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2 Little deeds of kindness, sweet words of love,

Helping on each other to Heaven above,
Smiling on the weary, aiding the weak,-

All these are little missions our hearts may seek.
3 We can love each other with youthful zest,

We can love the Saviour, dearest and best;
Oh, the work is plenty children may do;

Then let us all be earnest, faithful, and true.
All the Way.

Fresh Laureis, 1 I'm but a youthful pilgrim,

He'll comfort me in trouble,
My journey 's just begun;

He'll wipe my tears away;
They say I'll meet with sorrow With joy I'll follow Jesus
Before my journey's done.

All the way.

(Co.) The world is full of trouble, And trials too, they say;

3 Then trials cannot vex me, But I will follow Jesus

And pain I need not fear;
All the way. (Rep. last two lines.)

For when I'm close by Jesus

Grief cannot come too near; 2 Then like a little pilgrim,

Not even death can harm me! Whatever I may meet,

When death I meet one day, I'll take it-joy or sorrow

To heaven I'll follow Jesus
And lay at Jesus' feet:

All the way

(Cho.) 159 The Golden Rule.

s Songs for Little

Folks, p. 62. 1 Never lose the golden rule,

Freely, freely,
Keep it still in view :

From the bounty of your store, Do for others as you would

Cheerful givers,
They should do to you.

Help the humble poor. (Cho.)
Kindly, gently,

3 Love the Lord, the first command, In their burden bear a part;

With thy soul and mind;
Meekly chiding

Love thy neighbor as thyself,
With a loving heart.

Both in one combined.
Cho.- Repeat first four lines.

Justly, justly, 2 Help the feeble ones along,

With each other strive to live; Cheer the faint and weak,

Ever ready,
To the sorrow-laden heart

Willing to forgive.
Words of comfort speak.


Little Child's Belief.

Songs for Little

Folks, p. 52. 1 I believe in God the Father,

He taught us to be holy, Who made us every one,

Till on the cross He died; Who made the earth and heaven, And now we call Him “Saviour,"

The moon and stars and sun; And “ Christ the crucified." All that we have each day

3 I believe God's Holy Spirit By Him, by Him is given;

Is with us every day, We call Him when we pray,

And, if we do not grieve It, "Our Father in the heaven."

It will ne'er go away: 2 I believe in Jesus Christ,

From heaven, upon Jesus, The Father's “only Son,”

It descended like a dove; Who came to us from heaven, And It dwelleth ever with us And loved us every one:

To fill our hearts with love.

161 Little Children, Come. | Songs for Little

Folks, p. 67. 1

2 Little children, come to Jesus; Little eyes to read the Bible,

Hear Him saying, “Come to Me!” Given from the heaven above; Blessed Jesus, who to save us

Little ears to hear the story Shed His blood on Calvary!

Of the Saviour's wondrous love; Little souls were made to serve Him, Little tongues to sing His praises, All His holy law fulfil;

Little feet to walk His ways; Little hearts were made to love Him, Little bodies to be temples Little hands to do His will,

Where the Holy Spirit stays. Cho.- Rep. first four lines.


162 Something for Children to Do. Songs for Little

Folks, p. 88. 1 There is something on earth for the children to do,

For the child that is striving to be
Like the One who once murmured in accents of love,

“Let the little ones come unto Me."
Full Cho.—There is something to do, there is something to do,

There is something for children to do;
On the beautiful earth where the Saviour had birth

There is something for children to do.
2 There are sweet winning words to the weary and sad,

By their glad, loving lips to be said;

There are hearts that are waiting by some little hand
Unto Jesus, the Lord, to be led.

(Full Cho.) 3 There are lessons to learn both at home and at school,

There are battles to fight for the right,
There's a watch to be kept over temper and tongue,

And God's help to be asked day and night. (Full Cho.) 4 There are smiles to be given, kind deeds to be done,

Gentle words to be dropped by the way;
For the child that is seeking to follow the Lord

There is something to do every day. (Full Cho.)

We are coming.

