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[blocks in formation]

The great Square. At the right corner, in cious and very large window on the second front, Gripe's house, with a low door on its floor. To the left, in front, near Hunks's side to the Square, and over the door a window; house is a draw well, surrounded by a low some paces backward toward the centre of the wall, whereon are fired two strong posts, with Stage, rises a large quadrangular pyramid ; a cross bar at top, to support a large pulley. at the left corner of the Square, in front, stands Two opposite Streets open into the Square. At HUNKS's house, viewed in profile ; in its side their entrance are set up large globe lamps, fucing the audience, are two windows, the low- custing a strong light over the whole Scene.

er defended by iron' bars, from top to bottom. Other Buildings, as mosques, minarets, dwelling

Lively, appearing at Hunks's upper window, houses, &c. compleat the sides of the Square, to

hems and coughs repeatedly, as signals to the distant flat scene, which affords a night

HARRIET. prospect of the Sea and Harbour, shut out by u Litely. Hem! hem !-She does not hear me, slutely iron palisade. Near it, on the right sure, I'll sing then. hand, a single house projects-huding one spa


gone, thens



What pigeon soever they pluck,

With his plumes I shall feather my aest. At eve sweet Philomel's fond lay,

They fling, they ding,
His Philomela cheers ;

They sucar, they tear,
So love, whom spies o'er awe by day,

While snug I look on and sit still:
Casts off at night his fears. į Listens, For, well I trow,

Blow high, blow low,
Hush !—no, all quiet—her window still shut-

Euch puff will bring grist to my mill. Ah !-her uncle's within-[Listens]- Eh!--no; [Unlocks his door in a hurry, goes in, and try again-Hem! hem !

Sings louder. shutsit. At the same moment Husks cona

forward. At eve sweet Philomel's fond lay, jlis Philomela cheers.

Hunks. Mr. Gossip Gripe!-- Well, be's

hous'd—And now, to reconncitre iny scene of HARRIET, attended by Jenny, shews herself at action (surveying the Pyramid accurately] Here

Gripe's window ; she opens it, and in a low then it is, underneath this pyramid-thatvoice answers, singing to the latter strain they have deposited the carcase of his luftshup of the same Air.

-and along with its all his gold, -- lus plate

his dianioints--his-hugging himseli. Love though disguis'd by fears all day,

O Hunks! Funks! what a galloon were bere By night unmask'd appears.

-Acapulco ! Lire. [Pleased.] My Harriet !-your uncle's

AIR. Hár. Gone-and yours?

My dear treasure always niyh me, Live. Gone 100~Shall we down into the

Night and day my strong box by me ; Square.

Still to spy it, Jenny. Hist! hist! -some one coming

Try it, I protest, Mr. Lively-- your uncle Hunks

Eye it, tire, retire, and let him pass.


And kneel, LIVELY retires, shutting his window.

They keep theirs half shut, watching Hunks's mo

And deity it. tions. Hunks eniers slowly from the left

O what transport to behold, side, stops now and then, peeping round.

What delight to chink my gold. Hunks. Amurrain scize the inventor of these

Mahomet's a scurzy pro het, tell-tale lamps the very bane of all clandes

His fool's paradise, I scoffit tine enterprise !Why, here, 'tis as light as day

Think to gull folks with his Houris! now—I'fecks, we might as well have no night

Beggur wenches without doaries ! at all-Then those damnd Janizaries-ever

Had he feign'd his heaven of pelf, lastingly patrolling-and prying-Vexation upon

I'd have been a Turk myself. vexation !-llowever, 'tis luckily rather latish -and, this—a solitary quarter.---Who knows?

Lively. [Aside, opening his window soll.]

Pest seize him! will he never be gone! chance to execute my scheme stillmay [Sees Gripe at a distance. -Paah! what inter

(Shuts il. loper now?[Sleps aside to observe.

Hunks. [ Again surveying the Pyrumid.] No Jenny. [At the windoro secing Gripe.)—Soh! child's play, to make a breach here must get --here comes t'other squeeze-list-Gripe bim-help,Itecks:( Ponders.]Gripeves the very stick self--away, Miss, away.

- but he—He'll be for going snacks-well, tetier give half than lose all-Ay, ay-and lere he

comes just in the nick. Enter Gripe pleased, draws forth a large bunch [GRIPE comes forth, locks his door, end of keys.

pockets the keys.) Gripe. Such a gull-ha! ha! ha!-Bled so Safe bind

Gripe. (To, himself, 'while locking the door.)

