in the direction of the projected launch; but the rest had better keep their offing, and seek to promontory of the Chapel-head which lay farthest from the but the officer of the coast-guard, an experienced seaman, weather it out as they are for to-night." village of

remained with his men at their original station, occa"Ay, Jack, if they let the daylight go, they have [At length, arriving upon the shore, the doctor was sionally raising his glass to his eye, and taking a narrow no business in shore. It will be a dark night as well ushered into the midst of a party of the coast-guard, survey of the mast and those clinging to it,

but when as a breezy one ; and should they miss the harbour, commanded by an officer.]

spoken to about the boat, and the chance of getting them and the ebb set in, it's all over with them, I'm " Ah, doctor! a little too late, I fear. I knew those off, he only shook his head, and looked up sagaciously to afraid.”

young fellows would have you up at - house, so I got windward, without saying a word. “ Two more of thom yonder to the north-east I see

å hand to go for you, with some difficulty, I assure you. crowding up," said the third of the party, “and one My own men I could not send off duty, and the rest, yon' in its leathern case behind him, when the unhappy crear

He had just shut up his glass, and slang it once more of them's Bucker Bryan's

boat, I'll warrant. I think see, expect to come in for share of what's going; and, 1 ture he had assisted to save the night before, came runcan tell the schooner-rig even with my old eyes. inches, ere they'd allow a bale of goods thrown up by ashy pale, and all the intenseness of fearful inquiry in its He's sure to run for it if he doubts the weather.” " But I say, Rooney, what's she just loomed out for it. They've landed their cargo from some vessel one wave to be swallowed by the next, without a scramble expression. Breathless and agitated, she could not at first

say a word, but looked frenziedly back and forward along sooner than they expected, poor devils ; and here we are + Dictionary of Commerce.

the horizon, the rapidity of her gaze preventing her from collected to take charge of it, without their leave. All catching the object she was in search of. At last aber

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gained utterance, and cried, “Oh, sir; where are they? mast ; and that was he to whom her existence clung: adventurers, at the same place they had landed the Where are they? Show me them, for God's sake! Oh, He appeared nearly worn out, the rising tide immersed evening before; and among them was the happy wa show me them !” and she clasped her hands before him. him still more frequently and fearfully beneath the man, now trembling with weakness and agitation. She

" Look over that blaok rock there, about a quarter of waves, and was plain to see that he could not hold out sobbed and cried hysterically, and turned a deaf ear a mile off shore, and you'll see the masts. I doubt much longer.

to the soothing expostulations of the physician, who whether you can make out what's on them, though." ; (The young gentlemen from house, unknown to was not a little alarmed at the sudden and violent re

She shaded her eyes with her hand, and ran her glance their friends, now pushed off in their small boat from the action which had taken place. She sereamed with more slowly in the direction pointed out, and at length pier, in the direction of the mast.)

impatience, and cried wildly to the crew to hasten to screamed, “ Yes, yes, that's our ship; there she is, and A shout, lengthened and renewed, showed that the shore with the hope of her heart. They neared the people on the mast, Oh, who are they? For God's sake common people were ready to do justice to the generous land, and were hailed by shouts and cheers from all tell me, sir, is he there"

heroism of their superiors. Who, indeed, could with sides, to which, however, they made no reply. The “ Don't know, ma'am, indeed. Can't well see yet who's hold at such a moment his tribute of heartfelt admiration rescued man was in the bow of the boat, doubtless there. Besides, I don't know the person you speak of at the conduct of those noble young spirits, who, when dreadfully exhausted-one of the oars was shipped, and that I'm aware of. Not likely he and I should be ac- the stoutest heart quailed, and the strongest boat was the oarsman stooped over him as he lay. quainted."

deemed insufficient, had manned their slight and fragile A few strokes more, and her keel was on the ground. * Oh! look, look, sir! take the glass, or give it me. craft, and braved in her the fate which the more expe- The transported woman rushed into the water, and bent He's tall, sunburnt, with blue jacket.Oh, you can't rienced fishermen had so nearly met in the morning ! over the gunwale, Her lover lay at the bottom of the mistake him!”

They had succeeded, moreover, for the great danger was boat-dead! Here, my lads,” said the officer to his men, “ unstrap passed, the bar having been surmounted before they this spy-glass and hand it to me."

came into view, and they had now only the long swell of They unbuckled it from the back of their superior, the deep sea to encounter. There they were, the four

OCCASIONAL NOTES. where it had been slung; and when he had received it at slender forms straining steadily and gracefully over their their hands, he commenced leisurely to place it at its oars, their white shirts bright in the sun, while the

LADIES' DRESS. focus, while the poor woman continued to watch him youngest of the three sailors of the preceding evening, ONLY Q few out of the great number of ladies one with agonised impatience.

although one of those who had so narrowly escaped in chances to see in the street, seem to dress with any "Oh, look ! for the love of heaven, sir, look, and tell the morning, sat in her stern. They had drawn off from regard to a correct standard of taste. First, as to the me what you see !" Why, ma'am, as well as I can see, there are four men arrangement, as soon as ever the officer's opinion had colours of their

attire, they appear to have no idea of holding on, and a boy, I think, besides, on the other been pronounced, and had hastened unperceived away to

a harmony or agreeable assemblage of tints. You will mast; but of this I can't be altogether certain, for the launch their

boat out of reach of the officious interference bonnet garnished with a red flower, a scarlet shawl

observe a lady, for example, dressed in a blue silk sea washes over him, and it's only now and then I catch of the multitude, a glimpse of him. By George, there's one of the men The only question now was, whether the solitary being daubed with green spots, and gown of some neutral off! Ha!” he continued, looking through his glass, “I on the mast had strength to hold out till they should tint, but marked strongly with pink and purple caught him that moment on the top of a wave. He is arrive there ; and it was a fearful interest that was now streaks. The object in dressing in this guise, would close to the other mast. No doubt he will make for it, experienced by the whole assembly of spectators, as they seem to be the bringing together as many staring if he has strength, now that he has been swept off the saw the straining of the crew in the distance, and ob- colours as possible-a bit of blue, red, green, yellow, mainmast ; but he will hardly have so good a berth of it served at the same time that the poor man was growing pink, orange, or any thing else which will make a dash there, I expect, as the tops are below water. He's at it, weaker and weaker, and, besides, did not see the succour and look pretty. Pretty is the only standard ; a pretty by Jove-no, gone again; and the boy's off, too. My that was so near him.

bonnet, a pretty shawl, a pretty gown, &c. ; let it be God, they'll not hold out much longer, any of them !" The distance of the Kitty-wake from the spectators only pretty, and that is quite enough. Thus, when “Oh, don't say so !” cried the woman.

