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chief city is Patara, whence one of the tites, called also the Dead er Salt Sea, names of Apollo was Pataræus.

is a lake in Judæa. In Pamphylia is mount Taurus, of Of mountains, there were some withprodigious extent, and which divides all in and others without the walls of Je. Afia into two parts; that to the north rusalem. Moria, on which was built called Alia on this side of Taurus, that the temple of Solomon, was within; to the south, Afia beyond Taurus. the mount of Olives, with the neigh.

Cilicia, now called Carmania. The bouring valley of Jehofapha“, and the city of Tarsus, which was honoured by brook Kedron, were without the walls : the birth and itudies of St. Paul, and the on the western side was mount Calvary, river Cydnus, belong to this country. called also Golgotha, near to which was

Syria is divided into Palestine, Phe- the garden, with the sepulchre in which nicia, Antiochia, Comagene, and Cæle. Christ was laid. Syria.

Samaria was the name of a city and Palestine, in the Scriptures called Ca- country lying between Judæa and Ganaan, or the Holy Land, and Land of lilee, which had been betieged and taPromise, was anciently divided into ken by Salmanaftar king of Affyria. Idumæa, Judæa, Samaria, and Galilee. Among other cities were, Neapolis, On account of iis fertility and great Gamala, and on the coait, Apollonia's abundance, this country is called in Bethel and Dan lay between moun. Scripture, a land flowing with milk and tains : the tower of Strato or Cæfarea honey.

of Palestine Thewed iiself among the Gáza is one of the first cities in Idun principal towns of Galilee, on the coast, mæa ; it was inhabited by the fons remarkable for the magniscence of its of Anak; whole gates, being pulled fructure, which was enlarged by Herod, down by Samson, were carried by his and for the bondage of St. Paul. miraculous strength to a neighbouring On the lake of Genefareth stood Ca. mountain near Hebron. Here also was pernaum, a rich and noble city, which Themnas, in which country Sainson Christ, leaving Nazareth, honoured with flew the lion: also the desert of Ber. his presence, dwelling and performing saba, whicher Agar, Sarah's servant, many miracles there ; also Corazin and with her son limael, fied, being turned Bethsaida, the ruin of which cities was out of doors ; as did Elias, to avoid the foretold by Christ; and Julias, Tibe. menaces of Jefabel.

rias, Magdalum, and Tarachæa: be. Judæa boasts Jerusalem its metropo. tween the lake of Genesareth and the lis, the most famous of all cities in the Phænician sea itood Nazareth, where east, burnt and destroyed by Titus Vef- Christ was brought up; also Cana of pafian. Among other principal cities Galilee, where our Saviour performed belonging to the Jews, and situate near the miracle of turning water into wine. the coait, Alcalon was very confiderable Genefareth was the most famous lake for its strength and riches ; Azotus or in Galilee, so called from the adjacent Asdod ; Jamnia ; Joppa: but in the in- country of Genesar, otherwise the sea land country stood Bethlehem, so re. of Tiberias, from a city on the banks nowned over all the world for the birth thereof. It was also called the sea of of Christ our Saviour; also Jericho, or Galilee, because it was for the greatest the city of palms, which Joshua be- part inclosed in it. Hermon was fafieged. Among the towns and villages med for its dew, one of the most rewas Emmaus, in the way to which markable hills; opposite to which are Christ fewed himself to two of his those of Gilboah, on which Saul, king disciples, the same day on which he of Israel, was flain by the Philistines; rose from the dead; also Bethphage, between these hills is the valley of Jeri Bethany, and Gethsemane.

reel. Thabor was the hill on which Jordan was the principal river in Ju- was the transfiguration of Jesus. dæa, famous for the baptism of Christ Phænicia is divided into Upper Ga. our Saviour, and other miraculous e- lilee, or Galilee of the Gentiles, and vents recorded in Scripture. Asphal.. Syro-Phænicia. Tyre and Sidon were


the greatest cities; and Libanon, Anti. the Atlantic to the west, the Mediterra. Libanon, and Carmel, the highest moun. nean to the north, and the Æthiopic to tains.

the south. Antiochene was called Tetrapolis, on The regions according to which Afri. account of the four following towns, ca is at present distinguished are, Ægypt, Antioch, Apamea, Seleucia, Laodicea. Barbary, Biledulgerid, Sarra in the DeIn this country are, mount Cafius, and sert, the country of Nigritia, Upper and the rivers Belus, Lycus, Adones.