-safe find- -Forage abroad, but freely !-but, no tick-no, no, the rooks would not tick-Pise on it! he has had a devilish guard at home--Pise on't-how I loiter — tumble ;-Well, well---speed the plough-his

[Hobbling away, Hunes calls afler.

Hunks. Gripe ! -Gossip Gripe loss, iny gain-Twenty per cent premium, and

Gripe. (Looking back with a nod.) Good tivo per cent by the hour-no bad Tontine.

night-Can't stay

Hunks. A moment-Lord, man !-what's your AIR.

hurry? Let the novice depend on his luck,

Gripe. (Coming back.] Hurry !why On his science the gambler profest;

Squander, the young factor-fallen in at hazard yonder, with some knowing ones—is fleeced


soused—broke down-So, I'mn fetching him a my neice too—but, by your leave-I forbid the supply-Two hundred pieces.

banns there—They'd instantly call us to account Hunks. [ Earnestly.) And at what interest? for their fortunes. Gripe. Pise on it-a mere nothing—Two per Hunks. They would—and be ever gaping,

yaping at ours-But-we waste time-Come, Hunks. [In surprise.] Are you turn'd fool? come along with me, to get the implements for --Two per cent ?

our enterprize. Gripe. Av- -by the hour,

Gripe. Can't you as well step for them yourHunks. Oh! cry you mercy

-But Gossip! selt?---one business must not obstruct another--{with a mysterius air.] Observe that I'll but carry my spark this cash-just hard by— Pyramid -Yesterday, in a vault-be- and be back presently. Exeunt severally. neath that Pyramid

--was interred the late Mufti Gripe. [With indifference.) Well-peace be

As the two Misers are going off, Harriet with him.

appears at her window, attended by JENNY; Hunks, Y-e-s—and his rhino with us! for

they make signs of great joy, then retire as

descending into the square ; in the mean you must know-that, here in Smyrna-when a Mufti dies--they bury all his riches with him

time, Lively unscrewing a bar of his window,

leaps down and runs to meet HARRIET--they do, i'tecks.

JENNY withdraws to watch. Gripe. Indeed?-in that case—'twou'd scarce vex a man to die. Hunks. It does mitigateto be sure.

AIR-DUET. Gripe. [-4fter u pause.] All his riches buried with liim? [Eying ihe Pyramid, then eagerly to Har. They're gone, and our flames we may HUNKS.) Pise on it, Gossip !-here were a ven- freely rereal. ture now ! Eh?

Lively. that transport in this precious moHunks. (Seening to hesitate.) And yet! ment I feel. have my scruples ----A’n't it a sin, think you!

My Harriet. -so rich a prize!


- My Lively, Gripe. We're to go halves !


My Harriet. Hunks. A sacrilege? eh !


My Lirely. Gripe. Not if we go halves.

Lively. In vain they our hearts would dissever.

1 I love, and will love you for ever ; RECITATIVE.

llar. I In vain they our hearts would dissever.

Lively. For Harriet I live, and for Harriet Gripe. Indeed had he a Christian been,

would die. Ilunks. 0, ay, had he a christian been,

Har. Ah! Lively I swear, and this heart Gripe. Nice casuists might perhaps !

cannot lie,
Might, what?

I will ne'er be but yours.
-Pronounce it sin, Lively.

What ! Never ?

Nor ever will I be but yours.


What! Never ?

Lively. No, never will I be but yours. Gripe. But a vile Turka Mufti too.


Though Gripe locks his doors. Hunks. --- Yes, Turk-und Blufti too.

(Pointing to the door open.

Lively. [Points to the unscrewed bar.] Though Gripe. } 4 foenor wine, 'tis true, 'lis true. -A foe to wine, 'tis true, 'tis true.

his windows Hunks yrates. Let's take.

Har. Love loves to make fools of such Hunks. - Let's seize on all he left.

wury grey putes. 'Tis laroful spoil,


Love loves to over-reach such designo Gripe. Noi sinful theft.

ing bald pates. Huks. 'Tis lawful spoil, not sinful theft.

Deign lore then to guide us,
[They shake hands and are going off, when

Lively appcurs at his window.

Nor suffer these grubs to divide us.

-Oh! Never!

Lively. Rot them, will they sleep here ?-Ah!

Deign lore then to guide us for ever. he saw me.

Shuts it. Lively. They shall not divide us; no, Never. Gripe. [Turning hastily] Ha! somebody at that window methought!

Jenny. (Rejoining them.] Well, my dears, Hunks. My hopeful nephew, 'tis like-a scape- since upright love is your motive, and downright grace! but, i'fecks, I shall soon rid my hands of matrimony vour end, -I thing, I must e'en beat lim-I'll shut him up in a mad-house! about to bring you together.