" What are was at first too great to allow of much more being dis- things are bought separately, although each may look the men on the mast like ? Look, sir, look, and tell me, tinguished than that it was she, and that she was manned tolerably well by itself, the whole will probably make I beseech of you! What colour is their dress ?”

in the manner described. The steersman showed his “ They're not down yet, though," continued the officer, judgment by keeping well out to sea, and as close as

up a most fantastic assemblage of colours, and really without heeding her, and still looking." There they possible to the wind, so that they might not only ride render the wearer ridiculous. If we should be perwere both together on a wave that time—a strong fellow drier and easier, but be able to drop down alongside of mitted to offer an advice upon the very delicate that, to stand against such a sea—by Jove, he has hold the mast, rather than have to strain up to it. "In this matter of a lady's dress, we should, by all means, reof the boy; and, as I'm a living man, it was to save him way they would find it easier to render assistance to the commend the adoption of simple, not flashy, colours. he quitted the mainmast ; and there he is now swimming man upon it, and be themselves less exhausted in any A high-toned colour is always dangerous : it may be back to it! Now that there's more light, I can see that exertion they would have to make in doing so. The quite at variance with the complexion, and at least he's a stout young fellow, and the biggest of them all.” object of their endeavonrs was every moment in a more cannot easily be suited to other parts of the attire.

“That's he, that's hé, I knew it !” she exclaimed, critical situation. The gradual rising of the tide, and, Ladies of a swarthy complexion should on no account bursting into tears; “my generous, noble Henry; who is as was supposed, the settling down of the vessel, had attempt blues, lavenders, or any other violent colours ; there to save him ? who will go out to him ? Oh, sir, is brought the sea up so as to cover the secure footing in the most suitable or becoming for them, are whites, or there no boat here? I'll go out myself with any one!" the tops entirely, and he was now forced to depend for any of the broken light tints. Sky-blue and pea-green and the distracted woman caught the arms of the officer. his whole support upon the rope which still adhered to " Why, ma'am, they're gone off already to launch one the top-mast, and even so, every wave which happened to have been told by manufacturers that they prepare

are the most trying colours which can be worn. We for trying the thing ; but I've my doubts if they'll get rise above the rest, swept over his head. through the surf-however, they'll try.” sided, the eyes of the people on shore confidently looked dresses of certain colours for certain towns. "In

one [One of the fishermen's boats was launched, and to see the mast relieved from the grasp that clung to it, place there is a demand for high-coloured goods, and in manned by four intrepid men, but on approaching the and yet there still hung the powerful seaman, almost another these goods could scarcely find a purchaser, bar off the promontory, it was capsized by a dreadful lifeless, and yet olinging instinctively, as it were, to his but the demand would be nearly all for neutral tints; wave and dashed in pieces, the men barely escaping with only hope.

in other words, the ladies, in one, exercise & coarse their lives.]

To paint the emotions of one being on shore, would be indiscriminate taste, and in the other, they are more This event, discouraging in itself, was fraught with & weak and presumptuous attempt. The powers of refined in judgment. fateful consequences to others. Five human beings there language are far too limited to venture on a description The next point worth hinting at, though, after all, were-alone in the midst of the winds and waves, and of feelings, the intensity of which can only be measured it is not of the least use, is the very small degree of unconscious of what had been attempted-whose only by the depth of woman's heart. No—the one heart which taste exercised in making the dress suitable to the earthly chance for deliverance seemed cut off for ever by could have told its own tale is now still—and let it not figure. The standard followed in this department is that accident.

be supposed that passion can be represented in the At the lime-kiln, the chief officer of the coastguard colours of the imagination.

mere fashion. It is quite amusing to see how this was joined in the meantime by several individuals, whose Meantime, the little skiff, which had pushed boldly ideal standard of perfection is worshipped, and how it curiosity had got the better of their chilliness.

out to seaward, had now stretched sufficiently far to effect drags its poor worshippers after it. Be a lady tall or As the tide rose, each hour saw the mast lightened of her object, and accordingly she began to let herself drop short, lean or dumpy, she must dress herself exactly its human burden. One soul more was swept into down in the direction of the mast, and at the same time like her neighbours, no matter what be their stature eternity-body after body was washed ashore, and the the crew gave a hearty cheer, which had the intended

or figure. A short woman, of course, should dress in wretched creature, who had returned to the cliff, and now effect, by making the sufferer aware that help was at such a manner as would seemingly add to her height, watched them drifted successively in, was still satisfied hand. Be was distinctly seen to raise up his head, and and not wear flounces, which only help to make her that each, though well known, was not that of her beloved. | look round in the direction of the sound. He saw his look more short. But if it be fashionable to surround The day, as it advanced, enabled her to see him distinctly preservers within a couple of hundred yards of him ! the gown with flounces, then flounces the poor little - to mark his effort to preserve himself and his compa- “Yes!” cried the agonised woman, “he sees them! dumpy woman must of course put on in all their plenions—his lashing the boy to the mast by a piece of loose Look, there he attempts to wave his hand over his head! nitude. If, on the other hand, the lady be somewhat rope, suspended to which, however, he expired early-his God of mercy! will he hold out? He has fallen away too tall

, and would wish to shorten her appearance, apparent sufferings from cold-his anxious and imploring again, and-there-another wave has washed over him! she finds her case equally irremediable, in consequence looks towards the shore, and more than once the

tokens Strain, strain for your lives, generous young men !-his of a peculiarity in the fashion for the time being. The of his supplications the lifting of his hands to heaven. life, our lives, depend on you!" Much of this she could see herself from the station she The interest

of the assemblage was at the highest pitch. must make herself still more broad, by means of a pair

lady who is already too broad across the shoulders, had resumed at the lime-kiln, and much of it she gained Loud exclamations, oaths, cheers, were to be heard on by report from the officer, whose glass seemed the inter- all sides-the excitement was intense. Even the chief of huge sleeves, which project like a pair of balloons. preter of her destinies.

officer was restless, and the good owner of

house But if the fashion suddenly change, and a narrowShe had not long been placed thus, when a dog, of the paced up and down in a frenzy between nervousness for shouldered lady wish to keep up the reign of broad French poodle breed, was seen struggling up the steep his sons' peril and pride at their heroism.

sleeves, she is compelled to retrench their exuberance, cliff, occasionally stopping to shake the water from its They are within a few boats' length. The crowd, from and submit to the new order of things. Again, a leader long curly hair ; and as soon as it had reached the top, the extreme of clamour and confusion, become gradually of fashion, with the view of covering a pair of bad it ran directly to where the woman was sitting, and be stiller and more still. As they come up, every breath is ankles, sets the fashion of long gowns trailing in the gan to jump upon her with the most extravagant marks held, for a few seconds will decide his fate. The woman mud, and all ladies at once lengthen their skirts, and of delight." she sprung up, seized the little animal in stands like a statue-not a word escapes her she looks trail their gowns in the mud also. No matter how her arms, and covered it with caresses, and at length straight upon him, her eyes fixed, her hands clasped absurd is the taste set by this ideal being, the leader burst into an agony of tears. It had evidently called her before her. They drop a little on one side of the sunken of fashion ; it is sure to be followed with all convenient mistress, and had probably floated ashore on some piece vessel, making motions to the man to hold his place, and of the wreck without being observed by the persons on have just brought the boat up again so as to approach

by speed: One or two cunning London milliners, in conshore, and now rejoiced one of its owners with

its safety. her leeward side, for the purpose of grappling the mast, junction with a lady of ton-generally a young lady But the force of instinct told the animal that in its re- when a wave, more tremendous than the rest, rolled of some consequence just come out-have it in their joicing it had a duty to perform; and no sooner did its clean over the top of it, sweeping back the boat some power, by a magic whisk of their needle, to set any mistress put it down from her arms, than it began to yards; and when it receded, and allowed those on shore fashion they please. To the command of these name jump round her, to pull at her dress, to run to the brink to see the mast once more, he was gone !

