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sent—The patrole will be going their rounds, orderly and silent.—One thing more—I hate and they must not surprise us.

intelligence of a tavern here about ; where in [Ereunt into Gripe's house, und shuts the door. mockery of our holy law—wine is privily sold to

the true believers—Those quarters I shall beat

up; and, if the wine be good, maraude it-for cu The Grand March is played. Enter Ali, at the -secret service-Whisker of mahomet, there's

head of the Janizaries, marching in files. Halts nothing like maintaining strict order and dsin the middle of the square.

cipline--make ready-march. Ali. Don't you observe, lads, the nocturnal

stillness of this city, ever since our corps has
mounted guard here?

All march round the stage, singing.
Osman. True, Captain-every body allows it.
Ali. [Strutting importantly. Let's keep it up

The guard their midnight rounds begin, then.-Hearken to your orders- -hem ! hem! Let ull retire! let cease all din; --To you, Osman-for this night, I consign half

Home, home, without delaying ; the corps, and half the city; west ward.

No murmur ! no gainsaying ; You, Mustapha ! with the remainder, follow me

Hush ! high and low degree, --this square shall be our place of rendez

So wills our Lord Cadi, Must. In faith, noble captain, a masterly

(Osman, and his party file off to the left; All with his to the right. (Exeunt

. Ali, Now take beed all let your march be

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[ Exit

SCENE I.-The Square.

His shall, be the art of thieving;

Mine but that of bare receiving. Enter Gripe alone, walking circumspectly Gad, if I ben't sharp and sly. about the Square, peeping and listening on

He'll clap flum'ry to my cye. all sides.

Enter from Gripe's House, Lively, with • RECITATIVE accompanied.

long rope in his hand, Jenny with a bucket,

and Harriet following. Gripe. If it were done, when’tis done,Then 'twere well,

Lively. Escape ? ay, sure, nothing to stop us It were done quickly. —there's a ship sails in the morning-her capTh' attempt and not the deed, confounds us- taim is my acquaintance, and has engaged in strictly.

take us on board. The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures, Hur. Lucky tho'—that my uncle stays abroad -Then - we shall both be Cræsus's

-if vic- all night. tors.Ill felch Hunks-(ponders) May I trust him

AIR. on this job? Besides the rigour of these Turkish laws.

Like the tuneful linnet gay, To swing-forfeit my wealthAy there's the Long I sported in the may, rub,

And echo heurd my chearful call;
Must give us pause.

I just cou'd tattle,

Chirp and prattle ;

I just could sing and that was all:

But now 1 perch, and plume, and pride,
What a cursed hole I'm in,

And more than tattle,
Yet must on thro' thick and thin.

Chirp and prattle,
If my gossip HUNKS should peach,

I now can sing and love beside.
I'm within the Cadi's reach.
After all'tis a crack rope venture,

Lively. Yes, we shall be under sail ere miss'd
He the vault alone shall enter.

-( Mounting on the breast wall and slipping

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. (TO HINES Hush, hush, do not barei.

I tell you.

the rope into the pulley)-0 gad! how gaily

201d Nick must sure hove conjur'd'em we shall live in Ireland, upon the funds of this

Jenny. well-[leaps down and hands the rope's end to Lively. [Below.] hawl, hawl uwuy, hawl. Jenny.] Ireland ! my Harriet, that's your true Har. [To Live.] female paradise. There you'll all be queens,

He will ruin us all. empresses, sultanas-eh, Jenny?

Lively. I'm ready, what makes you delay? Jenny. ( Hunging the bucket over the well.] Har. Our uncles are coming this

way. Ay, ay-well, this is secur'd-All's ready. Jenny. There's company coming this way.

llar. Lively Come, then-down I go.

7 We're forc'd to retire, Har. But harkye—are you sure there's no


Blood and fire ! danger.

Jenny. Hate patience 'Squire.

Har. Jenny. Danger ? why, the well is quite dry

We're surely caught if we stay,

Lively. You'll keep me here 'till tis duy, (Lively sits upon the wall, and puts his feet Jenny. Ercuse this little delay.

in the bucket, while they take hold oj' the rope. .

