History of the Life and Reign of Richard III. to which is Added the Story of Perkin Warbeok

Longmans Green, 1878 - 419 Seiten

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Seite 170 - For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office ; so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.
Seite 128 - Brakenbury took up the bodies again, and secretly interred them in such place, as by the occasion of his death, which only knew it, could never since come to light.
Seite 50 - But anon the tidings of this matter came hastily to the queen, a little before the midnight following, and that in the sorest wise, that the king, her son, was taken, her brother, her son and her other friends arrested, and sent no man wist whither, to be done with God wot what. With which tidings the queen, in great flight* and heaviness, bewailing her child's ruin, her friends...
Seite 192 - desired to live in the same friendship with our king as his brother Edward had done, and I believe would have had his pension continued ; but our king looked upon him as an inhuman and cruel person, and would neither answer his letters nor give audience to his ambassadors.
Seite 227 - Being given to understand your good devoir and entreaty to advance me to the furtherance of my rightful claim, due and lineal inheritance of that crown, and for the just depriving of that homicide and unnatural tyrant, which now unjustly bears dominion over you, I give you to understand that no Christian heart can be more full of joy and gladness than the heart of me your poor exiled friend...
Seite 307 - ... but for that also that all things were in late days so covertly demeaned, one thing pretended and another meant, that there was nothing so plain and openly proved, but that yet, for the common custom of close and covert dealing, men had it ever inwardly suspect; as many well counterfeited jewels make the true mistrusted.
Seite 113 - Third Report of Dep. Keeper of Pub. Records,' App. ii. p. 231. King Henry's son had had the crown and not King Edward, then would I have been his true and faithful subject ; but after God had ordained him to lose it and Edward to reign, I was never so mad as, for the sake of a dead man, to strive against the living. So I was ever to King Edward a faithful chaplain, and glad would I have been that his children should have succeeded him ; howbeit, if the secret judgment of God have otherwise provided,...
Seite 389 - Also Sir Rees Ap Thomas with 10,000 spears. Richmond fell on his knee before Lord Stanley and begged him to give him the van, as he was come to claim his own right; to which the latter consents. 'The vaward, son, I will give to thee, So that thou wilt be ordered by me. Sir William Stanley, my brother dear, In the battle he shall be; Sir John Savage he hath no peer, He shall be a wing to thee; Sir Rees Ap Thomas shall break the array, For he will fight and never flee; I myself will hove on the hill,...
Seite 139 - He took ill rest at nights, lay long waking and musing ; sore wearied with care and watch, he rather slumbered than slept. Troubled with fearful dreams, suddenly sometimes started he up, leapt out of his bed and ran about the chamber. So was his restless heart continually tossed and tumbled with the tedious impression and stormy remembrance of his most abominable deed.
Seite 377 - Your brother dwellith in the Holt Castle, A noble knight forsooth is he ; All the Welsh-men love him well, He may make a great company. Sir John Savage is your sister's son, He is well beloved within his shire, A great company with him will come, He will be ready at your desire. Gilbert Talbott is a captain pure, He will come with main and might ; To you he will be fast and sure, Against my uncle king and knight. Let us raise an host with him to fight, Soon to the ground we shall him ding, For God...

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