less and mercenary female traders, the lady population of the cliff and look out to sea, and then run back with a A cry of horror burst from the crowd. The woman of the united kingdom yield a ready and expensive greater show of eagerness, and go through the same alone continued silent and immoveable. Another mo- obedience. Whether the order be to lengthen or energetic dumb-show again.

ment, and the cry was changed into a shout of exulta- shorten, to widen or narrow, the attire, it is punetually She had watched the struggles and agony of the ship- tion! The bow oarsman had seized the perishing wretch obeyed. A few may grumble at the change, but tho wrecked man himself, and retained some possession of by the hair, as he was swept by, and dragged him safely change is made. Oh, ladies, ladies, how much your herself in the midst of her despair; but this was too much into the boat. for her. She rushed frantically towards the precipitous “ Hurra! hurra !” shouted a thousand voices.

fate is to be commiserated !

Mr pathway, which led to the beach, and would in all pro- of bability have hurried down and plunged into the breakers officer waved his telescope over his head.

house, actually jumped into the air, and the

NEW METHOD OF HANGING BELL-WIRES. in her frenzy, had she not been laid hold of by the bystanders and forced back to her old place, and the dog sank down upon the bank, and closed her eyes. “Safe-safe !" weakly sighed the poor woman, as she

For some years there has been a practice of hangsecured in the hands of one of the coast-guard.

ing bell-wires in houses, which seems to be known in Before mid-day, but one human being remained on the harbour beach again, ready to receive the triumphant | Edinburgh, and one or two other places. Instead of

In a short time the throng was collected upon the few parts of the country, for we have seen it only in

causing the wires to go along beneath the cornices and the imitations of Wordsworth, Crabbe, Byron, and by his ; so he shet himself up with his old faithful cross partitions, and passages, till they reach the bells Cobbett. Was ever ordinary language put so easily housekeeper, and died without troubling anybody. which they are designed to pull, a plan is followed by or fluently into verse as in the first of these articles, In his last years, he formed an acquaintance with the which not a single wire is seen in any of the rooms in where little Miss Lake describes the consequences of Rev. Mr Torre Holme and his wife, who reside at the house. From the top of the bell-pull in each her revenge on Brother Jack's top ?

Sheere near Guilford, and to this amiable pair he apartment, the wire is carried straight upward in a small tin tube, sunk in the plaster, to the vacancy

" Aunt Sarah heard the window break,

wrote frequently. The letters form a very delightful And cried, “Ah, naughty Nancy Lake,

portion of the present work, full of his usual lively below the slates : here the wires from the whole house

Thus to distress your aunt !

prattle, and at the same time presenting reflections meet, and in a body descend in a tube to their respec

No Drury Lane for you to-day:'

befitting the old man who knew that he must die." tive bells. By this means, each wire has only two

And while papa said, “ Pooh, she may!'

One or two select bits may be extracted here. cranks, or at most three, in its entire course ; all boring

Mamma said, “ No, she shan't !'

“Should the greatest of calamities befall you_the of partitions is avoided ; and the appearance of rooms is

My uncle's porter, Samuel Hughes,

loss of one of your children (which Heaven avert)-I considerably improved. This is one of the most useful

Came in at six to black the shoes,

would, at the summons of you or your husband, visit

(I always talk to Sam)," &c. of recent improvements in house architecture.

you in your affliction; not to assuage your grief (a We find, by the way, that James indulged in an idea vain effort), but to alleviate by partaking of it. Such JAMES SMITH AND HIS WRITINGS.

that every family in the united kingdom has an aunt would have been my conduct, had I known you when

Sarah, whom they are sure to send for “when there deprived of Florence. I know that the hackneyed "MEMOIRS, Letters, and Comic Miscellanies, in Prose is any misery afloat, but are sadly apt to overlook topics of consolation-viz. ‘Time only can alleviate, and Verse, of the late James Smith, Esq., one of the when matters go on smooth.” It might have been impious to murmur, gone to a better place, &c.—only authors of the Rejected Addresses,' edited (in two supposed that the great sale of the Addresses would add fuel to the fire. My course would be the direct volumes] by his brother Horace Smith," * enable us have made both the book and its authors very cele- reverse. I should dwell with melancholy pleasure on to say something of one of the most admired humo- brated : but no—" James would humorously illustrate the merits of the departed, and agree with you that rous writers of the immediately past age. We pre- the limited and ephemeral nature of fame by an inci- the affair was altogether beyond consolation. sume that a large portion of our readers are acquainted dent that happened to himself in a Brighton coach. * As skilful surgeons cut beyond the wound, with the Rejected Addresses,” so happy as a series An old lady, struck with his extraordinary familiarity

To make the cure complete.' of imitations of the principal writers of thirty years with things and people, at length burst forth, 'And What wonders time achieves ! There was a period back, and are aware that it was written by the two pray, sir, you who seem to know every body, pray, may when you would have received as an insult an intimabrothers James and Horace Smith, the former of I ask who you are ? James Smith, ma'am.' This tion that you could ever, after that bereavement, feel whom, deceased last year, is the subject of the work evidently conveying nothing to her mind, a fellow- a moment of happiness ; and notwithstanding our under our notice. The other writings of Mr Smith passenger added, “One of the authors of the Rejected experience of his emollient powers, we continue to were entirely fugitive : he contributed to periodical Addresses. The old lady stared at them by turns, think that if certain calamities should now befall us, works, helped theatrical friends with jeut d'esprit

, and then quietly said, 'I never heard of the gentleman we should never more taste of felicity. Charles Fox and so forth ; and it was therefore right that his sur- or the book before.'

was said to be a man of expanded benevolence. His viving brother should have collected the best of these, The friends of Mr Smith entertained a high sense love, like gold beaten by the limner, covered a large together with a selection of his letters, into a pair of of his general abilities. Lady Blessington remarked number, and thus clothed no individual cordially. light volumes, prefaced by a memoir of the author. that, if he had not been a man of wit, he would have Which of the extremes is best that adopted by