The Women escape into Gripe's house, and shut

the door. Enter on the left (Iunks carrying AIR-TRIO.

a lantern, followed by Gripe carrying a ladder and an Iron crow ; as they advance,

Lively, in the well, continues calling to Ilar. [To Jenny.] Hold the rope fast-hold

[To Live.] For you I'm in pain, my Lively. Hawl, hawl away, hawl.

Hunks. [Hearing the voice turns short.] Eh? Lively. Il'hy shou'd you dread disaster ? saying Gossip

Kind love is my guide, never fear. Gripe. Nothing I-Wasn't it you that spoke? Har.

I wou'd it were past, Hunks. No! (Luys down the sledge neur the (TO JENNY.] -Now, now, hold fust, well, Gripe throwns doan the crou. Lively. To both.] - The worst is past,

Gripe. [Groaning.] Oh! pise on it ! this Jenny: (To Har] S-1 do hold fast. damnd ladder has broke my back. (Goes to set Har. La ! I'm in a terrible fright.


bencati the deep window of the distant Lively. Now down I go. (gradually disap. house. Jenny. -So, so, so, so.

Bunks. What's the matter man?--"No gains Lively. - And the inot ion's slow,

without pains," i'fecks--[ Takes the lantern to Har. -Have a cure below.

eramine the pyramid.] Now, how to set about Lively. You're nothing to do but hold tight, this job. Jenny.

We all shall be made by this night, Gripe. [Eramines it likeu ise.] Why, this Har. Ah! now he's quite out of sight. whole front is but one single stone.

[Is at the bottom. Hunks. Just hit it with your sledge. Jeany. (To Live.) The basket - Pray save it,

(Claps his ears to it. Lively. I have it,

Gripe. (Striking gently in different parts.) Har.

-I'm glad he's got no hurt, Well, bow does it sound? Jenny. [To Live.] The casket-don't leave it. Hunks. Hollow, hollow- This must be the Lively. - I've pick'd 'em both out of the entrance, i'fecks, gossip, and that same stone dirt,

we must force out. Jenny. [To Lively.] Nert find the cloth. {Takes up the sledge and Gripe the crow. Lively.

-I'll get it.
Har, [To Jen. and Live.] Deuce take ye

both, I'm fretted.
Lively. All's safe, and now let us retreat, Gripe. Now gossip, now gossip, strike home.

Now let us retreat. Hunks. And you too, good gossip strike home, Har. S

Let us retreat. Gripe. 7 We'll soon make a breach in this tomb. [To boih.)- Don't loiter thus,

S Strike it harder, I uurrant 'twill
For I'm in fuss

For fear we be caught in the street. Hunks.
[JENNY turning about, sees Gripe Gripe.
and Hunks at a distance.

Once more. Jenny: (To Ilar.] Who are these two coming Hunks. -Once more; the mortar is crumbling, yonder

Gripe. 'Tis crumbling--I now see the joint; Har. -coming yonder ?

-"Tis lumbling, Good lack ! our uncles,

Hunks. 'Tis tumbling, stick to the point. Jenny. Your uncles, I swear. Gripe.

Stick to the point. Har. - What brings 'ern home so soon I wonder.


} Let's stick to the point,

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Taill come, { 'ill come.


Gripe. –Pray hand me the crow.

Hunks. (Below.] Find ?-i'fects, I find a - Now double your blow.

thing ;-but this—Turk's cloak. Hunks. I will strike, while you pinck. Gripe. (Impatiently.] Pise on it! what he Gripe. It comes, It comes inch by inch.

the booby Hung up here?- (Eramines it. Tape Huoks. It comes,

ty rag, wot. [Going nearer to the cault.) Th Gripe, -Now strike-it comes.

gold-the diamond's man ! -That's all you best Hunks. Now pinch-it comes.

mind. Guipes — It comes inch by inch.

Hunks. (Throwing out a turban.] There, ther: 2- Mufti's cap for you.

Gripe. [Growing angry.] Mafti yours Hunks . ---It totters,} To fall it begins.

sirrah. (Stamps on the turban, leans into: Gripe. Look to your shins.

vault and bawls.) What the devil are you aber: Hunks. Look to your shins.

- The gold, I say,—The jewels-are Gripe. Look! look to your shins.

mad? Hunks. ) Zooks ! look to your shins.

