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instruction of the student, much amusement to the more advanced reader, who infpects the volume merely to pass away his vacant hours. Howel's Letters were, at one time, extremely popular. They have paffed through many editions. Their wit, vivacity, and frankness, render them more pleafing than some more modern and more exact compofitions. Many celebrated Letters, more correct and finished, have in them less wit, less fire, less fpirit, fewer ideas, and fcantier information,

Lady Rachael Russell's Letters are inserted in the Second Book, and must be allowed to constitute a very useful and ornamental part of it. They have been much admired by persons of taste and sensibility, both for their thoughts and their diction. Piety and conjugal affection, expressed in bospase, considering the time of its composition, so pure and proper, cannot but afford a fine example to the female aspirants after delicacy, girtue, taste, and whatever is excellent and laudable in the wife, the Widow, and the mother. Such patterns in high life cannot fail of becoming beneficial in proportion as they are more known and better abserved,

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Since then, the authors, whose Letters fill this volume, are able to speak so powerfully for themselves, why should the Reader be detained by a longer Preface from better entertainment? Things intrinsically good will be duly appreciated by a discerning Public, and require not the oftentatious display of a florid encomium. If the Letters here selected were the Letters of obfcure men, a recommendatory introduction might be necessary to their ready admission; but they are the Letters of men, high in rank, high in fame, high in every quality which can excite and reward the attention of a nation, of which most of them have been at once the ornaments and the luminaries. Here indeed, like the setting fun, they shine with a softer radiance than in their more studied works; retaining, however, their beauty and magnitude undiminished, though their meridian fervour is abated. Affociated in this Compilation they unite their orbs and form a galaxy: they charm with a mild, diffusive, light, though they no longer dazzle with a noon-day splendour.


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That a satisfaction fo pure and so exalted, may be enjoyed from this attempt, is the fincere wish of the Editor, who ventures to express a hope, that if much is done for the Reader's entertainment, he will not complain that more has not been accomplished, but view excellence with due approbation, and defect with good-natured indulgence.

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Page | Letter 125 To Tiro

28 27 To Caninius 126 To Dolabella

79 28 To Tranquilus 127 Servius Sulpicius to Cicero

ibid. 29 To Catilius 128 To Servius Sulpicius

81 | 30 To Proculus 129 To Lucius Lucceius

82 31 To Nepos 130 Lucceius to Cicero

32 To Servianus 131 TO Lucius Lucceius

33 To Maximus 132 To Tiro

ibid. 34 To Fabatus 133 Vatinius to Cicero

35 To Clemens 134 To Tiro

36 To Antoninus 135 To Varro

37 To Naro 136 To Tiro

87 38 To Lepidus 137 To Lepta

ibid. 39 To Arrianus 138 To Dolabella

88 40 To Cornelius Tacitus 139 Vatinius to Cicero

ibid. 41 To Valerius Paulinus 140 To Curius

42 To Gallus 141 To Auctus, Proconsul

9043 To Hispulla 142 To Curius

ibid. 44 To Maximus 143 To Tiro

90 45 To Velius Cerealis 144 To Bithynicus

ibid. 46 To Rufus 145 To Tiro

47 To Pomponius Bassus 146 To Dolabella, Consul

48 To Valens 147 To Trebonius

49 To Maximus 148 Trebonius to Cicero

So To Nepos 149 To Macius

51 To Licinius 150 Matius to Cicero


52 To Flaccus 351 To Trebatius

53 To Maximus 152 To Plancus

ibid. 54 To Apollinaris 153 To the same

55 To Capito 54 To Tiro

ibid. 56 To Saturninus 55 To Cornificius

57 To Fabatus 156 Cicero the Son, to his deareft Tiro ibid. 58 To Pontius 357 From the same, to Tiro

101 59 To Marcellinus 158 Bithynicus to Cicero

102 60 To Spurinna 159 To Plancus

ibid. 61 To Macer 160 Plancus to Cicero


62 To Paulinus 161 To Plancus


63 To Rufus 262 To Lucius Papirius Pætus

ibid. 64 To Calphurnia

65 To the fam? SECTION II.

66 To Priscus

67 To Tacitus From the Letters of PLINY ibe C olul, so focueral of

68 To Albinus bis Frier.ds, as transated by William Melmoth,

69 To Maximus Eją.

70 To Fubatus 1 To Caninius Rufus

71 To Mauricus 2 To Pompeia Celerina

107 72 To Romanus 3 To Cornelius Tacitus


73 To Tacitus 4 To Minutius Fundamus

ibid. 74 To Reftitutus 5 To Atrius Clemens

108 75 To Cornelius Tacitus To Caleftrius Tiro

76 To Carinius 7 To Junius Mauricus

110 77 To Triarius To Septitius Clarus

111 78 To Servianus 9 To Erucius

79 To Pontius 10 To Cornelius Tacitus

112 80 To Quintilian 11 To Catilius Severus

81 To Reftitutus 12 To Bebius

82 To Prælens 13 To Voconius Romanus

ibid. 83 To Calphurnia 14 To Paulinus

84 To Saturninus 15 To Nepos

118 85 To Prifcus 16 To Caninius

119 86 To Tufcus 17 To Octavius

ibid. 87 To Saturninus 18 To Priscus

120 88 To Prifcus 19 To Valerianus


89 To Tacitus 20 To Gallus

ibid. 90 To Falco 21 To Mauricus

91 To Rufus az To Cerealis

ibid. 92 To Maximus 23 To Calvitius

125 93 To Septitius 24 To Hifpulia

1 26 94 To Genitor 25 To Macer

127 95 To Cornutus 26 To Severus

96 To Fabacus

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