Mr Smith, the eldest son of an eminent solicitor in achieved a much higher reputation. It was the opi- him, or the concentration of our affections upon London, was born in that city in 1775. He received nion of those who saw him nearly, that his better one! I should say the latter, but it is a fearful expethe greater part of his education in the Rev. Mr powers remained unemployed, in consequence of his riment." Burford's school at Chigwell, where his taste for lite- succeeding so easily as a writer of comic miscellanies,” “I dined yesterday with at Ivy Cottage, Ful. rary reading was first awakened by an accidentally and his thereby gaining that place in society which ham, a beautiful retreat in the Swiss fashion. B found copy of Hoole's Ariosto. In mature life, he suited his gentlemanly tastes and good-humoured social and I went together. During our journey, he commuoften visited Chigwell, and wandered “over the scenes character. After this period, therefore, he made no nicated to me the following strange story. A young, that recalled the truant excursions of himself and decisive effort in any literary walk. What he after talented, and handsome married woman, whom ho chosen playmates, or the solitary rambles and musings wards wrote was only on the spur of the moment,

and would only designate as Camilla, called upon him reof his youth. The whole of the surrounding scenery,

to gratify individuals who solicited his aid. Amongst lative to an engagement on the stage. She had every every picturesque view, each alley green and bosky these was the late Mr Mathews, for whom he composed requisite. B_ strongly advised her against it, tellbourne, nay, every individual field and tree, remained the entertainments styled the Country Cousins, the Trip ing her that its various horrors would be insuperable so firmly pictured upon his mind, that he could imme- to France, Air Ballooning, and the Trip to America. to a gentlewoman. She had, it appeared, a brute of a diately detect the smallest alteration that had taken Mathews, who was a liberal and generous man, gave husband, from whom she had separated herself. She place since his first arrival at the school. Not even the author a thousand pounds, to which circumstance one day called upon B, and seeing on the mantel, the many and growing infirmities of his later years the latter rarely alluded without shrugging up his piece a phial marked “poison,' asked him if he could were suffered to interfere with these visits. To the shoulders, and saying, “ A thousand pounds for non- help her to some slow poison. She appeared learned spots whither a horse or a carriage could not carry sense!" But it was nonsense which gave pleasure and upon that head, mentioning a slow poison known ages him he hobbled upon crutches, and thus contrived to relief to vast numbers of minds, and perhaps was not ago as toffonia, and alluding to Madame Brinvilliers, reach the secluded nook, or the sequestered stream, unworthy of its price. In Mathews's opinion, “Smith who had destroyed several persons by that mode. He where he had read or bathed upwards of fifty years was the only man who could write clever nonsense.” of course said that he could not accommodate her. before.”

He also contributed pretty abundantly to the New Being, upon reflection, prevailed upon to forego her Reared by his father to his own profession, he suc. Monthly Magazine: the series in that work entitled design of going upon the stage, she was induced to receeded him in business, and in the appointment of “ Grimm's Ghost," and a great number of lively lyrics, turn to her husband. Her last letter to B—was solicitor to the Ordnance; but he was too much a

were from his pen. “A cheerful, pleasant, efferves written at the bedside of her husband, who, she said, natural-born son of the comic muse, to allow himself cing spirit” animates all these compositions. was suffering under a slow and consuming illness. Not to be at any time absorbed in professional pursuits. The ordinary life of Smith, notwithstanding his long ago, an elderly lady in black called upon BHis earliest pieces in prose and verse were contribu- being engaged in business, was much that of “a gen- calling herself the mother of Camilla, and earnestly tions to a newspaper, started in 1802, under the name tleman about town.” He was fond of theatrical amuse- requesting to know whether he was acquainted with of the Pic-Nic. Here, amongst his associates, were Mr ments, and a regular haunter of green-rooms and the place of her daughter's retreat; adding that her Croker, Mr Cumberland, and Sir James Bland Bur- rehearsals. He enjoyed an extensive circle of acquaint- husband had died, and that Camilla had thereupon gess. The editor was Mr Coombe, the eccentric author ance, “ including many of his contemporaries the most suddenly absconded ! B— assured her (with truth) of“ Dr Syntax," who reside at this time, and had done distinguished for virtues, talents, and rank.” In that that he was quite ignorant upon the subject. Is not 80 for many years, in the rules of the King's Bench. society he was a first-rate favourite, on account of his this a strange narrative ? and does it not appear very We are told that “ to accommodate the latter gentle lively and entertaining conversation, and his benignant probable that Camilla had administered toffonia, and, man, the weekly meetings at Hatchard's did not take character. He had other engaging qualifications—"a frightened at what she had done, had made a rapid place till night, which afforded the indispensable pro- dignified and manly figure, much beauty and anima- retreat into obscurity?”. tection of darkness to the worthy editor.” In the tion of countenance, singularly fascinating manners, In a series entitled “ Kit Kat Sketches,” we have Pic-Nic, Mr Smith wrote satirical poems on Bona- the charm of a comic vocalist, and a merry laugh that been much amused by a paper condemnatory of old parte, colloquies discussing modern plays, and a series would extort a sympathising echo from the most heads upon young shoulders, and particularly by one of light playful papers

descriptive of society and man- phlegmatic hearer.” He never entered into argument, illustration of the monstrosity, which we shall here ners, under the title of “ Endymion the Exile.” For and never lost his temper. His conversation compre- take leave to extract, although it has been published Mr Cumberland, Mr Smith afterwards contributed to hended the droll anecdote, the apt illustration, the before. the London Review, and helped to write prefaces for shrewd remark, as well as the pun and witticism. “ The mental exception is one Smedley Jones, lately a collection of plays which appeared under the name of

“ His was not the sly, sneering, sarcastic humour, that an articled clerk to an attorney-I beg his pardon, a the veteran dramatist. He also wrote for the “Monthly finds most pleasure in the bon-mot that gives the most solicitor--in Furnival's Inn, Holborn, but recently Mirror,” which then belonged to Mr Thomas Hill

, pain to others; nor was it of that dry, quiet character out of his time, and therefore qualified to kill game still a well-known enjoyer of life in the metropolis

? which gives zest to a joke by the apparent unconscious on his own account. He wears black half-gaiters, and Here appeared the imitations by himself and brother, ness of its author. His good sayings were heightened is a member of the Philonomic Society: exhibits which afterwards took the form of a volume entitled by his cordial good nature; by the beaming smile, the much wisdom, little whisker, and no shirt collar ; “ Horace in London.”

twinkling eye, and the frank hearty cachinnation that simpers ; makes a gentle bow at the close of every This brings us to the year 1812, in October of which showed his own enjoyment of them.” He was tho- sentence, with his chin touching his left collar-bone; year the new Drury Lane Theatre was to be opened. roughly a Londoner. Though sometimes he would go criticises the new law courts ; wears lead-coloured Six weeks before the event, a casual hint from Mr into the country to visit, yet London was the home of gloves ; affects a beaver with a broad brim; nods at Ward, secretary to the theatre, suggested to the two his heart. He used to observe that London was the the close of every sentence when the Court of Exwitty brothers the composition of " The Rejected best place in summer, and the only place in winter. chequer pronounces a judgment, by way of encouAddresses,” or a series of humorous addresses for the He concurred with Dr Mozely that in the country raging the three puisne barons ; and carries his panopening of the house, professedly coinposed by the "one is always maddened with the noise of nothing. taloons to his tailor's in a blue bag, that they may pass principal writers of the day, and offered in competi- He used to relate with great glee a story showing the for briefs. There is a lame clerk in the Three per tion for the prize held out by the directors. The two general conviction of his dislike to ruralities. He Cent. Consol Office at the Bank, with whom Smedley wits immediately arranged what writers they were

was sitting in the library, at a country-house, when a Jones appears to be on terms of considerable intimacy. respectively to imitate : Horace went to Cheltenham, gentleman, informing him that the family were out, I rather suspect that the motive of this conjunction executed his portion of the task, and returned to town proposed a quiet stroll into the pleasure-grounds. is, that the latter may obtain private information with a few days before the opening, when each submitted

* Stroll ! why, don't you see my gouty shoe ?" “ Yes, respect to certain funded property appertaining to his papers to the other for any erasures or improve but what then? You don't really mean to say that certain widows and maidens, his attention to whom ments that might appear requisite. The little volume you have got the gout? I thought you had only put rises and falls accordingly. It is an unquestionable in which they were published had an unexampled on that shoe to avoid being shown over the improve- fact, that whenever a young man rises, like Smedley success, having run through sixteen editions in seven ments."