Hunks. No such geer, i'fecas-not a jat eis [The stone tumbling with noise shews the unless you'll ha' the corpse. entrance of the vault, defended by an Gripe. O bo! -you want to keep all

, á iron portcullis. They, mean while, throw- you ? —These your tricks?-ay, I suspected a ing aside their tools, advance to the front much.

of the stage, and embrace exultingly. Hunks. Why, step down yourself, and see Gripe. Soh!--that task's finish'd; and the I give you my oath treasure's our own.

Gripe. Your oath! you cropt hang dog. Hunks. (Turning to the pyramid.) Finish'd ! Hunks. Hey This to me ?-you csi yes to be sure-rarely finish'd !-why, there's per cent rascal. a buge iron grate still. - Stay

Gripe. Yes, you may well talk-you shalt [Takes his lantern to eramine. pawn-broker-but, sirrah you shallGripe. (To himself,] No trifling hoard for Hunks. [Thoroughly esasperated.]Stay, scuecertain-so firmly barricaded.

drel! stay 'till I come up, and break you Hunks. Oh! we may compass it yet-Here's bones. a groove you see-Shews 'tis a slider. ---Hold this The light of the candle begins to re-appear, et [the lantern) I'll try to lift it.-[Ererting him- with it Hunks in a rage. Gripa suden sellf.] No, i'fecks, Í a’n't strong enough-lend whips out the crow that supported the graik me a band.

which falls at once, and shuts in Husis Gripe. (Sets down the lantern and goes to as- Gripe. (Insulting.] My bones-ha! ha! ha sist him.] Now, lay to o' your side. That's it -you will-jail bird. -let's raise it quite up.

Hunks. (Vainly labouring to raise the grate Hunks. There it goes—high enough—if we The treacherous villain! why, sirrah ! you don't had something to clap under it.

meanGripe. Bear it up, while I run for the crow- Gripe. (To himself.] Cull'd defrauded(having fur'd it.] let go now-it can't fall.

nay, exposed to the gallows !-and-kichis

: Hunks. That's clever, i'fecks ! Stay; is the the turban and robe.] and all for—for this tra vault deep? why, (takes the lantern and looks pery. down.] our ladder was needless-here's a little (Flings them into the well, muttering stair case.

Gripe. All the better-Now then, down wi' Ali. (Behind the Scenes, in a low imperies ye ; you have the lantern,

tone.) Who's there? Stand ho ! Hunks. Here, gossip, take it you—and go down Hunks. [In terror.) Mercy on us! 'tis the yourself.

patrole !-harkye, Gripe, if I be caught, Ilie Gripe. A tomb_I-troth, gossip, I'm afraid peach you I will, i'fecks. I shou'd never get alive to the bottom. Gripe. (Alarmed.] Pise on it, so he was

Hunks. (Snatching the lantern from him.) (Aside,] then to Hunks in a low voice wheedline. Psha ! poltroon ;-—give it me--I'll go down my- Hash!"hush! dear gossip !-Po, man, I was de self-[Going to the pyramid, turns to Grips.) in jest.-Do, run down again, quickly and love but take notice, I'll ha' the larger share. your lantern.—When they are pass'd, 11 cm

Gripe. Go down, go down, man—we'll settle and release you. that afterwards.

Hunks. [Řetiring.) At your own peril

, cu Hunks [Entering the pyramid.] l'fecks I'm all throat !-be assured t'll not swing single. in a futter too -but then the treasure-ay- (Hunks retires into the vault, Gripe her that keeps me up. [Goes down.

ries to his own door, where searching a Har. (Softly opening her window. Still there! all his pockets, he misses his keys

, the 1s -alas! poor Lively ! (Shuts it instantly nizaries are heard approaching tumat

Gripe. (At the mouth of the vault to Hunks tuously. below.) Well, are you at the bottoin? Is there Gripe. My keys! undone! robb'd! beggar'd! much --throw up whatever you find.

-{In consternation.) Oh! they're coming





what shall I do? [hobbles to the other side dis- Ali, Right--and the rope's in the pully too tractedly.) Pise on it! stay-I'll even mount [They lay hold on the cord, and begin to pull. that ladder—my last shift-skulk in the hol- The other three drunk, fall fast usleep and snore] low of the window.-perhaps they may’nt see Now, both together.