Songs for Little

Folks, p. 107. 1 We are coming, blessed Saviour, A glorious mansion ever We hear Thy gentle voice;

For children young as we.
We would be Thine forever, We are coming, &c.
And in Thy love rejoice.

Our Father's house we see.


We are coming, we are coming,

3 We are coming, blessed Saviour,. We are coming, blessed Saviour;

To crown our Jesus King, We are coming, we are coming,

And then with angels ever We hear Thy gentle voice.

His praises we will sing.

We are coming, &c. 2 We are coming, blessed Saviour, To crown our Jesus King.

Our Father's house we see161 Christmas Hymn.

Songs for Little

Folks, p. 117. Little children, sweetly sing

3 On this birth-day of our King; Hark! a new song rends the skyNow a joyous anthem raise

"Glory be to God on high ! In glad notes of grateful praise. Peace on earth, good-will to men,

Christ is born in Bethlehem!” Let your joyful notes arise,

(Cho.) Join the chorus of the skies. (Rep. both lines.)

4 2

Children, catch the wondrous sound, See, He leaves His Father's throne, Let it peal the earth around, Lays aside Ilis starry crown, Till all nations, tribes, and men, And, to save the sons of men, Love the Babe of Bethlehem. Christ is born in Bethlehem.-Cho.





No. Page

No. Page

Hark! the lilies whisper ...135 81

Hark! what mean those holy 3 7
Gloria in Excelsis.


He is risen! He is risen!.. 31 26

He is the Shepherd, gentle
Abide with me; fast falls the

and loving

77 51
67 46 He leadeth me!

70 47
All hail the power of Jesus'

Holy, holy, holy ! Lord God
59 41 Almighty!

46 35
Beautiful Church of Christ 49 36 Holy Father, Thou hast
Beautiful river, flowing, &c, 91 taught me

105 65
Blessed are the people, &c. 101 63 How in the flow'ry spring · 32 27
Blessed are the pure in heart 99 62 How precions is the story.. 8 11
Blessed Redeemer, gracious 83 53 I am waiting by the river..106 66
Bright and joyful is the morn 6 10 I believe in God the Father 160 93
Brightly beams the Father's 148 87 I love the name of Jesus... 96 61
Carol, carol, Christians.... 4 8 | I love to tell the story .....152 89
Carol, sweetly carol 28 24 I'm but a youthful pilgrim 158 92
Children of Jerusalem.. 66 45

In a manger laid so lowly,. 20 20
Children, sing a Christmas 23 22 In some way or other the
Christ hath arisen

37 29 Lord will provide .......109 68
Christ is risen, Christ is risen 39 30 I was a wandering sheep 68 46
Christ is risen from the dead 45 34 Jerusalem the golden 71 48
Christmas-time is come, &c. 15 16 Jesus Christ is ris'n to-day. 38 30
Christ the Lord is risen (1) 30 23 | Jesus, dear, I come to Thee 98 62
Christ the Lord is risen (2) 33 27 Jesus,keep me near the cross136 81
Christ the Lord is risen (3) 43 33 Jesus, lead me.. ......100 63
Christ was born on, &c. .. 13 14 Jesus, while our hearts are
Come, children, join to sing 57 41 bleeding

94 60
Come, come, sing to the....127 76 Knocking, knocking

79 52
Come hither, ye faithful... 16 16 “Land ahead!" Its fruits ..138 82
Come to the Saviour

73 49

Let the merry church-bells 36 28
Days grow longer

41 31 Let us join our voices 35 28
Down from the skies, &c... 19 19 Let us with a gladsome mind 53 39
Each one has a mission ...157 91 Little children, come to Je-
Fading away like the stars. 89 57

.161 93
Father in Heaven

81 53 Little children, sweetly sing 164 94
Father, to Thee I come....

..147 87 Lo! descending, the heav-
Firmly stand for God, &c...115 70 ens rending ..

26 23
Forward shall be our watch.129 77 Lo! He comes, in clouds... 2 7
Gather around the Christm's 14 15 Lord, I hear of showers of
Hail to the morn when, &c. 12 14 blessings....