Jones, upon his toes in walking—waltzes with every years. Mr Murray, to whom the copyright had been Smith had been all his life a temperate man; yet thick-ankled girl that would otherwise be a wallflower at first offered for

twenty pounds, bought it after the he sunk at length into a miserably gouty state, losing for the whole evening-looks benevolently downward sixteenth edition for £131. We find tbat some of our the use and even the form of his limbs. He bore the upon his own cheeks-sings a second at church, and favourite pieces were written by James, as for instance evil with exemplary fortitude, and, having always dis- boasts of belonging to no club—he may, to a certainty,

liked people who made their sorrows obtrusive on be set down as one who means to let fly an arrow at * Colburn, London.

others, he took care that no one should be annoyed Plutus through the temple of Hymen.

It is quite edifying to meet Smedley Jones at a an orange. These little attentions gratify mothers, the paupers, whose lives, accordingly, are of the most dinner-party. The first thing he does, on entering and are apt to procure the perpetrator a second invi- comfortless kind. Generally, they are after all much the drawing-room, is to take up a book with an air of tation to dinner.

indebted to privato benevolence. They haunt farmers' no common sagacity. If it happen to be Woodstock, There now ensued a regular struggle between Mr houses, especially those where they have had any sort he smiles with an aspect of compassionate disdain, and Smedley Jones's tongue and my taciturnity. He is of connexion, and get meal, potatoes, &c., in small informs the bystander that he objects to historical ono of those civil young men who must speak to their quantities, to help out the parish pittance. novels, and that he prefers going to the fountain-head, neighbours, whether they have any thing to commu- Mr attributes much of the evil to the small in Lord Clarendon and Bishop Burnet. Upon the nicate or not. I was accordingly asked what I thought wages of the farm-labourers. They get about L.8 or appearance of the mistress of the mansion, he takes a of the Catholic Question. I had entertained no L.10 a-year, besides meal, potatoes, coal, and sometimes seat by her on the sofa ; but so near to its edge, that thoughts upon the subject. Indeed !' was the reply. a cow's grass, the whole not exceeding L.25 a-year:* the slightest backward movement of that article of The next interrogatory to which I was subjected, was, Their extreme poverty, and the burden of their furniture would seat him where he ought to be. He Who was the author of Junius ?' I protested that families, which make the want of a place an evil not smoothes down the sand-coloured hair of the matron's I had never given the matter a moment's reflection. to be encountered, place them much at the mercy of accompanying offspring with an air of ineffable inte-This, however, did not stop the subject; and I was the farmers--who, having always a free market, withrest ; inquires after dear Charles ; hopes to see sweet condemned to listen to the usual harangue, with the out competition, and being therefore much united in little Emma ; and ejaculates, 'Oh, pray now,' when words “Sir Philip Francis,'. Lord Chatham, Lord interest, possess great power over the destinies of any mamma expresses a doubt as to her appearance. He Shelburn,'' bound copy at bankers,' and tall man at troublesome servant, no one receiving a man whom then talks of the sea as beneficial to children, and letter-box;' all which topics were by me, jointly and another has found any fault with. The servants are recommends Worthing, because it has no cliff. severally, returned ignoramus.

thus no better than slaves, for, though they have no. When dinner is announced, Smedley Jones looks Mr Smedley Jones's battery here suffered a momen- minally the power to change masters, they cannot sharply round for some female whose spine rather tary pause : whereupon thinks I to myself,' now for exercise it. Pinched down to wages which barely swerves from the perpendicular, aware that heiresses my turn! 'Since nature has elapped an old head upon afford the most scanty means of subsistence, they can are seldom straight-backed, tucks her lean arm under his young shoulders, art shall insert a young head save nothing for the future. Indeed, they are so ill his, and maneuvres to sit next to her at table. Whilst between my old ones. Fifty-one shall start the topics supplied with the means of current subsistence, that in the act of descending the stairs, our proprietor of which twenty-one ought to have discussed. Accord- pilfering is distressingly common amongst them; and an old head upon young shoulders takes due care that ingly, I asked Mr Smedley Jones, to his no small the wives of several have actually confessed to Mrthe tongue which vibrates in the mouth of it shall dismay, what he thought of Mrs Humby’s Cherry that, without that resource, they could not exist. By and ejaculate, What a capital house this is !” in accents Ripe and the Lover's Mistake? I took it for granted bye, they become feeble, and, if they continue to live, sufficiently loud to be overheard by the master or mis- that he had seen Paul Pry on horseback at Astley's and have not children in a condition to support them, tress of the mansion. He dilutes his wine with water, amphitheatre. I animadverted upon Madame Pasta's hey cannot avoid coming upon the parish." to adapt it to his conversation ; and enlarges upon the Medea : was sorry that Signora García had picked Our informant adds that, in former times, the farmfolly of the maxim, “a reformned rake makes the best up a Yankee husband : wondered why Potier came servants had no better wages, but rather worse ; but husband. I have heard him tell, nineteen times over, to the French theatro in Tottenham Street ; and asked fashions were different then; and no luxury of any the anecdote of his uncle Major Flush, who, thirty him if he could tell me what had become of Delia. kind, excepting a little tobacco, was known. 'In those years baek, at a dinner with Sir Phelim O'Four-bottle, It is thus that extremes produce each other. If days, there was more providence perhaps ; but the poured his claret into his boots, aware that they would twenty-one monopolises all the sense at the dinner question may still remain, if we are entitled to expect stand a soaking better than the coats of his stomach. table, fifty-one must take to the nonsense, or hold its human beings to spare from such slender resources. This gives Mr Smedley Jones an opportunity of ob- tongue. Sir,' said the moralist of Bolt-court, upon Now, at any rate, they know of luxuries, such as tea ; serving how different things are at present ; with an an occasion somewhat similar, “ he talked of the origin consequently, there is the temptation to use them. addition, that one glass of wine at dinner, and two of evil, whereupon I withdrew my attention, and The force of the imitative prineiple is proverbially after it, should never be exceeded by any man who thought of Tom Thumb.'

