The Royal Military Chronicle VOL.IV May,1812


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Seite 290 - By command of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty.
Seite 381 - D'Urban's cavalry, were left at Cabrerizes, on the right of the Tormes, as the enemy had still a large corps on the heights above Babilafuente, on the same side of the river ; and I considered it not improbable that finding our army prepared for them in the morning, on the left of the Tormes, they would alter their plan, and manoeuvre by the other bank. " In the course of the night of the 21st I received intelligence, of the truth of which I •could not doubt, that General...
Seite 289 - ... This pension, being granted as a compensation for the injury sustained, is to be held together with any other pay and allowances to which such officer may be otherwise entitled, without any deduction on account thereof. Officers who shall have lost more than one limb or eye, shall be entitled to the pension for each eye or limb so lost. And as the pension is not to commence till the expiration of a year and...
Seite 374 - I have the honour to transmit to your lordship a copy of a letter I have received from Colonel Cox, late governor of Almeida, and a copy of the capitulation of that place.
Seite 382 - Dos Arapiles, which the enemy held. The 1st and light divisions occupied the ground on the left, and were in reserve. " The attack upon the enemy's left was made in the manner above described, and completely succeeded.
Seite 88 - Pacha of Bender, who had no mind to offer violence to the Swedish Monarch, received with eagerness the offers of these two Ministers. They had two conferences at Bender, in -which they were assisted by the Usher of the Seraglio and the Grand Master of the horse, who had brought the Sultan's order and the Mufti's Fetfa.
Seite 300 - Return of killed, wounded, and missing, of the army under the command of his Excellency General Viscount Wellington, K B.
Seite 382 - I placed behind the village of Arapiles, on the right of the 4th division, and with the 6th and 7th divisions in reserve ; and as soon as these troops had taken their stations...
Seite 248 - Were it permitted for a soldier to regret any one who has fallen in the service of his country, I might be excused for lamenting him, more than any other person; but it is some consolation to those who tenderly loved him, that as his life was honourable, so was his death glorious. His memory will be recorded in the annals of his country — will be sacred to every British soldier, and embalmed in the recollection of a grateful posterity.
Seite 114 - "'Well," replied the king, "what has the bomb to do with the letter I am dictating to you? Go on.

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