Lower Æthiopia. In Comagene, the last district in Sy Ægypt is divided by the Nile into ria, Samosata was once the capital, no. Upper and Lower : it is eminent for the ted for the birth of Lucian.

cities of Alexandria, Thebes of Ægypt, Cele-Syria, or Syria in the Bottom, Arfinoe, Heliopolis, and Memphis, and is divided into three remarkable dis. near it those ftupendous structures of the tries, Decapolis, Tetrachias, and Pal. pyramids. The metropolis of modern myra. Damascus was formerly the ca. Ægypt is Cairo or Alkair. pital of this kingdom, and of all Syria. The most celebrated river of Ægypt

Mesopotamia, of which Seleucia Mag. is the Nile, which at a certain time of na was anciently one of the principal the year overflows, and discharges itself cities, is fituate between the Tigris and at seven mouths into the Ægyptian sea. Euphrates. Not far from Mefopotamia Barbary comprehends the country of was Babylon, the metropolis of Baby- Barca, the eastern half of which was by lonia in Assyria, eminent for the many the ancients called Cyreniaca; the kingancient accounts given of it. The part dom of Tunis, or Africa minor ; the of Babylonia towards the south is called country of Tripoli ; that of Tremisen, Chaldæa.

including Numidia ; the kingdoms of Arabia is distinguished by the names Fez and Morocco ; and Dara. Tunis of Petræa, the Desert, and Arabia Fe. is the capital of the kingdom of that lix. The first was inhabited by the Na. name; Algiers, infamous

for its pira. bathcei, the Desert, by the Nomades cies, is the metropolis of Tremisen. and Scenitæ ; the last, which abounds Biledulgerid, anciently Gætulia or the with spices and frankincense, by the country of Dates, is bounded on the Saracens, the Minæi, and Sabeans, who fouth by mount Atlas, the highest in had a town called Saba. Of all the all Africa, which old authors have re. mountains in Arabia of the Desert, the ported to shine with frequent fires in most famous was that of Sinai, distin. the night, and to resound with the songs guished by the delivery of the law of of Satyrs and Ægipans, and the noise of God.

drums and cymbals. The most remarkable modern cities in Sarra or Zaara of the Desert, anthat part of Asia already described are, ciently Lybia interior, consists of imDamascus, Aleppo, Alexandretta, Tri- menfe deserts, with dens and retreats of poli of Syria, and Mecca in Arabia wild beasts, and reaches from mount Felix, eminent for the birth of Mo. Atlas to the River Niger. hammed.

The country of Nigritia is washed by Lefbus, Chius, Samus, and Cos, are the Niger, the noblest river in Africa; the principal islands in the Ægean sea ; and is divided into several districts, the Cyprus and Rhodes in the Aliatic sea; chief of which is Guinea ; the coast of the first of these islands was anciently which, from the quantity of gold found dedicated to Venus, the other had a co- there, is called the Golden coaft. lossal itatue of the Sun, which was one Æthiopia is divided into Upper or of the seven wonders of the world. the kingdom of Abyffinia, and Lower,

and the regions of Congo, Monomota§ 28. AFRICA.

pa, Cafreria, Zangibar, Ajan, Nubia,

and Troglodytica. Africa is the greatest peninsula in the The most noted inhabitants of Africa world, being joined to Afia by a narrow among the ancients were the Ægypifthmus: it has the Red Sea to the east, tians, who contended with the Scythi



ans for the antiquity of their nation, New Mexico or Grenada, with the and were the inventors of many arts. town of Santa Fe. Besides these were the Nafamones, Psyl. Louisiana, with the city of New Orli, Nomades, Troglodytæ, Garamantes, leans. Mauri, Gætuli, Nubii, Nigritiæ, Æthi Florida, with the city of St. Augustin. opes Anthropophagi, or Canibals, now Canada, in which the principal town called Caffres or Hottentots.