Gripe. An excellent scheme !-Ay, ay, clean Lively. (Eagerly. But, when, dear Jenny? straw and a dark cell. The whipster flirts with when?

For ever,

stops us?

Jenny. Sooner, perhaps, than you imagine, servant, kind Mr. Squander !-will you any more --Miss has an aunt in Dublin--Lady Mild- Rouleaus, at the same discount? hee, hee, tee

, may-her heart and house are open to you.

-I ha' totted it up-200 pistoles, at two per

cent by the hour, will amount, in six montes, AIR, (with interest upon interest) to about 20.000l


sterling. Good! good !-Pise on it! I'll have Haste, let us fly from this land of oppression, an execution in petto-then, souse—his magaWhere beauty is led like a pig in a string ;

zines-his town house—his villa-all mine, all A heurt that's divided, to share in succession, mine.-Come, come, -upon the whole, no dear

My mind (too exalted) I never can bring. purchase. A bird in hand's an old erpression,

AIR. That two in the bush is not one in possession ; We'll bring the proud infidels to a confession, If the proverb has truly asserted, Thut women have souls as well as the men. That a fool and his cash soon are parted,

Like truth in the contrary it lies; Quick, then, away to an island of pleasure, That, who has it, and keeps it, is wise, Where each happy female may do as they please, Fools are spouts,whence the rich torrent rushes,

Where liberty's reckon'd the choicest of treasure; We, the cisterns, to save all that gushes; Then fly, and the kind opportunity seize.

And prevent it from running to waste.

While the ninnies The bird in hand's an old erpression,

Are melting their guineas, That two in the bush is not one in possession ;

Some lurking regret still within is, We'll bring the proud infidels to a confession,

But ae, without a sigh,
That women have souls as well as the men.


what they let fly;

envy we, and they our jest. Lively. Why are not we gone then? What Jenny, Stops !What stops many an hopeful [Pulls out his bunch of keys, and unlocks his project? lack of cash— Looking archly at him.)

door leading the key in the lock; lica

calls JENNY. Are you fush, Sir? [He shakes his head sorrowfully. So I thought-and therefore hold

Gripe. Jenny! Jenny! I say. it bad policy to leave all Miss's fortune, all

Jenny. [Abuve at the window.) Sir. her Mama's effects, in Gripe's clutches

Gripe. Fetch hither my supper, hussy. Cheer up, however-a lucky crisis may come,

Jenny. Your every day, supper, sir?' and trust me for not letting it slip.

Gripe. Yes, and the bottle of Cyprus wine. Lively. Infernal muck-worms- -'Sdeath! I

[Exit Jenny. He takes a turn in the square, grow wild with resentment; but you, my love,

Towards Hunks's house.] I have made too good

a day's work on't, to grudge myself wine at ---you seem quite unconcern'd.

Har. Pardon me, dear Lively !—I feel the night. utmost contempt of their depravity, mixed with

Lively. [Softly opening the wiudow.) What is

he muttering there. a kind of pity for my uncle's foible.—But [Tuking his hand, and looking fondly at him.] the

Gripe. [To himself, coming just under the truth is that

window.] À lucky day has this been, both to

Hunks and me -and to-morrow, he'll pin up AIR.

the basket, by getting that nephew of his continet.

Lively. (Aside.] How, how?—tbe fusty kidAt thy presence, vengeful passion,

napper ! -confined:- I shall give him the slip, Enoy, hate, and indignation,

though. [Withdraws, shutting the windos. From this tranquil bosom fly. Wealth, by gold, let miscreants measure, GRIPE, retreating towards his own door, is set Be but Lively's heart my treasure,

by Jenny, carrying a morsel of bread, a

a phil Gripe will be less rich thun I.

bottle half full of wine, and a diminutite glass,

on a pewter plate. Jenny. In, in, get ye in-here's Gripe a-coming:

Jenny. Here, sir Har. My uncle! () lud! I shall die in fright,

Gripe. [Eating and holding the glass to be [Runs into the house with Jenny, who locks fill'd] What's Harriet a doing? the door.

Jenny. Waiting for you-we have not suppd. Lively. [Leaping in at his window, and replac- Gripe. Well,

you may -[Sips.]-go to bed ing the bar.] Plague welcome him.

-To himself:] Mufti

Jenny. Best go in doors, sir. Enter Gripe, walking leisurely, with a parch

Gripe. (Walks to and fro, mounching and ment bond in his hand.

sipping.] No-[Aside.) warm Gripe. Here's ti.e bond-stamp'd and all- Mufties !--[To her.]-I sha'n't come bonuse, to

rogues, Tour

night, may-hap-{Holds out the glass to be filld.) Jenny. [To Harriet.] Joy! joy !-the deeds! a plumb, at least.