strong: we cannot, then, wonder greatly at their giv, wishes to render himself acceptable to the ladies. I fear that Smedley Jones has by this time become ing way in some measure to such prevailing fashions. Mr Jones belongs to a society for converting Cap- almost as wearisome to the reuder at second-hand as Mr

remarks, that, of persons in like circumtain Parry's Esquimaux, at the North Pole, from the he was originally to the writer. I shall therefore con- stances, some are much more liable to come to parish errors of their ways. I have this fact from his own clude with this observation :-All monsters ought to relief than others. There is a class who are more mouth, having had the misfortune to sit next but one be smothered ; and wherever nature puts an old head reflecting, steady, and self-denying than others ; and to him at dinner, at old Spinsuit's, the Chancery bar- upon young shoulders, the sooner the one is knocked these, he remarks, are also those who have the most rister. The intervening individual was Miss Creek, off the other the better."

earnest religious character. of Upper Clapton, a white-visaged personage, whom

The latter remark is worthy of some attention. In the above-mentioned lame clerk in the Three per Cent.

such persons, of course, the moral nature is apt to be Office has introduced to his acquaintance. I rather A SPECIMEN OF NATIONAL SELF

the strongest, and this may show itself in provident think Spinsuit has been instructed to peruse and settle


habits as well as in devont feelings. But we are not their marriage articles. Miss Creek having retired

assured by these circumstances, that the physical sup with the rest of the ladies, my left dank was cruelly AMONGST the people of Scotland there is a very gene- port with which such persons are content, is sufficient exposed. The old headsman accordingly brought his ral opinion that their mode of managing the poor is for them. We only know too well that the physical juvenile left shoulder forward, and occupied the vacant the best possible, and, in particular, vastly superior to laws operate independently of the moral, and that the seat. He asked me if I did not think the Esquimaux that followed in England, where the expenditure is best feelings in the world will not ensure any one at the North Pole.dark heathens : I answered, not supposed by our countrymen to be monstrous in against the consequences of imperfect diet, or the want entirely so, because their whale blubber supplied them amount, and most pernicious to the poor themselves, of the many little comforts which go to contribute to with oil for lamps. Mr Smedley Jones stared at this, as tending to take from them all motive for self-exer- a healthy existence. Discussion, however, upon this and added, that his meaning was that they were poor tion. In reality, the Scottish system has but one point seems needless. Is it to be expected of any man, unenlightened wanderers. I rejoined, * True, but feature—that of giving as little as possible, and to as few in a country like this, that, with an income of about that's Apollo's fault!'

poor as possible. A parish will boast to the passing L.25 per annum, he can both support a family and lay Finding that he had a neighbour who was not to be stranger that it has no poor whatever, or next to by for old age ? dealt with metaphorically, Mr Smedley Jones changed none, and that the way to bring about this result is to The sympathies of the British nation are even yet his course, and began to dilate upon his family affairs, give the poor no encouragement. Those who make in strong action respecting the West India negroes. and informed me that his brother George was a clerk this boast do not mention that they

only banish the They little reflect that, in their own land, there is a in the Post-Office, where he expressed a hope that Mr poor into less stingy districts, where three years' resi- vastly greater number of unprotected poor men, with Freeling would push him. Finding, upon inquiry, that dence gives them a settlement. Practically, the case as little of real freedom as the slaves of the Caribbean his brother George lodged at the last house in Cecil is simply this, that the poor of Scotland, as far as they islands ever enjoyed, and who are not by one-half so Street, which overlooks the mud-bank of the river get any public or recognised support at all, get it in a well supplied with the grosser comforts of life. How Thames, I answered, " I hope he will.' I was then few places, chiefly the large towns. It is amusing to ready are we to kindle at the slave-holding Carolinian informed that Mr Smedley Jones's brother Richard observe in Scotland the horror entertained of the so- and Virginian! We do not remember—for it would was a clerk in the brewhouse of Sweet wort and called extravagant system pursued in England, at the be to our own disadvantage--that these gentlemen at Company ; the junior partner of which

establishment, very time when one-half of the English newspapers least take care that their labourers, whether in their sitting under the same minister' at Hoxton, had pro- are full of railings against commissioners and guar- days of strength or their days of weakness, shall want mised to push him. Finding that Sweetwort and dians for starving the poor. The people of Scotland for nothing which nature requires. Company were celebrated for their large vat, I again appear to be in a perfect delusion upon this subject. said, I hope they will, which procured for me one Two facts that have lately come to our knowledge, of those amiable chin-dropping bows which I have may be allowed to speak for themselves with the ANECDOTE FROM THE CAUSES CELEBRES. already depicted.

generous natures south of the Tweed. An old fe- In the reign of Dom Pedro, the justice-lover, king * For myself, continued my juvenile companion male servant residing in Edinburgh, totally unable with the antique bust, ' I have a clerk who is a cousin to work, and who has no other dependence whatever of Portugal (says the compiler

of the Causes

Celebres), to one of the judges, who goes the home circuit next but on the occasional kindness of one former mistress, chanced to take offence at some expression used toassizes ; he knows something of the high sheriff, and gets from the West Church parish an out-door allow wards him

by a shoemaker, and caused the poor man that kind-hearted and noble personage (Mr Smedley ance of 2s. 6d. monthly! A widow, lately left as such Jones is not sparing of adjectives to benefactors in with four children, in a parish in Peeblesshire, where disproportioned to the offence, was formally com.

to be assassinated. This punishment, 80 grievously asse or in posse) has promised to push me'-Neck and there is not one enrolled pauper, was offered the sum of plained of in the ecclesiastical courts by the son of heels out of court into the High Street,' thought I, 10s. quarterly under the direction of the minister, as or his javelin-man will not be of my mind.' all that was necessary for her support !

the victim ; but, as might have been expected, the A Captain Smithers, with a dull eye and a drawling The memoranda which follow were taken down and bestowed on him no heavier penalty than that of

judges favoured their wealthy and powerful brother, voice, now offered his snuff-box to Mr Smedley Jones ; after a conversation

with an individual who had been interdicting him from saying mass for the space of this the latter declined, with another of those amiable for above forty years the schoolmaster and almoner of year. The son, feeling even more aggrieved by this bows to which I have faintly endeavoured to do jus- a pastoral parish in the south of Scotland, and who sentence, went to the foot of the throne, and there tioe; and turning to me, observed that snuff-taking consequently speaks from an uncommonly large exwas a bad habit for a young man. * At all events, perience. We believe that the most perfect confidence touched by compassion, and expressed that sentiment,

laid his complaint before Dom Pedro. The king was answered I, ‘he should wear a bad habit, or Scotch may be placed on every particular here stated :rappee will make it one.' 'Not but what I carry a

Eis a rural parish, with a considerable village alluded to, in a way so peculiar, that the young man

as well as his sense of the injustice of the decision box myself,' continued Mr Smedley Jones, with a look —no manufactures--population, 836. The expendi- was encouraged to act in a most remarkable manner that he meant for arch ; "here it is :' so saying, he ture on the poor is about L.80, partly raised by assess

in pulled out of his coat-pocket an oblong box, with an ment. There are about twenty poor, almost all of

consequence. amber lid. May I perish,' thought I, if it does not whom have been rural labourers. The lowest sum

On an early day afterwards, the prelate took part come from Geneva!' We shall now be pestered with given, and this to a single person who is able to labour tifical robes, and little dreamed of the fate which

in a public procession. He was clad in his full pon. a regular orthodox series of quadrille tunes.'