Must. [ Looking towards the Pyramid. Eh! (Climbs up in haste, and stands in the bless me!-don't I see light from yonder mowindow.

nument ? --and a hole broke in the front I

think. Enter from the right, Ali, with four Janizaries Ali. (Lugging the cord.] Damn'd heavy.half

' drunk, each carrying two bottles and a Must. [ His eyes still on the pyramid.) Nay, drinking cup. Enter at the same time, but | but look !--if I have eyeson the opposite side, Osman, with his party ; Ail. Poh !-blast your eyes !-pull away. they are surpris'd at the intoxication of their Visionary !—'Cause the Mufti was buried there, comrades, but getting from them each one you're afraid he'll rise and eat you. Eh ? [lookbottle) they fall to guzzle in long draughts, ing towards the pyramid, and pulling with all of the ensuing catch, a faint light glimmers his might.] See:-Were I to see the devil, I'd from the dault.

no more matter. AIR.--A CATCH.

(Lively, drawn up in the bucket, while their

heads are turned aside, appears in the Ali-MUSTAPNA-JANIZARY.

Mufti's turban and robe, with the basket on

his arm : he lays hold on one of the posts Ali.

with his left hand, and springs upon the Must. -Fill, every lad his cup.

wall, giving at the same justant with his Jan.

right hand, an heurty bor on the year to Ali. Fill it a bumper.

the sleeping Janizary nerl to him, who in a Jan. Mine's a thumper.

fright, tumbles upon his comrade ; they, Must. Drink it up.

struggling, lo rise, obstruct each other. (Aui drinks, making a noise in his

Mean while Ali and Mustapha, pulling throat, wbile swallowing, viz.

hard and not beinglonger resisted by Livley's Ali. Wi

weight, suddenly fall; letting go the ropes

the bucket falls. Mast.

} -Swill’ill mellow ! honest fellow. Jan.

Lively. (Standing on the breast wall, bellows Ali. I don't leave one drop in mine.

out] Boo ! miscreants! boo! (Mustapga drinks, making the same noise.

All the Jan. Oh! oh!-the Mufti ! the de.
Dlust. Wi-

}--Swill 'till, 8c.

Ali. [Coming up in terror.] Accurs'd wine!

-A judgment !--our prophet's vengeance ! Jan. I don't leave, &c.

Runs off (JANIZARY drinks, making the same noise.

[Mustapa and Osman with his party, rise, Jan. Wi

in a fright, and running away throw down Must, }-Swill till &c.

the ladder.

Janizaries at once. The devil! the Mufti hime
Let drones pore on,
self at our heels-run, run.

[Ereunt. Must. Their dull Koran, (All.)

[Hlunks, alarm'd come's up to the grate, While we're laughing, Rosy wine.

Gripe trembling in the window.
Jan. Gaily quaffing,

Lively (Upon the wall.) Ha ! ha! I think I have scard the rascals,

(Leaps down. Ali's men lay aside their bottles and cups, and

Gripe. (Quaking for fear.] Save us !-a specthen come back. Osman and his party sittre! shall tumble headlong. down on the further end of the stage, con- Lively. (Aloud at Gripe's door.] Jenny! tinuing to drink ; one of Ali's men seats Jenny ! come down, 'tis I. himself close to the draw well, leaning his el

(Stands gazing with joy at his basket, bow on the wall; two others place themselnes

Jenny. (Within.) Mr. Lively's voice, I vow, near him, sitting. Ali and Mustapha -Quick, quick, mniss. stagger forward.

Gripe. (Astonished.] Benedicite !--pise on it,

I'll make off-Distraction! my ladder thrown Ali. (His hand upon his breast, as in pain.) And down ! and the Cadi-posting bither. vet this devilish liquor parches one up. Chickup] Har. [Running out eagerly.). Is it you, By Mecca, my stomach's a coal fire.

my dear sir? (She and JENNY frighted at the Must. And mine boiling oil, by Omar! but Mufti's habit," run back screaming.) Aah !-see ! here's a well! Let's draw some water-Aah! hiccups.] 'cwill quench us.