is Quebec. The greatest island near the African Nova Scotia, principal town Halifax, coast is that of Madagascar, discovered Principal rivers in North America are, in 1492; the islands of Cape Verd, Ma. St. Laurence, and Miffislipi. deira, and the Canaries, with that of South America is divided into the St. Thomas and St. Helena in the Æthi. following great parts : Terra Firma, opic sea, deserve notice,

with the city of Panama; Peru, in

which is Lima; Brasil, with St. Sal. $ 29. AMERICA. vador ; Land of the Amazons; Chili,

in which is St. Jago ; Paraguay, with It is bounded on the north by the the town called Affumption ; MagelArctic Lands; on the south by the Itraits lanic lands. of Magellan, which separate it from Principal rivers in South America are, Terra del Fuego ; on the ealt by the the Rio de la Plata, and Amazon. Atlantic or Western ocean ; on the west The chief of the American islands are by the Pacific or South sea.

as follows: Newfoundland, Cape Bre. The whole continent of America is ton, Bermudas, &c. divided into north and south, by a narrow ifthmus passing between them. § 30. ISLANDS in the West INDIES.

In North America are the following Cuba, Hispaniola or St. Domingo, countries :

Jamaica, Porto Rico, Barbadoes, LuNew England,

of which the cayos or Bahama Illes ; the Antilles or New Hampshire, \principal town Caribbees ; with many others of less Connecticut,

is Boston.

Rhode Island,
New York,
New York.

§ 31. Arctic LANDS.
New Jersies,

Elizabeth-town The lands included under this name Pennfylvania,

are New Guinea, which lies to the Delaware,

east of the Molucco islands in the East Maryland, Baltimore Indies; New Britain, a little to the east Virginia, Williamsburg of New Guinea ; New Holland, to the North Carolina, Edenton fouth of the Moluccos; Van Diemen's South Carolina, Charles-town land, to the south-east of New Hol. Georgia,

Savannah. land; the Terra Australis, to the southArctic Lands, New Wales, Green. west of the Cape of Good Hope in land.

Africa; the lands of the Holy Spirit, Labrador or New Britain.

which lie about 20 degrees to the east New Albion, California.

of New Holland; and New Zeland, Mexico or New Spain, in which is which lies as many to the east of Van the city of Mexico.

Diemen's land.

United States.

} Philadelphia

A New

A New CHRONOLOGICAL Table of Remarkable Events,

Discoveries, and Inventions :

Also, the Æra, the Country, and Writings of Learned Men. The whole comprehending in one View, the Analysis or Outlines of General History from

the Creation to the present Time.


4004 HE creation of the world, and Adam and Eve.

The birth of Cain, the first who was born of a woman. 3017 Enoch, for his piety, is tranlated into Heaven. 2348 The old world is destroved by a deluge which continued 377 days. 2247 The Tower of Babel is built about this time by Noah's pofterity, upon

which God miraculously confounds their language, and thus disperses

them into different nations. About the same time Noah is, with great probability, supposed to have

parted from his rebellious offspring, and to have led a colony of some of the more tractable into the East, and there either he or one of his

successors to have founded the ancient Chinese monarchy. 2234 The celestial observations are begun at Babylon, the city which first gave

birth to learning and the sciences. 2188 Misraim, the son of Ham, founds the kingdom of Egypt, which lasted

1663 years, down to the conquest of Cambyses, in 525 before Christ. 2059 Ninus, the son of Belus, founds the kingdom of Affyria, which lasted above

1000 years, and out of its ruins were formed the Assyrians of Babylon,

those of Nineveh, and the kingdom of the Medes. 1921 The covenant of God made with Abram, when he leaves Haran to go into

