The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East: With Historical Surveys of the Chief Writings of Each Nation...

Charles Francis Horne
Parke, Austin, and Lipscomb, 1917

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Seite 394 - But Beauty cannot brook Concealment and the veil, nor patient rest Unseen and unadmired : 'twill burst all bonds, And from Its prison-casement to the world Reveal Itself. See where the tulip grows In upland meadows, how in balmy spring It decks itself ; and how amidst its thorns The wild rose rends its garment, and reveals Its loveliness. Thou, too, when some rare thought, Or beauteous image, or deep mystery Flashes across thy soul, canst not endure To let it pass, but hold'st it, that perchance...
Seite 333 - Sweet maid, if thou wouldst charm my sight. And bid these arms thy neck infold; That rosy cheek, that lily hand. Would give thy poet more delight Than all Bocara's vaunted gold, Than all the gems of Samarcand.
Seite 333 - Boy, let yon liquid ruby flow, And bid thy pensive heart be glad, Whate'er the frowning zealots say : Tell them, their Eden cannot show A stream so clear as Rocnabad, A bower so sweet as Mosellay.
Seite 106 - Into fantastic shapes and forms of grace, .Which crowd each nook of that majestic place. The piles give way, the rocky peaks divide, The stream comes gushing on — a foaming tide ! A mighty work, for ages to remain, The token of his passion and his pain. As flows the milky flood from Allah's throne...
Seite 334 - Go boldly forth, my simple lay, Whose accents flow with artless ease, Like orient pearls at random strung : Thy notes are sweet, the damsels say ; But oh ! far sweeter, if they please The nymph for whom these notes are sung!
Seite 334 - ... fate : Ah ! change the theme, And talk of odours, talk of wine, Talk of the flowers that round us bloom: Tis all a cloud, 'tis all a dream ; To love and joy thy thoughts confine, Nor hope to pierce the sacred gloom. Beauty has such resistless power, That even the chaste Egyptian dame...
Seite 128 - The Prophet said that God has declared, "I am not contained in aught above or below, I am not contained in earth or sky, or even In highest heaven. Know this for a surety. O beloved! Yet am I contained in the believer's heart! If ye seek me, search in such hearts!
Seite 334 - Tartars seize their destined prey. In vain with love our bosoms glow : Can all our tears, can all our sighs, New lustre to those charms impart ? Can cheeks, where living roses blow, Where nature spreads her richest dyes...
Seite 114 - Hail to thee, then, O LOVE, sweet madness! Thou who healest all our infirmities! Who art the physician of our pride and self-conceit! Who art our Plato and our Galen! Love exalts our earthly bodies to heaven, And makes the very hills to dance with joy! 0 lover, 'twas love that gave life to Mount Sinai, 4 When "it quaked, and Moses fell down in a swoon.
Seite 401 - To thee, O King, From the Lord Almighty a message I bring : ' Mine eyes have seen her in humble mood ; I heard her prayer when to thee she sued. At the sight of her labours, her prayers, and sighs, The waves of the sea of my pity rise. Her soul from the sword of despair I free, And here from My throne I betroth her to thee.

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