Lively. [Overtaking them.]Stop, stop-don't



Gripe. Never.

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-now or never.

squall !—What ails ye? [Throwing off the turban Jenny. Never to go from your agreement. and robe.] 'tis 1-Lively. [ They stare.


} Gripe. [Amuz'd.] How? Lively! Hunks. Surprized, but pleased.] My nephew, Jenny. Or we deliver you over to the Cadi - he'll help me out, i'feck.

for perjury. Har. (Coming to herself.] [To Lively.] Gripe. And bis Janizaries shall carboga Lud! how you frighted me—that strange dis- Hunks.

pado us. guise.

Lively. Enough— Jenny, there's a ladderJenny. [Springs at the basket on his arm.] This I'll raise it, and do you relieve one, while I ais safe, however--and now, my pets, for Europe tend the other. ho!

Gripe. Pise on't girls, don't be in such a hurry. Lively. Ay, ay,

[HARRIET and JENNY rear up the ladder la

[All hurrying off GRIPE, LIVELY goes to assist luxas. Hunks. From the grates calls piteously Gripe. [Scrambling down.] Pise on it! porte, Lively! THe starts and looks back.

make haste- I'm in such a tremor-The CadiGripe. [At the same time from the window.] Hunks. [TO LIVELY.] Quick-quick-des Harriet!

[She starts. lad-up with it! I'll belp Har. (Just fainting.] Our uncles! - good [The grate is ruis'd and Hunks stepping heavens !

forth claps it down again, he embrežu Jenny and Lively. [Supporting her.] Away ! Lively in transport. away ! away!

:[Going. Gripe. [Pushing down the ladder, and comics Hunks. Ah! Lively! can you forsake me forward.] Lord be prais'd - I'm once more of thus?

Terra Firma. Gripe. My dear Harriet !-won't you stay

Hunks. (Adtances carering for joy. Huzz. and help me?

- I'm disentomb’d. (Shaking his head at GBIPL. [Harriet and Lively stand amaz'd, JENNY Ah! gossip!- we, who thought to ha' been so bursts into a fit of laughter.]

rich. Jenny. Ha! ha! ha!- was ever sight so ridiculous? ha! ha! -Look at 'em- this

AIR-LAST-QUINTET and Chorts, owl in his cage, and that antique in his niche -ha! ha! ha!- (Holding her sides.


Hunks. [To Gripe.) 'Tis pastnow gossip, le'i

count our gains, GRIPE-HARRIET-LIVELY-Hunks.

We hare had our later

for our pains Gripe. [To Har.] Dear niece, come and take

Irhenceforth li'erlecanzl'

, me down.

Gold finding in a tault

, Live. [To Gripe.] How got you there.

You may keep me there Hunks. (To Live.) Tuke me out first.

I vow and saear, Live. (To Hunks.] What brought you there?

I'll own it my own fault.

Gripe. (To luxus] 'Tis you, y'old deril in ksHar. Haste, my dear Lively, to relieve them.

man shape. Jenny. What, set them free without conditions?

Who beguild your gosip No, no-make terms first--bind them now

into this scrape ! you'll never have 'em at such another hold.

Who, his greedy Gripe. Niece, my dear niece, do but persuade

jold, your favourite gallant there to help me down,

Wi your Mufti's keeps and I'll restore every shilling of your fortune.

untold ; Jenny. And give your consent to her marriage

Your golden dreams with him?

Of ingots and gems ;-, Gripe. Ay, with any body.

To hell, you'd tret for geld. Jenny. So much for the gentleman above Hunks. (To Gripe.) My love of gold, I for staiis-now,


this in the cellar.
Hunks. Any thing-any thing-1'l render up Gripe. [To Hunks.) And my ar'rice I lay eside

at once. Jenny. Make your nephew your whole and


{Nephew I? sole heir.

Hunks. Willingly,

Hunks. -My love


gire) Jenny. And you both swear to keep your Gripe. ]-Her own land) words.

Hunks. -My mind's at rest.

- While they are blest,
Gripe. S-We never can be poor


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eter renounce.


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my trust.


-To my Neice I nou


Fy art.

Hunks } Wc swear.

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