å little, is 53. in six weeks. Persons in the next degree awaited him. The son of the murdered shoemaker When this machine had interrupted conversation of destitution get 76. 6d. in six weeks. A paralytic had taken up his station at a point which was overfor the usual period, and had said its say, I was in man, in middle life, with four young children, and a hopes that we had done with it : “ But soft! by re- wife (who, however, can work during summer at field the procession from the palace windows. When the

looked by the king, who, with all his court, viewed gular approach-not yet. It was again wound up, labour, and thereby earn 10d. per day without vicand again set a-going, to gratify little Theobald Spin- tuals), gets at present 123. 6d. in six weeks. The sums suit, who had bolted into the dining-room in quest of given are confessedly inadequate for the support of grass is not then given

* In some parishes the money wages are larger, but the cow's

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prelate reached the proper spot, the young man darted should murder ine.” On the fatal night, soon after back with a solemn assurance that on such conditions forward, and, with two blows of a poignard well being left by her, he retired to his bed-chamber. they were ready to receive and obey her as their soveapplied, slew the priest ere any man could interpose "Since his illness," says Mr Tytler,.“ there appeared reign. Hearing this, the queen, ever too credulous to stop the action. Such violence, committed on an to have been a great change in him. He had be- and apt to act on the impulse of the moment, held a ecclesiastic of high station, caused an extraordinary come more thoughtful, and thought had brought moment's conversation aside with Bothwell.' What sensation, The assassin was at once seized and car- with it repentance of his former courses. He la passed can only be conjectured: he appeared to waver ried before Dom Pedro, by orders of the monarch mented there were few near him whom he could and remonstrate ; but when she gave him her hand, himself. As soon as the young man appeared, the trust, and at times he would say, that he knew he he took farewell, turned his horse's head, and rode off king demanded how he dared to commit such a deed ? should be slain, complaining that he was hardly dealt the field, none of the confederates offering the least “ How dared that unworthy prelate to murder my with; but from these sorrows he had sought refuge impediment. It was the last time they ever met.” father ?” was the reply. “I sought justice, and it was in religion, and it was remarked that on this night, A striking passage follows. Soon finding herself by refused to me. I believed then that it was my duty his last in the world, he had repeated the 55th Psalm, no means a free agent, she broke out into reproaches, to take rengeance into my own hands.” The friends which he would often read and sing. After his devo- and bitterly repented her precipitation. “She called of the prelate replied, that the youth had received tion, he went to bed and fell asleep, Taylor, his page, for Lindsay, one of the fiercest of the confederate justice, and that the prelate had been condemned to being beside him in the same apartment. This was barons, and bade him give her his hand. He obeyed. cease performance of the mass for a whole year. The the moment seized by the murderers, who still lurked By the hand,' said she, which is now in yours, I'll king listened in silence, and then turned to the young in the lower room, to complete their dreadful purpose ; have your head for this.' Unfortunate princess !

“ What is thy trade ?” “A shoemaker," was but their miserable victim was awakened by the noise When she spoke thus, little did she know how soon the answer. “I then interdict thee from making shoes of their false keys in the lock of his apartment, and that unrelenting hand, which had been already stained for a year, and in the interval thou shalt receive fit rushing down in his shirt and pelisse, endeavoured to with Riccio's blood, would fall still heavier yet upon maintenance from the prelate's funds. This is my make his escape, but he was intercepted, and strangled herself.” decree.”

after a desperate resistance, his cries for mercy being The subsequent events are related with great spirit, heard by some women in the nearest house ; the page and many new facts of importance are introduced.

was also strangled; and their bodies carried into a This is no proper place in which to make extensive NEW DISCOVERIES RESPECTING THE small orchard, without the garden wall, where they extracts from a historical work. But one of Mr HISTORY OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS. were found, the king in his shirt only, and the pelisse Tytler's new facts is of a nature to excite much sur

by his side.” The wretches then blew up the house, prise in Scotland-namely, that while the queen was MR P. F. Tytler, after distinguishing himself by by means of the gunpowder which they had deposited confined in Lochloven, the Hamiltons, who have various biographical works, exhibiting great research in one of the lower rooms.

hitherto been looked upon as her constant friends, and a

et and fluent style, commenced the publica- The open efforts to screen Bothwell from justice, actually proposed to her more conspicuous enemies tion of a history of Scotland about twelve years ago. and Mary's disgraceful marriage to him, ruined her to have her assassinated. But, indeed, murder is the The seventh volume, which has appeared within the in the estimation of her subjects, as well as of the leading feature of this period of our history. There last few weeks, and embraces the period between 1565 other sovereigns of Europe. At the same time, one is not any character of the age so pure as not to have and 1574 (being the second last of the book), contains cannot but feel equal indignation at the conduct of been in some way concerned in deliberate murder. some new facts of considerable interest respecting the some of those great chiefs who now rose against her, The most politic sovereigns and ministers, the most life of Queen Mary. These Mr Tytler has derived thinking it a good opportunity to get quit of her vehement reformers of the national church, the most from documents hitherto buried in the State Paper government. These were the very men who had magnificent nobles--all are ready to shed blood, or to Office.

joined in the bond for the murder. They were as favour its being shed, privately, when it suited their Tho character of the affair of Riccio's death is now guilty as they represented her to be ; but they were ends to do so. It almost seems strange that so much mado considerably clearer than before. It sprung on the populár side in religion, and knew they were pains should have been taken to make out Mary either from two plots which had coalesced, their purpose pretty safe in a hostile demonstration against objects innocent or guilty: When Elizabeth is found forebeing common; the one arose from Darnley's per- so generally odious as Bothwell and the queen. To knowing of Riccio's murder, when Leicester is found sonal jealousy, the other from the dread which the meet these®“ associated lords” she had about 4000 men. openly counselling the killing of Mary at the Council Protestant party entertained of Riccio's influence in Mary and Bothwell advanced from East Lothian with Board of England, when every man and woman of behalf of Romanism, and in effecting the forfeiture of 2000, and intrenched their troops in some old works any note in that age is found tainted with blood, it the Earl of Murray and other Protestant lords, who on the crest of Carberry Hill. The transactions of seems extremely likely that Mary was privy to Darnhad lately been driven as rebels from the kingdom. the day were of that kind which makes history some- ley's slaughter, but it is scarcely just to make her Tho parliament was to meet early in March (1566) to times rise to the tone of the purest tragedy. We character rest on a point which, with regard to her enact this forfeiture. About the middle of February, must hero make a brief extract from Mr Tytler's contemporaries, is generally treated as a matter of the murder of Riccio was arranged. The public will volume.

