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" Her refolution was applauded by Mr. Glib in terms of high encomium. * What! haft left old Poke-about for good and all?' cried he, rubbing his hands with an air of infinite fatisfaction. * Now that is fomething excellent, indeed. Live with no one one does... "
Memoirs of Modern Philosophers: In Two Volumes. ... - Seite 24
von Elizabeth Hamilton - 1800
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Memoirs of modern philosophers [a novel, by Geoffry Jarvis]. By E. Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton - 1801
...declared her intention to the philofophers, whom fhe found aflembled in the back parlour, entreated their fecrecy and afliftance. Her refolution was but for what is in them. That's it ! that's the the way to perfectibility ! What is it but loving one's own child, or one's own mother, or one's own...
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Cutting Edges: Postmodern Critical Essays on Eighteenth-century Satire

James E. Gill - 1995 - 438 Seiten
...resembles Godwin, Glib is fond of double negatives, as was Godwin. Glib is apt to give advice like "Live with no one one does not like. Love no one but for what is in them" (2: 255). Glib is less dangerous than Vallaton or Myope, and as a lowly shopkeeper, more vulnerable....
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