1 Aside. --the chatiles I have them all.-Now, my Jenny. (Staring at him, but not filling.] Why, turtles, we take wing- -{Recollecting.) sir—'tis wine-(Louder.) wine, sir.

hang it! -I forgot-Here, these-Delivers Gripe. Eh?-Pise on't! I wasn't minding. them in a hurry. Be careful of the contents; Here, lock up-[Giving the glass, and remnunt I'll be back immediately.

[Erit, of bread] this for to-morrow-O! a mint ! a Har. O gemini! What a load of finery !mine!-the Indies !--In ertucy.] I fly, I fy. Come, Lively! let's sit down and lay them all

(Hurries away, leaving his keys. in order. [They sit on the wall of the draw well, Jenny. [Looking after him. Quite frantic, I placing apron and basket between them, then declare----[Going in) and has forget--nay, as runge the parcels out of the one into the other. I am alive, he has (Runs in with the things, then And first this bundle of-bonds, I suppose, at seizes the keys, and calls aloud)-Mr. Lively!- | bottom. Miss Harriet! [They look out.] Come down. Lively. Next, this band-box in the corner [They disappear as to descend, then turning over -So—and here on this side,-the casket of the keys.) ay,—this is the key of his den—this jewels. of the iron door to his closet—and this--[To Har. Stay, let me just take a peep-Oh! Lively and Harriet] see here my lambkins ! the Lively! such noble brilliant crisis is come ; Gripe has forgot his keys-See! Lively. With what delight shall I see my angel --Le said he should not be at home to-night-wear them !-ah! Harriet ! how enchanting is But there's no tristing to that-So while I step that look !-while your eyes thus tenderly shoot in, stay you here, and watch—I'll not return into mine. 'tis perfect extacy! empty-handed, I promise you.

[Springs to embrace her. (Runs joyfully into the house. Har. [Resentfully.] How now, sir? what Lively. Faith!' iny dearest Harriet! 'twas liberty? (Takes his hand off the basket to repel high time do you know that my vile uncle him, the basket and apron fall into the well, she is plotting to get me confined ?

screams.] Oh heavens the basket's dropt into Har. Confined !-on what pretext?

the well. Live. Madness, I suppose-But let him catch me if he can, -The tables are now

Enter Jenny, who overhears her, and screams. turned, and our escape secured past prevention. Jenny. Heavens and earth, into the well! Har. I am on thorns to embark

-My heart

[He turns away in confusion. presages we shall be happy in Europe.

Har. [Whimpering.) A giddy pate—with his

Hoydenish pranks-

Lively. I was sure she had hold on't-S0,-
Forlune no more malicious,

in my transportLove to our vows propitious,

Jenny. (Provoked.] Transport; nonsense ! Wait but to crown our wishes,

yes, yes-We're finely on our way now-Lovers! In Europe 'till we land.

lovers, say I-[Wringing her hands.] wretch! Lively. Here knavish uncles spite us,

Lively. Patience, Jenny !-Can't I go down Thither gay hopes invite us.

for them? Hymen will there unite us,

Jenny. [Eagerly.) Egad, that's true and In his delighting band.

by my troth, so you shall, [Ironically.) Mr.

Transport. Har. Fortune no more, &c.

Har. (Alarm'd.] into the well; Lirely. Here knavish uncles, 8c,

[Runs to look down into it. Har. Steady still, will ye love me ? Eh? Steady, Steady.

Lively. Steady, to death, l'ul prove-Yea.
Steady, steady.

Sure you have lost your senses,
Ilar. Steady wilt thou, 8c.

Look down,—the depth immense is : Lively. Steady to death. &c.

No bottom can I see. Har. O then ! blest and blessing,

Bless us! how could you think of it,
Lively. Carest- -caressing,

He sha'n't approach the brink of it,
Possest- -possessing,

But, in to plunge ! what he ;
No uncles to withstand.

Oh, no, I'll never agree.

Our hearts we may expand. 1 Oh then! blest, &c.

Jenny. La! what are you so afraid of ?-'tis Lively. S Oh then! blest, 8c,

really not deep; and besides, has been dry this

long while. [Jenny comes forth, erulting on her arm a Lively. Looking up at the pulley.] Ay, but

basket crammed full, in her hand a band-box there's never a rope. -a casket, und parcels of paper, wrapt up in Jenny. We can take the rope and bucket of an upron.

Gripe's well.-Corne, let's in a bit, for the pre

that I am.

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