now learn with surprise that Queen Elizabeth was Monsieur de Croc, the French ambassador, carried
duly apprised of it, as an act favourable to her in-

a message from her to Morton and Glencairn, “ assur-
terests. More surprising still, the preachers John ing them of their sorereign's disposition to pardon the

OCCUPATIONS FOR THE INSANE. - Knox and John Craig were amongst the actual con- past, on condition that they returned to their duty. THERE is something very striking in the following

spirators. For this Mr Tytler does not adduce the We have not come here, said Glencairn, when he description of the employments followed by the insane original of the bond which the conspirators signed, heard this proposal, 'to solicit pardon for ourselves, in the Glasgow Asylum, especially when we mentally but he brings forward, what is scarcely less to be but rather to give it to those who have

offended. “We contrast it with the accounts of bedlams given by the trusted, a list which had been transcribed by the are in arms,' added Morton, 'not against our queen, English ambassador and sent to Elizabeth. And not but the Duke of Orkney (lately Earl of Bothwell], fictitious writers of the last century. Similar modes only did these men agree to the murder, but, to favour the murderer of her husband. Let him be delivered of engaging the attention of the insane are now folit, they appointed a general fast and humiliation to up, or let her majesty remove him from her company, lowed with advantage at many other asylums throughbe held in the city during the week on which it was and we shall yield her obedience.'

out Britain, besides the excellent one at Glasgow. to take place, the solemnities of that occasion forming It was evident from this reply that there was little The following is extracted from the report of the a pretext for the gathering of the partisans of the hope of peace, and the confederate lords were the more directors for 1839, during which year the average conspirators. “ Directions for prayers and sermons, determined, as an indisposition to fight was beginning amount of patients was 153:to be used during this week, were drawn up by Knox to be apparent in the royal troops, some men at that « One of the most beneficial means in the treatment and the ministers, and the subjects chosen were cal moment stealing over to the enemy. Observing this, of the insane, is daily occupation. This not only tends culated to prepare the public mind for the destructive Bothwell, who was never deficient in personal courage, to prevent the mind from dwelling on its delusions, scene about to ensue. They were selected from the rode forward, and, by a herald, sent his defiance to and thereby to lessen their intensity, but frequently Old Testament alone, and included, amongst other any one that' dared arraign him of the king's murder. puts an end to that restlessness, both of mind and examples, the slaying of Oreb and Zeb, the cutting His gage was accepted by James Murray of Tulli- body, which attends many forms of the disease. Of off the Benjamites, the fast of Esther, the hanging of bardin, but Bothwell refused to enter the lists with one all the modes of employing patients so affected, bodily Haman, inculcating the duty of inflicting swift and who was not his peer, and singled out Morton, who labour is the most advantageous, inasmuch as it not summary vengeance on all who persecuted the people readily answered, that he would fight him instantly only produces the beneficial effects now adverted to, of God.” After the murder, when the queen unex- on foot and with two-handed swords. Upon this, but contributes to bring the body into that state of pectedly retained her authority, Knox fled to Ayr Lord Lindsay, of the Byres, interfered. The combat, health

which is necessary for the due performance of shire, and lived there for a twelvemonth : his reasons he contended, belonged of right to him, as the relative all mental operations. It must always, however, be for this act, formerly very obscure, are now made of the murdered king, and he implored the associate borne in mind, that to secure the advantages resulting clear. What a strango impression do we receive of lords by the services he had done, and still hoped to from it, the patient must be free from any high excithe age, when we find two personages otherwise so do, that they would grant him the courtesy to meet tation, or, at least, that any excitability which may estimable as Elizabeth and Knox, concerned in so the duke in this quarrel. It was deemed proper to exist, is only to such an extent as to admit of its being atrocious a murder as that of poor Riccio was in all humour Lindsay, and Morton presented him with his completely exhausted or subdued by labour. In the its features !

own sword, a weapon well known and highly valued, treatment of our patients we have always recognised Darnley’s desertion of his associates, so as to leave as having been once wielded by bis renowned ancestor, these principles, and availed ourselves of them as far them exposed to vengeance, was what led to his own Archibald Bell the Cat. Lindsay then proceeded to as circumstances would permit. The additional plans death. These men seem to have determined that he arm himself, and, kneeling down before the ranks, for the employment of our patients, as alluded to should not escape their vengeance. It was only an audibly implored God to strengthen his arm to punish in last report, have been completed; and we have now accident that it also suited the convenience of the the guilty and protect the innocent. Bothwell, too, the satisfaction to state, that we have ample means of Earl of Bothwell to have Darnley destroyed. Here seemed eager to fight; but at this critical juncturé affording work to our inmates of all classes who can also the assassination was coolly covenanted. A bond Mary interfered, and resolutely forbade the encounter. in any way be thereby benefited. was entered into, at which were the names of Both- By this time it was evident that desertion was In our capacious workshops, weavers, tailors, shoewell, Lethington, Argyle, Huntly, and others, agreeing spreading rapidly in her army, nor had her remon- makers, carpenters, and saddlers, may be seen dilito stand by each other in this deed, and against its strances the least effect : she implored them to ad- gently pursuing their avocations; while in the work. consequences. Morton was made privy to it, and it vance, assured them of victory, taunted them with rooms, laundry, and washing-house, the various operawas also known to Murray, though he had the pru- cowardice--but all to so little purpose, that when tions of sewing, knitting, carding, spinning, winding, dence to keep apart from all concern in it. Upon Grange at the head of his troops began to wheel round shoe-binding, washing, and dressing, are carried on the whole, Mr Tytler's narrative makes it more likely the hill, so as to turn their flank, the panic became with cheerfulness and alacrity. The convalescent than it ever seemed before to us, that Mary was general, and the queen and Bothwell were left with ladies are employed not only in ornamental work, but aware of what was going on. She appears to have by only sixty gentlemen and the band of hackbutters. in the benevolent occupation of making articles of this time contracted a passion for Bothwell—one of It was the design of Grange to throw himself between dress for patients of the poorer classes. In addition those infatuated attachments which human beings Dunbar and this little force, thus cutting off Both to the kindly feeling thus fostered, and the benefit sometimes, though rarely, form for each other, in well's escape, but Mary perceived it, and sent the laird which full employment secures to the individuals spite of not only the most obvious prudence but the of Ormiston to demand a parley. This was immediately themselves, the profits derived from the labours of all most sacred principles. If privy to the design, the granted; and when Grange rode forward, he assured classes, may, in addition to other advantages, enable part she acted was one of most depraved hypocrisy : his sovereign of their readiness to obey her, if that man us very beneficially to augment our present library, she must then be considered as having led the unfor who now stood beside her, and was guilty of the king's without trenching on the funds of the institution. tunato young man like a lamb to the slaughter. One murder, were dismissed. To this she replied, that if Among all classes of our patients who are in a calm cannot but relent and pity the miserable youth, on the lords promised to return to their allegiance, she or convalescent state, we find books in great demand; learning that he dreaded her blandishments, but told would leave the duke, and put herself in their hands. and the promise of the perusal of the works of his friend that he would go with her, " though she He carried this message to his brethren, and came favourite author, frequently operates as the strongest

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