.144 85
Hallelujah! hark fr’m above 24 22 Loving Father, hear Thy
Hark! hark, my soul!..... 72 48 children

75 50
Hark, hark, the sweet, sweet 11 13 Marching on! marching on 132 79
Tark! the herald angels... 9 12 'Mid the pastures green o... 86



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More holiness give me..... . 153 90 Silent night! holy night!.. 7 11
More like Jesus would I be 121 74 Shall we gather at the river 141 84
Morning star, in splendor

Slow fades the summer light 110 68

27 24 Smile, O Sky, God's praises 42 32
My country, 'tis of thee 60 42 Songs of praise the angels.. 50 37
My days are gliding swiftly 78 51 Sound the battle-cry.......140 83
My faith looks up to Thee. 54 39 Sowing their seed by the dawn-
My hope is built on noth-

light fair

92 58
ing less

..131 78 Strike! oh, strike for vict'ry...118 72
Nearer, my God, to Thee .. 48 36

Strike the harp of Zion.. 134 80
Never be afraid to speak for

Sun of my soul, thou Saviour 51 37

Tell me the old, old story. .120 73

· 156 91 Tenderly guide'us, o Shepherd. 80 52
Never lose the golden rule.159 92 The children are gath'ring..... 128 77
No work to do? look up

The Church's ope foundation..126 76
and see

.125 75 The fields bedeck'd with flow'rs 64 44
O Eden Land, thou land of

The Lord my Shepherd is.. 63 43

95 60 There is an hour of calm relief.124 76
Oh, think of a home over

There is beauty all around.....130 78

There is something on earth for

. 149 87
the children to do

.162 93
Oh, we are the reapers 84 54 There's a beautiful star.. 29 25
Oh, we are volunteers .....107.67 There's a cry from Macedonia. 133 79
O little town of Bethlehem. 17 17 There's rest on bosom of Jesus 123 74
O mother dear, Jerusalem..154 90 They are going-ever going ... 62 42
Once in royal David's city.. 18 18. Tho’the way be sometimes dreary. 150 88

Thro'the love of God our Saviour 65 44
Only a few more years ..111 69 To the humble soul that is born.112 69
Only an armor-bearer. ..108 67 To the wander'g and the weary.103 6!
Only just across the river..137 82 To the work! to the work!....117 71
Onward! onward! men of

To thy pastures, fair and large. 58 41

......116 71 Waiting is the golden harvest..145 86
Onward! Christian soldiers 69 47 Watch, for the time is short...102 64

Over the river! oh, what is

Watchman! tell us of the night 1

We are coming, blessed Saviour 163 94

88 56 We are going forth w'h our staff 119 12
Pass me not, O gentle Sa-

We are joyously voyaging. .151 88

. 113 69 We are marching on to glory ..104 65
Peaceful the morning, qui-

We are marching onward.. 85 54
et the day..

76 50 We are marching on with shield 97 61
"Peace upon earth!”. 22 21 We shall meet beyond the river. 139 83
Rock of Ages! cleft for me. 61 42 We three kings of Orient are.. 47 35

We've listed in a holy war. .143 85
Ring, merry, merry bells!. 10 13

We will carol joyfully

34 28
Ring, ring the bells over

What are our light afflictions...122 74
ocean and shore......... 44 34 Where the youthful son of Jesse 25 23
Ring the bells of heaven!.. 9057 While shepherds watched 5 9
Ring the bells, the Christ-

Who is He in yonder stall 82 53
mas bells

21 20 “Whosoever heareth,” shout.. 74 49
Safely thro' another week.. 52 38

With the eyes of our faith.....114 70
Saviour, like a shepherd ... 55 40 Work, for the night is coming. 142 84

Ye Christian heroes..

66 40
Saviour, listen to our prayer 155 90 Ye happy bells of Easter-day .. 40 31
Say, little soldiers, who fight 87 55 | Yield not to temptation... .148 8
See the golden hunlight.... 93 89 DOXOLOGY.

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