Canaan, which begins the 4 30 years of sojourning. 1897 The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed for their wickdness, by

fire from Heaven. 1856 The kingdom of Argos, in Greece, begins under Inachus. 1822 Memnon, the Egyptian, invents the letters. 1715 Promethus first struck fire from Aints. 1635 Joseph dies in Egypt, which concludes the book of Genesis, containing a

period of 2369 years. 1574 Aaron born in Egypt: 1490, appointed by God firft high-priest of the If

raelites. 1571 Moses, bro:her to Aaron, born in Egypt, and adopted by Pharaoh's

daughter, who educates him in all the learning of the Egyptians. 1556 Cecrops brings a colony of Saites from Egypt into Attica, and begins the

kingdom of Athens, in Greece. 1546 Scamander comes from Crete into Phrygia, and begins the kingdom of

Troy. 1493 Cadmus carried the Phænician letters into Greece, and built the citadel of

Thebes. 1491 Mofes performs a number of miracles in Egypt, and departs from that

kingdom, together with 600,000 Ifraelites, besides children ; which completed the 430 years of sojourning. They miraculously pass through the Red Sea, and come to the desert of Sinai, where Moses receives from God, and delivers to the people, the Ten Commandments, and the cher laws, and sets up the cabernacle, and in it the ark of the covenani.

1405 The


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148; The first tip that appeared in Greece was brought from Egypt by Danaus,

who arrived at Rhodes, and brougbe with him his fifty daughters. 1453 The first Olympic games celebrated at Olympia, in Greece. 1452 The Pentateuch, or five first books of Moses, are written in the land of

Moab, where he died the year following, aged 110. 1451 The Ifraelites, after sojourning in the wilderness forty years, are led ua.

der loua into the land of Canaan, where they fix themselves, after

having subdued the natives; and the period of the fabbatical year com1406 Iron is found in Greece from the accidental burning of the woods. 1198 The rape of Helen by Paris, which, in 1193, gave rise to the Trojan war,

and hege of Troy by the Greeks, which continued ten years, when that

city was taken and burnt. 1043 David is fele king of Israel. 1004 The Temple is folemnly dedicated by Solomon. 895 Elijah, the prophet, is translated to Heaven. $94 Money first made of gold and silver at Argos. 869 The city of Carthage, in Africa, founded by queen Dido. 814 The kingdom of Macedon begins. 753 Æra of the building of Rome in Italy by Romulus, first king of the Ro. 720 Samaria taken, after three years fiege, and the kingdom of Israel finished,

by Salmanasar, king of Assyria, who carries the ten tribes into cap


The first eclipse of the moon on record. 659 Byzantium (now Conttantinople) built by a colony of Athenians. 604 By order of Necho, king of Egypt, fome Phænicians failed from the Red

Sea round Africa, and returned by the Mediterranean. 600 Thales, of Miletus, travels into Egypt, consults the priests of Memphis,

acquires the knowledge of geometry, astronomy, and philosophy ; returns to Greece, calculates eclipses, gives general notions of the uni. verse, and maintains that one Supreme Intelligence regulates all its mo

tions. Maps, globes, and the signs of the Zodiac, invented by Anaximander, the

scholar of Thales.' 597 Jehoiakin, king of Judah, is carried away captive, by Nebuchadnezzar, to

Babylon. 587 The city of Jerusalem taken, after a fiege of 18 months. 562 The first comedy at Athens acted upon moveable scaffold. 559 Cyrus the first king of Persia. 538 The kingdom of Babylon finished ; that city being taken by Cyrus, who,

in 536, issues an edict for the return of the Jews. 534 The first tragedy was acted at Athens, on a waggon, by Thespis. 526 Learning is greatly encouraged at Athens, and a public library first

founded. 515 The second Temple at Jerusalem is finished under Darius. 509 Tarquin, the seventh and last king of the Romans, is expelled, and Rome

is governed by two consuls, and other republican magiftrates, till the

battle of Pharsalia, being a space of 465 years. 504 Sardis taken and burnt by the Athenians, which gave occasion to the Per

fian invasion of Greece. 486 Æschylus, the Greek poet, first gains the prize of tragedy. 481 Xerxes the Great, king of Persia, begins his expedition against Greece. 458 Ezra is sent from Babylon to Jerusalem, with the captive Jews, and the

vessels of gold and filver, &c. being seventy weeks of years, or 490 years before the crucifixion of our Saviour.

454 The

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